10 Reasons Personalized Jewelry is More Meaningful

10 Reasons Personalized Jewelry is More Meaningful

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When people think of custom jewelry it's often class rings and mother’s rings engravings. And while those are more than valid examples, creating a custom piece of jewelry is so much more than that.

It's art. An expression that goes beyond engraving and tells a meaningful story or makes a meaningful memory. When you gift someone custom jewelry (or engrave something for yourself) you're creating something special.

But if you're still not convinced, we're breaking down 10 reasons why personalized jewelry is more meaningful.

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You're Thinking of Them

When you're gifting someone custom engraved jewelry you're giving them something special. You're gifting them a piece of your own mind. Something that represents your relationship with them.

Too often people get caught up in the idea that expensive gifts mean you care. More money doesn't mean more thoughtfulness. You can't put a price on kindness.

A custom engraving is a great way to show someone you really care about your relationship. It shows them you're going beyond the just purchasing something for the monetary value. An engraving means you put time, thought, and effort into thinking of your gift.

It's a special way of telling someone that you're thinking of them.

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It's Unique

Engraving ensures that no one has the jewelry you're gifting (or purchasing for yourself). Whatever you create is your own and nothing else in the world can replicate your idea.

You're creating your own unique piece of art that represents yourself and possibly your loved ones.

Think of it as an encapsulation of the expressing that you care. If custom jewelry shows that you're thinking of someone it's because of the uniqueness of the object you're gifting.

Or, if you're looking for something for yourself you can easily create your own unique piece of art that expresses what you stand for.

It Can Tell a Story

Art often tells a story and custom engravings are no exception. What you decide to put on your jewelry tells your story. What you believe in and what you're thinking and feeling at any moment in time.

The same goes for gifting someone custom jewelry. The story of your relationship is forever etched on a thought-out gift that will last a lifetime. Cement your relationship at any one moment in time.

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Creating Heirlooms

Jewelry is often passed down through families, signifying the family legacy and memories that you hope future generations will remember. And what better way to add to that legacy than with a custom engraving.

Engraving can take any mundane piece of jewelry and turn it into something worth passing on. A simple engraving takes something plain and turns it into a family heirloom.

It's Easy to Identify

Switching gears for a moment, sometimes the unfortunate happens and jewelry goes missing or worse, gets stolen. It's usually impossible to get that jewelry back strictly down to how hard it is to identify one piece of jewelry from another.

Customer engraved jewelry, however, as we mentioned above is unique. It's very easy to identify so long as your mark isn't something that's a common word or phrase.

While we don't advocate custom engraving as a fail-safe against stolen jewelry (it's very hard to find stolen jewelry to begin with), it does add a certain level of protection to your purchase.

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Express Your Love

We all hope to feel love one day. To have a connection with someone that goes beyond friendship and into feelings that we won't bother trying to turn into words. It's indescribable, and something everyone deserves to have.

It's also something that's extremely hard to symbolize. Traditionally we use marriage and other things like wedding bands to show our love, but things everyone does are only so special.

Custom engraved jewelry shows love through the ways we touched on earlier. It's a unique gift that signifies you're thinking of the other person. Your love becomes attached to the engraving and lives on forever.

Mark an Occasion

People like to mark occasions with something to symbolize the importance of that event. We like to ties memories to an object act symbolizes the event (more on that in the next section!).

And what better way to mark an occasion than with something that's unique to that occasion. A custom engraving can etch and event into something tangible.

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Make a Memory That Lasts

Life events come and go though they don't always last as vividly as we'd like. If they did, we wouldn't have any need for pictures and video.

But photography isn't the only way to help solidify a memory. Tying a memory to an object can also help cement memories.

Every time you (or someone else) sees that custom engraving they can think back to the beautiful memory that became its inspiration.

Forge a Bond

Creating a bond with someone doesn't need to involve love, one specific occasion, or some memory. Sometimes people meet in the unlikeliest ways. Leaving a lasting symbol of that is a great way to commemorate friends and old.

Think of an engraving as a physical testament to the connection you have with someone. Something you both can hold that reminds you of the friendship you share.

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It Lasts a Lifetime

Quality jewelry lasts a lifetime and a quality engraving lasts just as long. What you've created for yourself or someone else will last forever. Whatever your purpose you can have peace that it'll stand the test of time.

Choosing an Engraver

For all of our talk about the benefits of custom engravings, we've thus far neglected to say exactly how you should go about getting your engravings.

Finding a custom engraver is tough. You need to ensure they're up to the tase of symbolizing your emotions, occasions, friendships, visions, etc. Put simply, they need to understand engraving is art.

So if you're in the market for a custom engraver, get in contact with us. We can help bring your engraving ideas to life!

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