Our Story

Ever bought or price checked a personalized piece of jewelry from a big box store or a jeweler? If so, you may notice our price our way below industry average.

My brother and myself have been in the resale business for years and one thing we always knew is there are massive mark ups on jewelry and that prevented a lot of  people from being able to afford personalized gifts for the ones they loved without breaking the bank.

We told ourselves we can do better and Think Engraved is the result.

We are cutting out the massive mark ups but we are doing it without compromising quality. Really, do we need multiple houses and cars? The answer is no and because of that you save!

We are here for the common sense people like you, that understand when you buy from a brand name company you are paying for the name and not always the quality. Our goal is to bring quality to you at prices that can really save a budget.

We are hard working people just like you and love to get ourselves, our family and our customers quality products at great prices.

We set out thinking it would be a snap to get the quality jewelry we needed at the prices that were right for you but it wasn't. After a few years of work we finally have everything in place to make it happen and now the end result is on this site.

We think you will love it as much as we do.

I still remember as a young man, the look on my mothers face when I gave her a family ring and to think that we might bring that same feeling to our customers makes it feel as if the hard work has really been worth it! So, thank you for the great ride so far and let's keep it going! 

Rick Arms

Think Engraved co-founder