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Awesome guide on infinity rings - What are they used for?

A guide on infinity rings - What are they used for?

In the past few years, more and more people started to use infinity rings. But what makes them so good in the first place and also, why would you consider buying this type of ring? Let’s find out right away.

We are here to answer this question and give you a little history on where they came from. I have personally spent hours reading about these unique rings and would love to share what I have learned in the process.

What are infinity rings?

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Infinity rings are also sometimes referred to as eternity rings. They have the shape of an unusual shape of the number 8, which makes them visually unique and quite distinct when compared to other types of rings that you can find out there. Infinity rings are all about symbolism, although their meaning tends to differ from one region to the other, it usually stands forever. This symbolism goes back thousands of years and was originally a symbol used for math to stand for unending.

Usually, an infinity ring symbolizes something that will last forever or for a very long time. You want to use it for a wedding or an event when you showcase your appreciation for a person’s devotion in the long run. At the same time, the infinity rings can also be a symbol of continuity and something that will continue for eternity or again and again.

What a lot of people like about infinity rings is that they are very easy to wear and enjoy. Even if their shape is unlike anything out there, it’s safe to say that these rings do stand out quite nicely and they provide you with an outstanding design that you can’t find with other styles of rings.

What hand and finger do you wear an infinity ring?

This is a great question.

While in some traditions an infinity ring is worn on the 4th finger of your hand, this is by no means a set standard. The thing to keep in mind here is that you can easily wear it on either of your hands or any of your fingers. There’s no particular meaning if you wear it on a specific hand, so wear it on the side that feels best to you.

Who can you gift the infinity rings too?

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The obvious choice would be your spouse. Since this is a symbol for something that lasts forever, it’s a stellar marriage gift or a girlfriend partner that you intend to stay with forever. The symbolism of an infinity ring makes it valuable to your loved ones even if it didn’t cost you much or isn’t adorned with precious gems. Of course, you can find these rings with gemstones if it is a must.

In some places, it is common to give an infinity ring to a best friend or sibling as a sign that you will be friends or sisters forever. If you are giving to a friend, it is best to make sure they know your intentions in doing so.

What type of metals and gemstones are suitable for infinity rings?

That depends on who you want to gift it to. Usually, a lot of manufacturers will use diamonds because they give a sense of devotion, loyalty, particular fidelity and so on. That being said, you can have an infinity ring made out of sterling silver, platinum or white gold, but yellow gold coloring works just as nicely here. Really it's the meaning that has value.

While many of these ring do not have gems, it is very common to see them set with a variety of different gem stones. A common stone used is diamonds of course but they can be found (or made) with just about any stone type or color that you choose.

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Is the infinity ring comfortable to wear?

A lot of people stated that infinity rings could be a bit cumbersome to wear. Many models have a lot of stones all around the ring, and that on its own can be a problem if they rub on other fingers. You can find these with stones only partially around the band or can just have stones across the face if you want to. That’s why it can be an excellent idea to try out the infinity ring before purchasing it. While it can work as a great gift, that may not be a stellar option if the person in question won’t be able to wear it.

The thing you have to realize is that many infinity rings have a pretty distinct and unique visual appeal. That makes them an excellent way for you to stylize and be noticed. You will particularly like the great attention to detail offered here and how easy it is for you to use and adapt all of this to your own needs.

Let’s face it, the infinity rings are a great and meaningful gift as they usually come from someone special to you and that love and affection is the real gift.

Are the infinity rings expensive?

The price of an infinity ring will differ based on a variety of factors, such as material they are made of, or if they have gems. No matter your choice, the real value is emotional and not monetary.

The price varies significantly for an infinity ring from just $10 to over $1000. Since this is a symbol of love or friendship that lasts forever, it is probably best to at least get sterling silver. These are affordable (around $15-$25 without gems) yet still elegant. 14k gold infinity rings will cost around $100 without gems and can run into the 1000’s with gems and higher grades of gold.


Should you get an infinity ring for your loved one or your best friend?

Absolutely,  infinity rings are a perfect gift, and the best part is that they can also be custom-made if you want to. Nothing is off-limits here, it all comes down to your budget and what you want to do with it. As a whole, the infinity rings are extremely impressive, visually distinct and downright easy to accessorize all the time. You should totally consider giving them a shot if you want a great, thoughtful gift for your true love or best friend!

Can men wear infinity rings?

The short answer is yes. A quick Google search reveals that there are many designs for men. Most are the infinity symbol somehow integrated into or onto a band where with women's designs usually have the infinity symbol as part off the actual outer band.

A growing trend is for men to wear infinity rings as there wedding band. The meaning absolutely fits this purpose.

Can I give an infinity ring to my daughter?

We have seen that this is a common practice for some people as it says you will always be my daughter. This would be great for a daughter that is making her own way into the world as a symbol that you will always love and cherish her.

Can infinity rings have quotes or sayings?

Absolutely, this adds an extra meaning and can be even more endearing than a standard ring. There are many ring engravers on the internet that you can get an engraved infinity ring from.

Some  favorite engravings are things like "forever", "always" and "until the end".

Well that's the end for now, I will add more when I get some more great questions. I want to personally thank you for taking the time for reading and if you personally have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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