Birthstone Meanings: What Your Birthstone Says About You

Birthstone Meanings: What Your Birthstone Says About You

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The concept of having a different birthstone for babies born in different parts of the year dates back to biblical times. While the type of stone and their meanings have changed throughout their history, their importance hasn't.

Knowing the birthstone for each month, as well as the meaning of birthstone, can be a great way to predict a person's personality. It's also a great way to better understand your own unique features.

If you're ready to start learning more, keep reading to learn the birthstone meanings for all 12 months of the year.

January birthstone

January: Garnet

We all know that mom who is like a superhero. She swoops in to care for her children's' every need, volunteers at every school fundraiser, lends an ear to her friends, and still finds time to keep her house spotless and have dinner on the table every evening.

Maybe that mom's secret is that she was born in January, and her birthstone is Garnet.

Those with the Garnet birthstone are known for being go-getters. They are equal parts compassionate and analytical, which makes them great caregivers and even better problem solvers.

Febuary birthstone

February: Amethyst

If you've ever looked into the beautiful, cosmos-like depths of an Amethyst stone, it'll come as no surprise that those born in the month of February are often very spiritual.

They have a pure mind that is often full of happy, positive thoughts. But don't assume that means their heads are in the clouds; those who hold the Amethyst birthstone are often very intelligent, with an excellent business sense.

Around others, they often lend a calming presence that can set others at ease merely by being around them.

The only complaint someone might have about a February baby is that in their rush to see the big picture and take on the world, they may be flaky about appointments.

march birthstone

March: Aquamarine

If an Amtheyst stone brings to mind the cosmos, then Aquamarine likely brings to mind the sea. And like the sea, those who can call it their birthstone often have the same purifying powers.

Like those born in the previous month, those with March birthdays often have the ability to calm others simply by being around them.

They also have excellent communication skills and a deep value for honesty. This makes them great mediators, fit for settling disputes in the fairest possible way.

april birthstone

April: Diamond

If you've heard that diamonds are incredibly hard to break, then you already know something about those who are born in April and call the Diamond their birthstone.

April babies' strength means that they are very courageous. You can depend on them to stand up to any challenge and tackle any problem that comes their way.

The side effect of this strength is that Diamond birthstone-holders are often incredibly stubborn!

may birthstone

May: Emerald

If you were born in May, your birthstone is an Emerald. If you're like most Emerald birthstone bearers, you're a loving, passionate soul.

You have an uncanny knack for helping people come together and reconcile their differences. So much so, in fact, that it's likely your friends and loved ones come to you for advice on their own love lives!

june birthstone

June: Alexandrite

The beautiful, feminine Alexandrite, the birthstone for those born in June, has long been considered a mark of purity and innocence. While those with a June birthday may be regarded as pure and innocent, they also have a reputation for being unique.

In a world of people following the status quo, a June baby will stand out. He or she strives to forge their own path, no matter which way that path may point.

As a result of breaking the norms, June babies are sometimes seen as lacking social skills, or at least as being shy and withdrawn. This sometimes means that they find a deeper connection with animals or the natural world around them instead.

july birthstone

July: Ruby

This regal stone, the Ruby, gives those born in July an equally regal air.

If you believe in birthstone symbolism, you know that July babies are often showy and prone to drama. But while this can sometimes be seen as a negative, their self-confidence makes them excellent leaders from a very young age.

august birthstone

August: Peridot

That friend that you often label a chatterbox may have their birth month to blame.

August babies are born under the Peridot birthstone. This makes them natural gabbers. They make friends with anyone and everyone they meet, and often have a reputation for being incredibly kind.

september birthstone

September: Sapphire

Those born in September can claim the Sapphire as their birthstone. But don't expect them to brag about it; Sapphire birthstone holders are calm and quiet, and only open up to those closest to them.

This quiet reserve, as well as a great sense of calm and high intelligence, makes September babies natural born leaders. They take the time to build the trust of others, and when they get it, it's often a deep, long-lasting trust they can depend on.

october birthstone

October: Pink Tourmaline

Perhaps inspired by the many colors and exotic beauty of their birthstone, those who have a birthday in October are often restless, constantly seeking to explore their world and experience everything they can.

They may seek quiet and calm, but they are also constantly on the move. They also have a strong intuition, which can sometimes make them distrustful of others. But that's just because they can often see past a person's facade, and straight to their true intentions.

november birthstone

November: Topaz

November babies, born under the birthstone Topaz, often gain a reputation for being lucky early on. This is often particularly true when it comes to finances.

They are friendly and always great to hang out with, which usually means that they become the center of any family unit or friend group..

december birthstone

December: Blue Topaz

The last month of the year, December is represented by the blue Topaz birthstone.

If you were born in this month, it's likely that you've been called an "old soul" at least once in your life. You're wise beyond your years, and don't get frustrated or annoyed easily. This means that the people around you may rely heavily on your advice or opinion.

Understanding Birthstone Meanings

Knowing the various birthstone meanings can be a great way to better understand others, as well as your own personality.

Birthstone rings and other jewelry are a great way to celebrate someone's unique personality by recognizing the influence that their birth month had on it!

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