The meaning of Mother's Rings ( Types, how they work )

The meaning of Mother's Rings ( Types, how they work )

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So, you may be searching for the perfect give to give to all of the mothers in your life, whether they be your own, your partner’s, or your own partner if she is a mother. You want to give them something memorable, but you are a little lost.

So what is the meaning of a mother's rings?

Mother's rings are symbolic representations of a mother's family and her love for that family. Each birthstone in a mother's ring stands for one of her children or family members and often the name of each person is engraved next to the birthstone. These rings often become heirlooms for generations.

Here's what we will cover so you know everything about mother's rings.

  • What do mother’s rings signify?
  • When should I give them a mother’s ring?
  • Are there many different types to choose from?
  • What do they look like?


We will go over all of that and more to answer those questions and help you confidently make the right choice that those mothers will be sure to appreciate.

What is a Mother’s Ring?

A mother’s ring is simply any ring with relevant symbolism given to a mother to acknowledge what she does for her children every day.

As long as the message is, “I love and appreciate you,” it’s a mother’s ring. While it could be most anything, there are certain places that sell mother’s rings with the specific symbols you need to make the gift special.

When do I give a mother's ring?

There are several opportunities in a year to give the mother you appreciate the gift she deserves.

  • Mother’s Day. Of course, this was the obvious choice, but there is no better time to give her this gift! After all, this holiday is all about her.
  • Her birthday. When people get older, they stop expecting gifts on their birthday. That is why giving her something as special as a mother’s ring will surprise and delight her even more.
  • If you are picking out one of these rings for the mother of your children, give it to her on your anniversary or have the kids do it themselves. You started this family together, and it reminds her of the bond you all share and how far you have come as a couple.
  • Christmas or any other wintertime gift-giving holiday is perfect for this occasion! Though she will be expecting a gift, you will be giving her more than some snowman themed potholders this year. A mother’s ring is personal and touching, and she can cherish it 24/7 instead of only in the season.
  • Perhaps one of the most special times to get her a mother’s ring is on any ordinary day. This lets her know that you were just thinking about how much you love and appreciate her without an obligation to give her anything because of tradition.

Now you know when to give someone a mother’s ring, but you need guidance. There is a whole world of different styles out there, and you have to gauge what best fits her style.

What types of mother's rings are there?

There are three main styles of mother’s rings to choose from that are all stunning and special. Let’s go into what these are made up of and what you can do with them!

engraved mothers ring

Engraved Mother’s Rings

Personalizing a mother’s ring can be as simple as having it engraved.

What is an Engraving?

Having something engraved entails a professional using special tools to etch a message into a gift; in this case, that person will be writing the message you choose on the inner and/or outer band of the ring.

Ideas for Engravings on a Mother’s Ring

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to what you can have engraved on a mother’s ring! As long as you squeeze your message in the character limit, you do not have to worry. If you need some help brainstorming, consider a few of these options:

  • The date of the children’s births. Her life changed forever the day that her children were born. Remind her of those magical, world-turning moments by having children’s birthdays engraved on the band.
  • The names of her children. Mothers get up and take care of business every day just to see that their kids are happy and healthy. When she looks down, she will remember her reason for fighting even when she feels like giving up.
  • Her child’s first word. It could be anything, and it may seem a little silly to people who do not know, but she will. It’s like a secret code that will fill her heart with joy.
  • A line from a book read to the kids when they were small. One of the most precious moments a parent shares with their child is bonding over bedtime stories. You could even give her the book alongside the gift of the mother’s ring!
  • A line from a lullaby that this mother sang to you or your own children would be just as fitting as a line from a story. It depends on whether she was more of a storyteller or a singer.

Need even more ideas? Find some by clicking on this link.

Examples of Engraved Mother’s Rings

You may have an idea of what you may want in an engraved mother’s ring now, but do you know where to find them? Take a look at some of these examples and see if any strike your fancy!

  • These stackable name rings crafted by PatriciaRayStudio on Etsy are perfect for having the names of children engraved on the band. The seller is highly rated with almost 5 stars and over 5,500 reviews! The biggest complaint is that the rings take a while to ship, so have them ordered a while in advance of the special occasion.
  • This “mama bear” ring created by StampedFromMyHeart on Etsy is engraved with the words “mama bear” and the outline of two bears. If the mother you are giving the ring to is fiercely protective of her little ones, this could be the right choice for you! This seller has 5 stars with over 1,000 reviews.
mothers ring with birthstones

    Mother’s Rings with Birthstones

    If you want to add a little bit more flair and sparkle to the mother’s ring you will be gifting to your special person, then you should consider buying a ring adorned with birthstones. Let’s go over what they are, what they signify, and which you should put on a mother’s ring.

    What Are Birthstones?

    Birthstones are gemstones that are meant to signify which month someone was born in. There are several types, and each corresponds with a different month.

    Birthstone Month Correspondences

    • January: Garnet (red, but not as dark as a ruby)
    • February: Amethyst (deep purple)
    • March: Aquamarine (light blue-green color)
    • April: Diamond (clear, sparkling)
    • May: Emerald (deep, dark green)
    • June: Pearl or Alexandrite (Pearl = opaque milky color and Alexandrite = green in the sunlight, violet under artificial light)
    • July: Ruby (dark, blood red)
    • August: Peridot (almost a lime green color)
    • September: Sapphire (deep blue, almost royal blue)
    • October: Opal or Tourmaline (Opal = opaque with varying colors that throw off a rainbow hue and Tourmaline = clear turquoise blue color)
    • November: Citrine or Topaz (Citrine = orange color and Topaz = variety of colors like blue, pink, red, or orange)
    • December: Tanzanite or Turquoise (Tanzanite = deep, rich blue and Turquoise = opaque light blue)

    Emotional and Spiritual Correspondences of Birthstones

    • Garnet: warmth and positivity; if the mother you are giving the ring to seems to glow and her smiles bring warmth and happiness to everyone, garnet is a good choice.
    • Amethyst: protection; if this mother really is the “mama bear” type, the amethyst adds a perfect touch of symbolism.
    • Aquamarine: calming or soothing; if mom has always been a source of calm and serenity in your life, give her a ring with an aquamarine stone.
    • Diamond: purity and fidelity; though diamonds are often used to symbolize romantic love, you could use it as a message to this mother saying that you will never break your bond, that your love and trust in her is pure and true.
    • Emerald: patience and compassion; mothers are endlessly patient while raising their children through all of their irritating phases.
    • Pearl: wisdom; a mother gains a world of wisdom from her life experiences; she is the one you go to when you are in need of help or good advice.
    • Ruby: creativity and passion; if your mother or the mom you know is the artsy type, the ruby is perfect for her.
    • Peridot: strength; mothers have nerves of steel, enduring unbearable pain to bring new life to the universe and protect that life from all harm.
    • Sapphire: holiness and divinity; this suits a religious mother well.
    • Opal: faithfulness and confidence; mothers are faithful to their children and it takes a lot to have the confidence to guide small minds without ever giving up.
    • Topaz: peace and guidance; a mother is often the peacemaker of the house; she guides her children to be better people and to get along with everyone around them.
    • Turquoise: good luck; mothers need all the luck in the world to raise up children how they need to be; the terrible two’s are especially a time in which luck would come in handy.

    Why Use Birthstones?

    You should look at adding birthstones to a mother’s ring for a few reasons:

    • Since the purpose of a mother’s ring is to signify the bond between parent and child, adorning the ring with the birthstone of the child or children fits the theme well.
    • It adds a touch more intimacy and personalization than a stock ring.
    • The extra bit of sparkle draws attention to the piece; she can show it off proudly.
    • Instead of being literal, the birthstones could be used to convey a message to her in terms of spiritual and emotional correspondences. It may need a little bit of explaining at first, but it is well worth it.
    • The birthstones do not have to signify anything; they could just be picked out because she loves the colors and they look good.

    Examples of Mother’s Rings with Birthstones

    If you believe that the mother you know would love one of these beauties above all else, we have some suggestions for you on products she will be sure to love!

    • This beautiful ring from Jared can hold up to four birthstones. If this mother has a big family, this is one of the best options for her! You can customize the ring by choosing each stone. (The link is just an example.)
    • If her children are her heart, try getting her this birthstone mother’s ring with heart-cut stones. You can also customize this one with up to four stones. Get it here from Jared.
    • These stacking rings are thin and dainty with one birthstone on each band. You have a lot of customization options with these. You choose the metal finish and the stone of each. Get it from seller Alaridesign on Etsy.
    mothers ring with birthstones and engraving

      Mother’s Rings with Birthstones and Engravings

      If you can’t decide which style you would rather give her, why not have the best of both worlds? There is a large market for engraved mother’s rings with both engravings and birthstones, and some retailers do not charge an arm and a leg for it! Go over a few examples and if something catches your eye, dig further into the sites and sellers to explore what they have.

      Think Engraved

      Think Engraved has a myriad of different beautiful mother’s rings for you to give to the mom you admire.

      • If you want everyone to know how proud you are of her mothering skills, get her this beautiful 1 stone cut out “Mom” ring. Inside of the “o” in “mom,” the birthstone is nestled perfectly. Your engraved message will go inside the band.
      • For the bigger families, this 6 stone ring is perfect! Beside each birthstone is a spot for a name engraving. There is an additional space for a message inside the band as well. This could be for 4 children families or for 6 darling hoodlums.
      • Sometimes, moms only have 1 child, and that’s okay! Think Engraved has you covered there, too. This gorgeous 1 stone heart shaped birthstone ring is a perfect fit for your situation! You can engrave two names on the outside band, and one message can go inside the band.
      • Minimalism is a growing trend in jewelry, home decor, and just about everything else. For the minimalist mom, get her this 1 stone United mother’s ring! It has a simple band and one stone in the middle. As always, two names are engraved on the outside and a message goes on the inside.
      • Some moms love their dramatic and intricate ring designs. If that sounds like her to you, then you may want to get her this 1 Stone Wrapped in Love mother’s ring. The birthstone of choice will be safely held in place by a vine-like metal spiral.


      Multiple sellers have options for you to choose from when it comes to mother’s rings as well! You just have to know which sellers are reliable, and that is where we come in.

      • Stackable rings are also a trendy new concept in jewelry. These in particular have an option for engraving and a birthstone beside the name you have etched into the rings. Seller CaitlynMinimalist has just what you need, and you can rely on the quality. The shop has almost 5 stars out of over 46,000 reviews!
      • These rings combine the initials of the children with their birthstones on different layers. You do have to be aware that they only come in sterling silver, though. If silver is not what the mom you’re shopping for likes, you might want to skip this one. The seller is reputable, though, if you do want to buy from them! ToozyStudio has almost 5 stars from over 2,000 reviewers.
      • This ring wraps around your finger in a spiral pattern and has two spots for names and birthstones. It is simple and cute, a great option for moms who are low maintenance but still want something pretty. The seller, GiftsOfGraceForYou, has stellar reviews from almost 200 buyers!

      Unique Mother’s Rings

      You have seen all types of examples of the three main types of mother’s ring, and I hope they gave you the inspiration you needed! There are just a couple more to go over, though, that do not fit into any of the other categories.

      • If mom’s style is pretty simple and straightforward, you could get her this cut out name ring! It could bear the name of her child, or it could simply say “mom” if you want it to. You can even choose which font you want the lettering to be! Isn’t that pretty cool? Get it from seller JewelryRB on Etsy if you think so.
      • This knot ring is meant to make a promise. Some couples use it for romantic promises, but it could mean that you promise mom that you will be the best you can be for her. It means whatever you want it to mean, and she will think it’s beautiful and special!

      Mother’s rings are wonderful gifts for any mom you know. They acknowledge the sacrifices she makes for her children and the hard work she does every day. You can give her one on any holiday or just because it is Tuesday, and she will love it just as much! Get one for a mom you love today.

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