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How To Choose A Promise Ring For Your Girlfriend



Choosing the perfect promise ring for your girlfriend can be tough. The first step to choosing a promise ring is to know the style of ring that she like. Take her  to the mall and stop by a jewelry store and see what she likes. Also, the next step can be solved here to and that's getting her ring size. The last to choosing a promise ring for your girlfriend is taking what you learned and choosing a ring.

 What is a promise ring?

 A “promise ring” refers to a ring given to signify a serious relationship. Giving this gift to someone often conveys the message that you would like to be exclusive or “go steady,” but it can also be used as a symbol of any promise you intend to keep.

 Is there a difference between men’s and women’s promise rings?

 Yes! Women’s promise rings tend to have thinner bands; the styles are more intricate and decorated with stones. Men’s rings are typically thicker bands with a simple accent color. While any engravings may be on the outside and/or inside of women’s rings, men’s engravings are on the inside more often than not. That doesn’t mean promise rings for men cannot be etched on the outside; Think Engraved offers both. However, the masculine style is usually more reserved.

How is a promise ring different from an engagement or wedding ring?

 Promise rings tell the wearer that you’re ready to be only theirs, but you aren’t ready to get married yet. It is the first step of the three; engagement rings are given only when you’re sure you want to get married.

 Are there different materials promise rings can be made up of?

Absolutely! Most promise rings are made of metal alloys, the most common being sterling silver and gold. There are good and bad things about the upkeep of each. In addition to the band, decorative accents can be implemented, such as gemstones. The following is a handy guide for what your girlfriend may need most.

 Sterling Silver Rings

 Sterling silver is a metal alloy made of silver and copper. It is durable and quite shiny! However, no metal is perfect and you need to consider the pros and cons of buying a ring made of this material:


  • Pros

1.) Sterling silver rings are incredibly durable. They can last 40 or more years if you’re careful! One day, your girlfriend could become your wife, and you could pass down the ring to your children. Think of how cool it would be as a family heirloom!


2.) The metal alloy is hypoallergenic. 10% of people are allergic to nickel, but the number rises to about 20% of young women, causing them to present symptoms like skin irritation and scabbing. Sterling silver contains little to no nickel and greatly reduces the risk of allergic reactions.


3.) Sterling silver is easy to clean. The ring’s shine can be restored and signs of tarnishing can be removed with a simple polishing cloth. If that does not quite do the trick, washing the band gently with a cotton swab and dish soap should help. Avoid using baking soda and a toothbrush to clean; these materials are abraisive and will scratch the surface. Make sure to let the ring dry thoroughly overnight to prevent damage.


  • Cons

1.) Sterling silver should not be worn in water, as it will speed up the tarnishing process. If your girlfriend is forgetful or an avid swimmer, you may need to go with another choice.


2.) The metal’s surface is soft, so the ring may get scratches if she bumps it against anything. Abrasive materials like toothbrushes and steel wool will create permanent scratching.


3.) The ring can bend over time through strenuous activity or sudden pressure against another hard surface.

 Gold Rings

 Pure gold is too soft for fine jewelry, but different karatages of gold produce more durability. 14K and 18K gold are ideal for making things like rings and necklaces, especially if they are mixed with more durable metals like copper. Let’s go over some pros and cons of choosing gold bands for promise rings:


  • Pros

1.) The metal makeup of the alloy gives gold an advantage when it comes to color diversity. The most common picks are yellow, white, and rose. Rose gold contains copper, giving it both a pink tint and more durability.


2.) Gold is resistant to corrosion. Depending on the metal components, you won’t have to worry about her ring rusting. The same cannot be said of rose gold because it contains copper, making it similar to sterling silver. Factor that into your decision!


3.) Gold jewelry is shiny if taken care of! Your girlfriend will be the center of attention with such a sparkly piece.



  • Cons

1.) Choosing a gold band can increase the price of the ring significantly in some places.


2.) The ring will only last in great condition for 10-30 years, which is a shorter average lifespan than sterling silver rings.


3.) Gold loses its shine fairly quickly if it is exposed to soap, lotion, or other everyday use products. It’s also harder to polish and clean once it gets dirty. In some cases, the ring would need to be taken to a jeweler for professional cleaning.

 What are gemstones?

 Gemstones are colorful minerals that are polished down to decorate jewelry. There are a plethora to choose from, but the 12 birthstones are the most common for personalized jewelry. We’ll go over each of those in the next section.

 Which gemstone is best for a promise ring?

 There are several factors to consider when choosing a gemstone for your girlfriend’s promise ring. You could choose one that sports her favorite color, a gem that symbolizes what you want to convey to her, or even the gemstone assigned to he birth month! To make it easier for you, I’ll list some common gemstones and facts about them:


  • Garnet: January, deep red (but lighter than ruby), symbolizes prosperity and security
  • Amethyst: February, dark violet, symbolizes love and passion
  • Aquamarine: March, transparent light blue, symbolizes trust and good luck
  • Diamond: April, clear and sparkling, symbolizes eternal love
  • Emerald: May, deep green, symbolizes love and rebirth
  • Pearl: June, usually opaque white, symbolizes purity and patience
  • Ruby: July, dark red, symbolizes passion and emotion
  • Peridot: August, lime green, symbolizes strength and protection
  • Sapphire: September, transparent deep blue, symbolizes honesty and loyalty

    10.) Opal: October, multicolored, symbolizes love and desire

    11.) Topaz: November, amber yellow, symbolizes sweetness and affection

    12.) Turquoise: December, opaque light blue, symbolizes good luck

 How personal can promise rings get?

 Aside from choosing a gemstone, promise rings can be engraved. The engraving can be something as simple as your initials, or it could be a message/quote. The possibilities are truly endless. Need more ideas?

 How much do promise rings cost?

 The cost of a promise ring varies by several factors including the jeweler you buy from and the material used to make the ring, but most of the rings you can see here range from $50-$60. These, I would say, are more affordable than most rings from big name retail stores. A sterling silver engraved promise ring from Kay Jewelers will cost around $200 at minimum. That is just something to keep in mind while shopping.

 Things to ask before buying a promise ring

 There are several things you should ask both your girlfriend and the jeweler before purchasing a promise ring. To your girlfriend, I recommend asking the following to understand exactly what she wants:


  • What is your favorite color?
  • Do you like silver or gold better?
  • What is your ring size?


If you are trying to make the promise ring a surprise and don’t want to be too obvious, I would suggest asking her parents these questions instead. If you want to be extra sneaky, consider what activities your girlfriend engages in to decide the durability she needs, what metal her jewelry is typically made of, and when her birthday is for the stone color.  When you get the answers you need, head to a jeweler online or in-store to get the important details. Ask questions like:


  • If the ring doesn’t fit, can I bring it back for resizing?
  • How many characters can I have engraved on the ring?
  • How often should the ring be cleaned?


You may have more questions that need answering, and that is okay; jewelers should always be knowledgeable in these areas and ready to give you the best experience possible.

 Why choose Think Engraved to buy a promise ring?

 There are many reasons that Think Engraved is the best choice when it comes to buying promise rings for your girlfriend. For instance:


  • Think Engraved is more affordable than the competition. Big name retail stores will break your bank with prices soaring in the hundreds. The average price of a promise ring here is around $55. That includes engraving, tax, and shipping! You won’t get a better deal anywhere else.
  • Each piece is carefully inspected for quality. Think Engraved is a smaller company, so each piece will be examined with the utmost care by the founders themselves to ensure that you and your girlfriend are both happy.
  • The metals used to make the jewelry are safe. The sterling silver alloy used in the jewelry here never contains lead or nickel like some other companies. The risk of skin irritation is dramatically decreased when you consider the standards of health the founders provide.

















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