How to Secretly Find out Her Ring Size

How to Secretly Find out Her Ring Size

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Well over 2 million couples get married in the United States every year. Combine that number with the amount of other special events that warrant the gifting of a ring and you've got a whole lot of people scratching their heads wondering how to figure out ring sizes.

How to find out her ring size is a question that plagues many gift givers prior to visiting a jeweler. After all, one of the most integral parts of gifting a ring is the surprise that comes with it.

Fortunately, there are ways for people to deduce the ring size of recipients without them knowing.

Below, the team at Think Engraved have provided a list of common tactics utilized to achieve that end.

1) Averages May Be Helpful

There are a lot of different women of many different sizes out there. On average, however, adult women in America are 5 feet and 4 inches tall.

Women of that size tend to have a ring finger size between 5 and 7.

So, if a gifter is giving a ring to a woman that is roughly 5 feet 4 inches tall and of an average build, a size 6 ring is a safe estimate. If the woman is more full figured or thinner, size up to a size 7 ring or down to a size 5 respectively.

2) Leverage Commercials

Jewelry commercials can be an excellent way to ask an important question without seeming overly conspicuous. For example, making a comment on the size of a hand model's ring finger size may be an opportunity to have a casual conversation which can lead to a woman offering up her ring size by comparison.

The key here is to make sure the conversion feels as informal and unforced as possible. Pushing too hard may lead to suspicion.

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3) Look at Other Jewelry

If access to pieces of a recipient's other finger jewelry is possible for a ring-giver, this can make the size picking process extraordinarily easy.

If appropriate, simply borrow a piece of finger jewelry that is indicative of the recipient's ring size. Gifters can then take the piece in to be sized by a jewelry professional and can buy a new piece accordingly.

When done, simply replace the piece of borrowed jewelry before the recipient notices. In order to reduce the likelihood that a recipient will notice jewelry missing, gifters should be sure when borrowing the piece and get it assessed right away.

Also, gifters should be sure not to borrow a very popular jewelry item unless they can be sure it won't be immediately missed.

4) Have a Friend Help

Many times, no matter how subtle a gifter is, when conversations around ring sizes arise recipients will be suspicious.

To help further ensure that no suspicion is cast, asking a friend for help can be a good option. A friend can go about asking for the recipient's ring size in whatever subtle fashion they feel is appropriate. This question coming from a third party is much less likely to seem questionable.

It's very important to select a friend who can be trusted with a secret. It's also important to be sure the friend involved can naturally ask the question in a way that does not unravel the ploy.

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5) Size the Finger While the Recipient Sleeps

This is a risky strategy given that if the recipient wakes up it will be extremely difficult to explain what's happening. Still, for those up to the challenge, this is a viable way how to estimate ring size.

Go online and purchase or get a free ring sizer. These come in a variety of forms and of varying quality. Be sure to pick one you feel will provide an accurate result.

When the ring recipient is sleeping, simply use the sizer on her ring finger and record findings.

6) Trace The Hand

Hand tracing can provide a jeweler with a good means of estimating ring size. To obtain a tracing, ring gifters can ask their recipients to join them in an art project.

The art project should incorporate an accurate tracing of the recipient's hand. Once complete, the ring gifter can bring the tracing to their jeweler who should be able to start estimating ring sizes from there.

7) Make an Educated Guess

If all of the above options don't seem like a possibility, some may resort to guessing ring size.

While not optimal, for partner's who know each other well, this may produce a good result. To guess ring size, go to your jeweler and ask to see examples of various sizes.

Based on the options you're presented with, pick whichever you feel will best suit your partner.

Remember, rings can be resized. As a matter of fact, many jewelers will offer this service free of charge up to a certain amount of sizes if you do business with them.

Knowing if that's a service your jeweler offers can help you better determine if guessing is a safe option.

Wrapping Up How to Find out Her Ring Size

When asking how to find out her ring size, there are a variety of covert tactics gifters can employ to answer the question. Start by going through the list above to see which option will work best.

Remember, it's better to guess than to blow the surprise. Because of that, if ring gifters feel they can not calmly pull off covert tactics, it's best to simply estimate and be sure your jeweler will allow for resizing after the ring has been given.

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