Metal Matters: Choosing Metal Finishes for Jewelry to Complement Your Eyewear

Metal Matters: Choosing Metal Finishes for Jewelry to Complement Your Eyewear

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When it comes to accessorizing jewelry, finding the perfect balance is key. Hence, it's not surprising that many people opt for contact lenses over spectacles for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. However, you can wear your eyeglasses with your jewelry and still retain — or even enhance — your overall style. The key is to select a suitable metal that complements your eyeglasses and helps tie your look together. In this article, we'll explore various jewelry metals and provide tips on choosing the best ones to match your frames.

Consider the frame color

The color of your eyeglass frames plays a significant role in determining which metal will complement them best. While black is the most common choice, eyeglasses can come in various colors and patterns, including rose gold for St Michel frames and tortoise for Vinyl. Picking your frames is one way to reflect your personality and unique style — even if it can sometimes be harder to style alongside other elements in your outfit.

Our necklaces at Think Engraved, including the best-selling infinity name necklace, come in silver, gold, and rose gold. As a rule of thumb, you can match our standard silver pieces with frames in cool tones such as silver or blue. Similarly, our accessories in 14k gold or 14k rose gold coatings go well with frames in warm tones such as gold, brown, or even the aforementioned tortoiseshell. These combinations are often the best options for creating a cohesive and complementary look.

Match the metal finish

Another factor to consider is the finish of your eyeglass frames. Much of our jewelry at Think Engraved is made with sterling silver, as are many pieces of jewelry in general. After all, this metal is very easy to shape. It also looks elegant and shiny, so it will pair perfectly with eyeglass frames with a glossy or polished finish.

If your frames have a modern matte finish, you can complement them with jewelry metals that have a similar textured appearance, such as brushed silver or matte gold. However, a contrasting appearance of matte frames and sterling silver accessories can draw more attention to your accessories, should you wish to make the jewelry the statement piece in your outfit.

Contrast for impact

While matching metals to your eyeglass frames can create a cohesive look, sometimes a contrasting approach can make a bold statement. Take inspiration from different celebrities who have been spotted out and about in a pair of glasses, like Meryl Streep or Jennifer Aniston. For example, in the 35th Annual PaleyFest in Los Angeles, Megan Mullally turned heads after she pulled up in a creative ensemble that included deep red frames and bright blue hoop earrings — all alongside a bright red lip and an equally bright full suit in blue.

To try your hand at contrast, consider mixing metals. For example, if you have silver frames, try pairing these with our personalized cursive script name hoop earrings in gold. This contrasting combination can add visual interest and make your accessories stand out. Otherwise, you can create a drastic contrast between your jewelry and your eyeglasses by matching your jewelry to your skin tone and offsetting this with eyeglasses frames in the opposite finish. Celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek suggests that gold jewelry tends to be most flattering on warmer skin tones, whereas silver is most flattering on cool tones.

Remember, the goal is to create a harmonious and balanced combination that showcases your personality and highlights the beauty of your eyeglasses and jewelry. So, experiment, have fun, and highlight the unique beauty and shine of your personalized accessories from Think Engraved

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