The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Ring for Mom

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Ring for Mom

Do you want to buy a ring for mom? There are some rules you need to follow. Your mom's ring should be different from your wife's. Here's a mother's ring gift guide.


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Sometimes it can be difficult to buy mom a gift that is functional, practical, AND beautiful. How often have you and your siblings had the phone calls of, "what do we get mom for Mother's Day, birthday or Christmas?"

The woman seemingly has it all and has given you her all which makes choosing a gift that much harder.

Choosing jewelry for anyone can be dicey because personal tastes are always varied. However, buying a ring for mom doesn't have to be that tough.

We have gathered the most important information for you to know when choosing this special piece of jewelry! Keep reading for more information!

The Giver & Recipient

A mother's ring is special, no doubt. It doesn't have to be given directly to your mother though. The ring can also easily be given to a grandmother or other figure that acted as a mother.

Most commonly the ring is given to a mother from her children, or to a grandmother from her children and grandchildren.

The gift can denote any children--biological or otherwise--living, or passed on. Probably the best thing about giving a ring such as this is the fact it is highly customizable. This means it can encompass the love shared between each member of the family.

A personalized ring like this creates a physical reminder and heirloom for both mother's and their children.

A Little History

Mother's rings seem as though they've been around forever. In truth, they've been popular for about 60 years.

A jeweler was looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift when he decided to combine two wedding bands. Once combined, he added the birthstones of their children.

The rings' popularity took off, designs evolved, and today there are many options for the perfect ring for mom!

These rings are now available from 1 to 20 birthstones as well as engraved and not engraved. They have also evolved and can be made from stainless steel, sterling silver, gold and more.


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Choosing Materials

Of course, you have the metal that will make the actual ring, as well as the stones that will adorn it. There are some choices that have to be made regarding both.

Typically, the metal chosen for a ring will be a type of gold, platinum, sterling silver, or possibly other sturdy metals. If you decide to go for the gold, you may have to choose from yellow, white, or rose gold, and then the karat.

The karat of gold denotes how pure the metal is, with 24-karat gold being pure. 10-karat gold is made of 10 parts gold and 14 parts of other metals.

Keep in mind that gold is a very soft metal. Pure gold is going to bend and scratch far easier than something less pure. Lower karats are typically less expensive and far more durable.

Next, you'll have to choose the stones. Typically the stones used in mother's rings are the children's birthstones.

That sounds pretty easy, but you'll have to choose if the birthstones are natural, synthetic, or imitation.

Natural stones cost more and depending on which stone it is, can be more or less difficult to care for. Softer stones like opal have to avoid cleaners, water and sweat or they can fade drastically. This said, some people still prefer natural stones.

Synthetic gemstones are man-made but have a natural counterpart. Whereas imitation stones try to look real but are made from completely different materials.

Your choice of metal and the type of stone used will be a huge determining factor in the price of the ring. Luckily, there are many options to choose from to ensure a beautiful ring and a range that fits your budget!

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Take Her Style Into Consideration

Once you've chosen the materials you'd like, you'll need to choose a design. Many women have a signature look or style of jewelry they prefer.

Her wedding band and engagement ring might be the only jewelry she wears, or maybe she has a ring for each finger. No matter if she is dripping in jewels, or prefers something simpler, take it as a cue.

Something to also consider is the number of children or grandchildren that will be included in the ring.

For women that have only one or two children, a single band with each birthstone can work beautifully. More children will mean more stones, which require more room on the ring.

Stackable rings are an option, but having many small rings can lead to losing them. Also, some moms may not prefer having to place each ring on her finger.

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A great option for this problem is a ribbon ring. These rings look like individual rings but are bound in the back. This leaves a space for 6 names/birthstones.

For those moms that only have one child, a ring with just his or her birthstone on it could be mistaken for the wearer's birthstone. A simple fix to this is to add mom's and/or dad's birthstone to the ring to represent the whole family.

Another consideration to make is for twins. Two identical stones next to each other might look odd. Arranging the stones in a pattern, again with the parents' birthstone is a great fix for this.

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More Personalization: Engraving

Engraving a mother's ring with the names of her children is a great way to represent each child. Some jewelers will tell you that it isn't possible to have more than one or two names, due to space.

Other designs are more flexible and will allow for engraving on each band, much like the previously mentioned ribbon ring.

While it is popular to engrave the inside of the band, do be aware that with regular wear and tear, it can fade over time.

Final Notes: Choosing a Ring For Mom

Choosing a ring for mom is something special that all siblings can take part in. This piece of jewelry will be one that she can cherish forever and always enjoy wearing.

You should note though, that this ring should be different from the engagement ring or wedding band that is given to a wife.

Also keep in mind that your mother will not know what is spent on the ring, and will appreciate it for what it is more than the price tag. She wouldn't want you to stretch your budget too thin by purchasing a piece of jewelry.

If you'd like more information on buying jewelry, check out our blog, and for personalized jewelry, view our vlog!

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