What is a promise ring? What does it mean?

mens promise ringwomens promise ring

While promise rings meaning can vary by the couple, the traditional use is to show the world a symbol of devotion and commitment to one another. Some traditions also hold this as a way to show that there is intention of an engagement proposal in the future.

One of the growing trends for use of promise rings is for couple who currently live together but are not yet ready for marriage. This is a way to have a physical symbol that they are more than just roommates and have deeper bond or commitment to one another.

Another growing trend is for men’s promise rings. In the past, rings were normally worn by women showing they were committed but now is has become the norm for men to were rings as promise rings or engagement rings.

The idea of promise rings actually dates back hundreds of years to the 16th century when posy rings were used for the same purpose. These rings literally had romantic poems about love and devotion on them. In the Victorian era they had rings with ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst, ruby and diamond to spell regard.

In modern times promise rings are often used as purity rings as well. The use of this also varies and can mean you intend to stay pure until the person you are with marries you. The origination of the true purity ring was originally for it to be given from a parent to a child as a sign that child would be abstinent until marriage.

In modern times, while these rings do not hold the same value as an engagement ring, they still have significant meaning and should be taken seriously as with any promise or commitment. Also the rules for these rings do not seem to be as straight forward as with wedding or engagement rings. There are no price guidelines or proper styles. A commitment rings style can vary and tend to be more of a fashion piece and it can be worn on any finger, although most people still prefer the ring finger of the left hand.

One of the biggest growing trends for promise rings seems to be personalized or engraved rings. It has also become common place, not only for both the man and woman to wear a promise rings but often they are matching sets.

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