What is Rhodium & why is it used?

What is Rhodium & why is it used?

rhodium in its raw form


Rhodium is  a member of the platinum family and is considered to be the most expensive precious metal in the world. It costs about 6 times as much as gold by weight and the only way to produce it is to extract trace amounts from platinum and nickel ore.

Rhodium is applied thin layers to silver and gold by polishing and then dipping (flashing / electro-plating). In this manner it will leave a shiny reflective finish and help resist tarnish and scratches.

​Extremely tough, the only way to dissolve rhodium is with sulfuric acid.

Before rhodium is applied the jewelry will be polished and buffed and once rhodium is added this will help keep that shine for many years to come. 

Did you know- most white gold jewelry is coated with Rhodium to give it that beautiful white shine?

Rhodium is important especially on silver & gold jewelry. That's why we use it on the 925 sterling silver that we carry on our site, thinkengraved.com. It will greatly enhance the durability and brightness of jewelry that it is applied to.

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