What is the history of jewelry engraving?

What is the history of jewelry engraving?

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Jewelry engraving involves making design prints or impressions on jewelry using several techniques including cutting, acid corrosion or with different tools. Jewelry engraving dates back to the first centuries BC in Egypt and Rome where some nicely carved out gemstones which are called cameos have been discovered. Many cameos which were carved over these times were said to resemble the cameos of ancient influential leaders like Alexander the Great. Jewelry engravings were also used to signify wealth by people. Ancient carvers during the times of 3000BC engraved seals into jewelry for the wealthy. Such ornaments were mostly made of gemstones and had exceptional detailed designs and wedge writings,own by the wealthy and influential. Jewelry engravers today often engrave jewelry such as rings or necklaces to create unique personalized pieces. Engraving is often used in such things like mother's rings.



The technique of jewelry engraving

Jewelry such as bracelets, watches, rings, and pendants can be engraved. Engraving can be done by hand engraving, by the use of pantographic systems and also using computer systems.  Although due to factors ranging from availability of goods to conditions for apprenticeship and difficulty to reach traditional engravers, hand or push engraving has witnessed a significant decline.

In ancient times engravers manually used a burin which is a hardened steel tool to cut designs into jewelry surface mostly made of copper. More modern methods of hand engraving involve the use of engravers to cut different metals like gold, silver, and steel.


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Engraving machines which required less human perfection are also used, and an example is a pantographic system which can be used for lettering or making inscriptions. Pantographs come in various kinds, and some can be used to make engravings easily on the inside parts of jewelry such as rings and other items like lockets and medals.

Computer-aided or controlled engravers can also be used to make designs such as texts or picture graphic on jewelry, for example on pendants or on the inside parts of engagement or wedding rings to bear the name of a partner. The software in the computer systems translates these texts or graphic into digital signals, and the engraving machine responds by making these designs with its diamond head or by using lasers.  This is mostly used in retail stores to enable them to personalize the jewelry they sell.  Although laser engraving machines are highly developing in today’s world, mechanical engraving is still proven as it has shown its strength economically and regarding quality by its precision and repeatability.


The need for jewelry engraving

Jewelry engraving serves a purpose ranging from creating bonds and keeping history to making lasting memories and expressions of love. Also, as a sign of uniqueness, engraving also adds

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