What to Get Your Girlfriend for Mother’s Day

What to Get Your Girlfriend for Mother’s Day

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Choosing the right gift for your girlfriend on such a special day can be difficult; after all, what do you get such a wonderful and strong woman?

Mother’s Day is not just about children celebrating their parent. It’s all about letting your girlfriend know that you admire and appreciate all that she does for her family!

So what do you get your girlfriend for mother's day? The answer is something memorable and special.

We are going to help you make her day that much more beautiful with these gift ideas.


A timeless way to show your love for your significant other is to give her flowers! Aside from smelling sweet and looking pretty, different flowers have different symbolic meanings according to flower type and color.

Let’s list them out, so you know exactly what kind of message you want to convey to her!


Carnations are the symbol of pride and beauty. Pink carnations are the gift I recommend for Mother’s Day, as the color symbolizes your love of a woman or a mother. She is both, so you can’t go wrong!


Daffodils symbolize rebirth, new beginnings, and eternal life. This is a great choice if you want to tell her that you want to make new memories and new adventures with your little family!

It is important to get her more than a single daffodil, though. Giving only one sends a message of misfortune or unrequited love.


Hydrangeas are the symbol of heartfelt emotions, especially gratitude. If you are feeling particularly grateful for your girlfriend’s strength and loyalty to her family, a bouquet of these will let her know without ever having to say a word.


Peonies are often used to express the wishes of a happy life and prosperity. Your relationship will blossom into something beautiful when you give her a handful of these!


Roses are the most common gift you can give, but it does not mean they are any less special because of it! As you may know, a rose is the symbol of love.

There are several different colors they come in, and they all mean something different.

Red roses are used to express emotions like desire and devotion.

Pink roses are meant to symbolize gratitude like hydrangeas!

The color I definitely would not recommend, though, is yellow. Yellow expresses strictly platonic emotions. You definitely don’t want to end your girlfriend mixed signals!

These are just some of the most popular options when putting together a bouquet for your beloved. You can find more on flowers and their meanings here.

Where can I buy flowers for my girlfriend for Mother’s Day?

That is a great question! You have a few options when it comes to flower delivery. The first and easiest option would be to stop by your local florist and pick out the flowers you want to be made up just right for your honey.

If you can’t find a florist in your city, do not worry! The invention of the Internet has revolutionized even the way we do things like buying flowers. There are several online vendors that promise a speedy delivery.

  • ProFlowers is a company that prides itself on fresh-cut floral arrangements, and they can even promise same day delivery if you so choose!
  • Florists’ Transworld Delivery is a pretty cool business in the way that they arrange for your gift to arrive on time. They take your order and source the one closest to you. These wonderful people also guarantee same day delivery if you want it!
  • 1-800-Flowers has been rising in popularity for quite some time. You may have even seen their ads online lately! Good Housekeeping also claims that the flowers they ordered from this company lasted for over a week.

Each of these links has an example of a great bouquet attached from these companies!


You can never go wrong by giving your girlfriend a little bit of bling for Mother’s Day. She works hard and does not often get to feel as glitzy and glamorous as she would like.

Now she can, all thanks to you! There are so many options when it comes to picking out a perfect piece of jewelry because everything can be tailored to her style and where she wants to show it all off.


Assuming that your girlfriend has ten fingers, she has plenty of places for you to “put a ring on it.” Rings come in all sorts of styles with an infinite number of ways to add flair and a personal element to them!

Gemstone colors and shapes, as well as engravings, come to mind when I think of what can be done to make her ring totally one-of-a-kind!

Gemstones and their meanings

Just like flowers, every gemstone available has a different meaning associated with it that shapes what you want to say to the recipient!

I’ll go into that more deeply so you can figure out which would be a great fit for your girlfriend.

  • Garnet is the birthstone for January, and it symbolizes protection. If you want to show her that you want to be her protector, consider getting a ring inlaid with this gem!
  • Amethyst is the birthstone of February, and it symbolizes wisdom. This is a great way to honor someone who guides her children every day with her own years of experience.
  • Aquamarine is the birthstone of March. It symbolizes serenity, which may be a wish you have for her while she is struggling to maintain her sanity when going through the supermarket with a cranky two-year-old.
  • Diamond is the birthstone for April. It symbolizes strength, something she undoubtedly has a lot of!
  • Emerald is the birthstone of May, and it symbolizes hope. With this gem, you can convey to her all the hopes and dreams you have for your family over the years as you continue to grow with her by your side.
  • Pearl is the birthstone of June. It symbolizes love! This can just be a simple way to remind her of those three little words every time she looks down at her hand.
  • Ruby is the birthstone of July. It symbolizes vitality. Your girlfriend is so full of life and joy every day, and this just fits her personality!
  • Peridot is the birthstone of August, and it symbolizes beauty. Sometimes, she just needs a reminder that she is perfect the way she is, even with a messy bun and dark eye circles.
  • Sapphire is the birthstone of September. It symbolizes truth. Whatever promise you have made to her that you intend to keep, give her a ring with a sapphire adorning it to be a token of your intent to hold fast to it.
  • Opal is the birthstone of October. It symbolizes faithfulness. This is a good way to tell your girlfriend that you are hers and hers alone.
  • Topaz is the birthstone of November. It symbolizes healing. Maybe your girlfriend has been hurt in the past; this is your way of saying that she can let it go, that you will help her feel okay again.
  • Turquoise is the birthstone of December. It symbolizes friendship. Even though you two are lovers, you still have to maintain that friendship to keep your bond so strong!

Now that you have learned all of their meanings, factor in what you want this ring to be for her.

Maybe you want it to represent her birth month, you really do want to make the stone a hidden message, or maybe you just think your girlfriend will enjoy the color of the gemstone!

Whatever it is, I am sure her heart will melt when you present it to her.

Ring engravings

To add another unique facet to the ring, have it engraved with a special message. It could be a lyric from the song you both love, your initials, or a heartfelt sentiment you always want her to remember.

Something as simple as that can make this piece absolutely priceless!

“Won’t that be expensive?” you may be thinking. At some stores, sure! Not everything has to be expensive to be quality though, which is why I recommend Think Engraved if you want to add your own personal touch to your girlfriend’s gift.

Check out the company’s collection of rings and see if one is the “right fit” for you! As a bonus, you can also pick from gemstones to customize the jewelry as well! Think Engraved is a small business, and it means that the owners have time to inspect everything, so it is perfect when it arrives.


If you are looking for more options, Etsy’s website has shops with tons of rings with different styles and ways to personalize them!

These are other small businesses that will take time to make sure everything is of high quality before shipping it to you.


If your girlfriend wants something close to her heart for Mother’s Day, get her a necklace! You will be fulfilling her wish both physically and emotionally.

Necklaces are versatile because they come in all manner of shapes and styles just like rings do! You can make your piece as unique as you please.

Photo Necklace

Photo necklaces probably remind you of lockets at first glance. Everyone loves a good locket, but these show your girlfriend’s most treasured memories to all of her friends without fiddling with a charm!

You can have any picture sent in (within reason) to have made into a cherished memento. Find some here on Etsy!

Engraved Necklace

There is no shortage of things you can have engraved; necklaces are no exception! Again, I would recommend Think Engraved to have whatever you need to be done.

The necklaces are affordable, personal, and beautiful! These also can be embedded with gemstones in select styles. Find some here!

A Necklace Style Guide

Has your girlfriend been looking for a certain type of necklace that she just can’t seem to find anywhere? Go on the hunt after figuring out what it is called! Linked is a comprehensive guide to necklace styles so you can keep an eye out for what she yearns for.


If your girlfriend already has enough rings and necklaces, why not give her a bracelet to match? I have a couple of recommendations that may spark your interest and give you the inspiration you need to make her Mother’s Day awesome!

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have become all the rage within the past few years. The Pandora collection is so popular because the company has what seems like an endless selection of accessories to add to your piece!

Don’t worry; I am positive that you will find a few charms she loves. After all, there are almost a thousand of them. You can bet your last dollar that there are a few that relate directly to being a mother.

If you want to work with the kids and give her a collective present, those charms would be ideal!

Engraved Bracelets

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Of course, it was! Your options are just so unlimited when it comes to choosing something that sends a perfect message to your loved one.

You can even find engraved charm bracelets here (also from Think Engraved) if you would like to save a little money on those expensive Pandora charms.

Okay! We may be done with jewelry, but we are not done with customization. Giving your gift an element all your own is what makes it so special and intimate.

You are going to go above and beyond, no matter what you do!

Photo Albums

Is your girlfriend the type of person who fawns over photos? Does she always talk about dressing the family up and taking them to have their portraits done? If she does, then I am about to make you her hero.

Put on your best smile and dress up (yes, even in your pinchy shoes) to give her a gift that will last a lifetime. No matter how old you both may get or how you may change, a nice album full of family photos never gets too big or too small.

Surprise Her

The key to this Mother’s Day gift is to coordinate with the kids to surprise her! Discreetly go shopping for some killer clothes and give take her shopping separately, so she does not know that you’ll be matching.

Book the photographer and the setting yourself. Load up the car and tell her that you all are going on a nice dinner date! Instead (and maybe in addition to the dinner), bring her to where your photographer is set up and have them snap something sappy.

Buying the Album

You can get a high-quality photo album just about anywhere. Focus your money on a great photographer instead of a fancy book! If the pictures are not that great, you wouldn’t even want them displayed anyway.

Craft stores like Michaels carry them, and so do stores like WalMart and Target! If you would rather not trek all the way inside for one, Amazon has a huge selection to choose from as well.

If you want something made into a photo book instead, Snapfish can do that for you! You plan the book online. Take your photo files and lay them ou tin whatever pattern you think looks best.

There are backgrounds to be chosen as well! You can still customize it completely without having to do anything more than click your mouse. Snapfish will send your completed book to you when it is done! Start the process here on their website.


 Vacation for Two

Let’s face it. Your girlfriend loves her children with all of her heart. She would do anything for them. That being said, sometimes the little punks absolutely drive her crazy.

All parents know the feeling. She needs some time off! One of the most romantic things you could do for her is to whisk her off to her personal paradise and leave the kids with the babysitter.

Find out where your girlfriend wants to go and make it happen! I have a feeling that she will probably want to be either by the sea sipping on something fruity and cold, or she will want a getaway in a cozy cabin in the mountains.

Find a sneaky way to bring it up and surprise her with some peace and quiet.

Finally, you have looked over every idea that will be sure to win her heart all over again. You have some big decisions to make, but now the searching process has been taken care of for you!

Most of these gifts are quite affordable, and all of them are intimate and heartfelt. If you are feeling particularly sappy, get her more than one thing! It could be like Christmas in May.

I know that whatever you end up doing, your girlfriend is going to cherish you, her children, and she presents for years to come! May your family grow a little closer each year.

Remember, mothers do so much for all of us every day, and we literally would not be here without them! Treat the mothers in your life right this Mother’s Day.




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