Whats in a persons name

Whats in a persons name

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Originally people only had one name but as populations grew the trend was to add a second "surname" as to give each person their own identity. Some cultures adopted the surname as a means in which to identify bloodline and this is especially true of royalty and higher classes.

So what's in a name?

While your surname (last name) is a mark of your genealogy, it is the first name that holds resonance as well as your personal identity.

In the past names were given as ways to define ones destiny or value. Some examples would be Emma, "whole" or "Universal"; Ethan "solid, enduring, firm".

As society has changed, names have been recycled more and more to honor a relative or just because someone liked the way it rolled of the tongue rather than attempting to define someone.

You can ask your parents, "why did you give me this name?".  In most cases it was due to some influence like a famous writer, actor or a relative. Don't fret, you can find many sites through a Google search that can tell you the meaning of your name as well as give you a history of it.

Although, the self awareness of our names meaning seems to have faded the power of names remain present in our society. There are multitudes of stories and movies where a name invokes fear or power. For example; Harry Potter "he who can not be named", or Bloody Mary.

It is obvious that the power of names our in our conscious and sub-conscious as we are seeing more examples of people expressing themselves through the use of their name. Examples would be a cut out name necklace or engraved jewelry. This is a way of saying "this is who I am", while expressing their personal tastes in fashion.

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