Why should men wear promise rings?

Why should men wear promise rings?

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While to some this may seem like an unusual question but as they say times are changing.

Why should men wear promise rings?

While there can be many reasons for a man to wear a promise ring, the basic and most generally excepted reason is to show a sign of love and commitment. The better way to ask this is does a man have to be engaged or married to show his commitment? Of course not! People have always had their own way to show or have physical statements of love and commitment. Isn’t that what a wedding ring is after all.

There can be many reasons to wait to get married, so a promise ring is a perfect way to say “I love you” and “I promise my love forever” without marriage. Many people will say a promise ring doesn’t have the same meaning as an engagement or wedding ring. Let’s take a look at that.

An engagement ring means we will get married. Many people feel a promise ring is basically the same, a promise to get married. Then there is the “a wedding ring is a forever commitment and a promise ring commitment can be easily broken”. While it might be easier to get away from a promise ring, it’s really not that hard to get divorced these days.

I am in no way saying don’t commit or don’t get married but merely pointing out that a promise ring in many ways, has many of the same meanings as an engagement or wedding ring and is a serious promise of commitment. This is a great reason for a man to wear a commitment ring. If you love someone and intend to be with them, then why wouldn’t you show it?

Another issue from the past that is fading away is it has become more common for women to give promise rings to men. As people become more and more free thinking the old social norms are fading away.

Women have become more and more in powered (and they should) that it has become more socially accepted for a female to be the one to ask for a commitment. This is another great reason for men to show a sign of commitment. Not just to show the world your love but to show your partner that you believe in your relationship and believe in her. This creates a secure feeling and strengthens the bonds of love.

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Another common reason men wear promise rings are as purity rings. There has been resurgence in people making a commitment to abstinence. A promise ring is a great physical reminder of this.

There are even purity rings with the lords prayer. For religious people these represent a personal promise to their lord to keep his words at heart and to remain pure until marriage.

In summary, in has been very common in history for women to wear a symbol of their commitment to another and honestly there is no reason a man shouldn’t show that same commitment. If you are going to stay with someone, you should show total commitment and not be wishy washy. Just because you may not get a married (and may never want to) men can still there love and loyalty with a promise ring.

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