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41 Wedding Band and Promise Ring Engraving Ideas for Every Couple

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Wedding Band & Promise Ring Engraving Ideas for Every Couple

Why settle for traditional wedding bands or promise rings? You can engrave special messages in your wedding rings or promise bands. If you're stumped, here are wedding band & promise ring engraving ideas.

The average length of a marriage is 40 years.

That means you are most likely going to wear a wedding ring on your finger for 40 years. Be sure to pick a ring that won't go out of style!

Wedding bands and promise rings have such a tender meaning behind them. They are tokens of your infinite love for one another.

It is important to have a ring symbolize the two of you and share a message that can make the hard times not so hard. Many couples engrave their rings for an added touch. More often then not, this is free!

If you engrave your ring, what would you write? What is a key phrase you and your significant other say to each other or really admire?

Here are 50 wedding band and promise rings engraving ideas you're gonna love!

  1. Your Wedding Date or Anniversary Date

This is special to the two of you because it signifies the day you became one.

  1. Initials

You can't sell the ring after this, but it is a great way to personalize it.

  1. Nicknames

Does he call you his boo? Engrave it so that it can be remembered forever.

  1. "I love you"

The day he/she first said 'I love you' is one you will never forget.

  1. A phrase from your 'first dance'

If the first dance song is meaningful to you, this can be a fun and creative line for your wedding band.

  1. "Forever and Always" OR "Til death do us part"

These are common phrases found in a ring and they are very sweet words.

  1. "Non-refundable"

This one is hilarious!

  1. "Put it back on"

Although humorous at first, there may be a time where you want to take your ring off. This could be a friendly reminder to stay faithful even when life is tough.

  1. "Property of __"

Claim your territory before it is taken from you!

  1. "DIBS"

I love this one. You were the lucky one who snatched your spouse first, might as well brag about it.

  1. "You are my heart"

This is a very nice phrase that can signify how much he means to you.

  1. "Together forever in Paris"

From the iconic, Anastasia, and also another common phrase used to tie two individuals together.

  1. The infinity sign

You do not have to engrave your wedding band with a phrase. It can be a simple infinity sign.

  1. "Love, ______"

Just like a love letter, your relationship begins and ends with gratifying love.

  1. Inside Joke

Do you have a funny inside joke that only the two of you understand? This can make for the most memorable ring engraving.

  1. "Never doubt I love"

This is from Hamlet and has a very strong meaning of love and tenderness.

  1. "Joined by God"

Are you religious? There are great lines that are meant to help remind you of your values and of the greater picture.

  1. "God bless this marriage"

Your marriage is sacred. Treat it that way.

  1. "Our unity is Christ"

If what brings you both together is your love of Christ, preach it Sista!

  1. A phrase in another language

Many people think that other languages can say things more beautifully than the English. Try asking a scholar proficient in Latin how to say a few of the engravings you are interested in and see what he has to share.

  1. "Love, Honor, Cherish"

Three very special words that symbolize the closeness between you and your spouse.

  1. A line from a favorite song

Both rings can say two different things. Maybe you each can take a line from your favorite song!

  1. "Gotchya!"

Another funny word to tie the knot too.

promise ring engraved

  1. Your actual names

Having your ring engraved already makes your ring special. No need to add an extra element of coming up with something spunky or clever to say. Just use the names you have been given.

  1. A line from your vows

Did he/she say something in your vows that is worth writing down? Write it on something you will never take off like your ring! That way the phrase will always be with you forever.

  1. "May the force be with you"

A line from a favorite movie could be fun!

  1. "To my soulmate"

This a sweet one that is used often.

  1. "Eternity"

Another word commonly used for Infinity. People also use it to mean that their love will last forever and never end.

  1. "I choose you"

There are so many sweet things to say!

  1. "To have and to hold"

An iconic line used in the generic wedding vows. This phrase makes many couples feel safe in their spouse's arms.

  1. "Here is my heart: guard it well"

A little long, but a fun phrase that is unique to you.

  1. Where did you meet?

A location of where you met could be very cool!

  1. How you met

Did you meet through a friend, an event, or maybe even a dating app...? Having this information labeled specifically for you is a great way to make your ring unique to you.

  1. "Kisses forever"

A memory you will always have together is cute.

  1. "Let the games begin"

Another funny one that can be interpreted in many different ways.

  1. "Let's start a Family"

Marriage is a significant event that takes place in a couples life. It marks the beginning of the rest of their life. If a family is in the near future, then share it!

  1. "Our Journey has just begun"

You are going to encounter so many things as a married couple. A phrase like this embraces the future.

  1. "I would run away with you"

When you are truly in love, there is NOTHING you wouldn't do for the other person.

  1. "Today I married my friend"

This is a very sweet one.

  1. "Worth the wait"
  2. “♥”


In the end, you waiting for the perfect person to marry. And they were worth it.

Wedding Band Engravings are Priceless

Engrave the wedding band for a memory that will last a lifetime. Rings are expensive and they can take years to save up enough money to get. Make it a special one for you and your partner.

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