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9 Tips for What to Say When Giving a Promise Ring

giving a promise ring

Gifting your partner a promise ring is a true sign of commitment.

A promise ring can symbolize different things for different relationships. But whether it is an acknowledgment that a more formal engagement is upcoming or simply the promise to love and commit to each other going forward, it can be tough to find the right words to convey the sentiment.

If you're struggling with what to say when giving a promise ring, look no further. Our guide below will help you determine the best approach and choice of words when making this meaningful gesture to your partner.

So what do you say when giving a promise ring?

Here are a few ideas on what to say when giving a promise to give you inspiration.
  1. Use a line from one of her favorite romantic movies. Something as simple as "you complete me me" can be very powerful and she will never forget it.
  2. A similar inspiration for what to say when giving a promise ring is to use some lines from a favorite song. This is very romantic and memorable.
  3. Be yourself and say what comes from your heart. This is a much more personal and even if you stumbled over the words, the pureness of your words are more important.
  4. Don't be afraid to mix 1 through 3. If you try to find the perfect thing to say when you give a promise ring, then you may never do it.

Keep reading for more great tips on what to say.

Determine the Meaning of the Ring

The first step in deciding what your promise ring speech will entail is figuring out what you want the ring to mean.

For some couples, a promise ring is a trial run that allows the partners to see if a deeper commitment will work. The intention is that the promise leads to a formal engagement.

For other couples who decided that marriage is not for them, this promise ring is a symbol of the decision to spend their lives together. They are committing to one another going forward.

Decide what this ring will mean to you and your partner. This will help determine whether it's a formal gift that requires a thought out speech or a gesture that requires a few meaningful words.

personality show through

Let Your Personality Shine

Keep in mind that gifting a promise ring to your partner is a very different affair than exchanging vows in front of friends and family at a wedding ceremony. Giving a promise ring to your partner will likely be a private time shared between the two of you.

With this in mind, make what you say personal and from the heart. Don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. Keep your phrasing informal and conversational.

You're not making a speech in front of a group so you have more freedom. You can bring up personal stories or things that only your partner would understand or find meaningful.

Make an Outline

Are you someone who doesn't speak well off the cuff? Do you find yourself stumbling for the right words when you become nervous or emotions run high? You might want to consider writing down an outline of what you'd like to say beforehand and keeping it with you.

With an outline, you have the main points you want to hit; ones that you would regret leaving out of your speech should you forget them in the moment. You can use this outline as a guide to communicating what you want to say. An outline fills the spaces in with words you come up with in the moment that comes from the heart.

If you've written out an outline in advance and looked it over a few times, you may find you don't need to reference it when it comes time to give the ring.

Try Some Key Phrases

Maybe you're not a wordsmith and conveying your emotions does not come easily. You know how you feel in your heart, but getting the words out of your mouth is a struggle.

If that's the case, here are some general phrases that may convey what you're trying to tell your partner when giving the ring.

"Please accept this ring as a symbol of my commitment to you".

"This ring is a symbol of our future together and my unending love for you".

"This ring is a promise of marriage in the future".

"These rings symbolize our promise to be monogamous with one another".

"This ring is a circular shape which symbolizes the never-ending promise we make going forward".

Use Your Favorite Words

If you're still struggling to find the right words to communicate your feelings, you may want to try using someone else's.

Think about your favorite songs that both you and your partner are fans of. Many couples have "their song". Perhaps there are lyrics in the song that are meaningful to the both of you and also convey your love for your partner.

Try writing down these lyrics and using them in your small speech.

Another route would be to read a few lines from your favorite poem, or the whole poem if it's short enough. Sometimes the words of a poet or songwriter do a better job of coming up with the accurate sentiment more than we ever could. If it's a poem or song that is special to the two of you, the meaning behind it will be even more profound.

dont think too hard

Don't Overthink It

At the end of the day, it's important to speak freely. Understanding what your partner values make it easy to know what to say when giving a promise ring.

Plan what you say to a point so that you don't leave out important thoughts, but don't give the impression that you're reading from a page. It's not what you say but how you say it.

Look your partner in the eye. If you fumble, that's okay. It doesn't have to be perfect. You're not delivering a presentation to a class.

You want your words to be authentic and natural.

Many times a ring exchange could take place on a whim. Perhaps the moment will feel right and it will be the time. Don't pass up a spontaneous moment for fear of not having the right words.

With a little forethought about your speech, you'll know what to say.

You'll Know What to Say When Giving a Promise Ring

The tips above should be helpful in planning what you intend to say when giving a promise ring to your partner. Considering the above advice will get your mind moving and you'll come up with the right words in no time.

Just remember to stay present and in the moment for this special occasion. Your partner will love the way you express yourself and your commitment.

We'd love to help you find the best piece to express your love. Be sure to check out our promise ring selection and contact us with any shopping questions.

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