How Much Should a Men’s Wedding Band Cost?

How Much Should a Men’s Wedding Band Cost?

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Wedding rings signify a promise to your partner that you will belong to them forever, that you will stay faithful and grow old with the one you love. They are incredibly important to most couples, and that includes the men! That being said, you always need to know how much one is going to set you back so you can be prepared.

How much does a good quality men’s wedding band cost?

Here is the average price of men's rings by material:

Gold- The average price is between $180 and $225

Silver- The average price is between $40 and $60

Tungsten- The average price of real Tungsten is between $80 and $200

Titanium- The average price of Titanium is $30 to $60

Stainless- The average price of stainless is $15 to $30

What Affects the Price of a Men’s Wedding Band?

Three things come to mind when talking about what makes up the price of a wedding band for men. These are:

  • The metal the band is made of
  • Any stones it may be embellished with or extra accents on the outer band
  • Extra features like engravings

All of these will affect the price; the more you add, the more it will cost. Since there are so many different variations, it really depends on what you want out of your band. To give you a better idea of what your options are, let’s go over each factor and all the choices you have!

Wedding Band Material

The metal that this wedding band is made up of will affect the price. As you may know, gold usually sells for the highest price, then silver, then on down the line to alloys. Some examples of each type of band will help you figure out the basic price range!


See this one on Amazon Here

Gold Bands

Gold is not often the most durable material, but these will do for those men who are careful and responsible with their jewelry. If you aren’t? Well, you might want to skip ahead to see what the tungsten men’s bands have to offer.

  • This plain yellow gold band from Reed’s Jewelers will cost you about $400, which really isn’t much considering the sheer amount you would probably be shelling out for a woman’s wedding ring! This one is not embellished with anything; this is the best price point for your base that you will be able to get.


  • A white gold band may be more suited to your tastes, and that is no problem! If you were going for the gold anyway, you would be paying around the same price. This wedding band from debblazer on Etsy will make the perfect addition to your ring finger. It will cost you $456-$500 depending on whether you catch a sale or not.
    Photo links to Amazon

    Silver Bands

    Silver men’s wedding bands will generally cost a little less as long as you are going with the most basic options. The price will vary based on what you want to add to give the ring its own special touch!

    • This sterling silver wedding band from Kay Jewelers has just a little bit of flair with a black accent wrapping around the band, and it is selling for only $150! While this is not the most basic option you could choose, it is still elegant and pretty simple.


    • The hammered look is getting more popular with grooms everywhere! It’s rustic but charming without being gaudy or over-the-top. If this style appeals to you, consider checking out this sterling silver wedding band sold on Amazon for $40-$55. It sounds too good to be true, but at least 16 other people loved theirs! Reviews rarely lie.
    mens engraved tungsten ring black
    This engraved Tungsten ring can be found for $39.99 on

      Tungsten Bands

      A growing trend in the world of wedding jewelry for men is tungsten. This material is incredibly durable and resists corrosion more than almost any other metal on the planet! These bands are perfect for men who work hard and play rough. Here’s an example of a good tungsten wedding band you could buy:

      • Zales has a wonderful selection of tungsten wedding bands to choose from for both men and women! This one is no exception. This is a no-frills, tough piece that still manages to show how much you love your sweetheart. It can be purchased for $280, which is rather affordable for a wedding band!


      • The ultra-minimalist grooms out there may appreciate what MJ Metals Jewelry has to offer with this plain tungsten wedding band. It’s polished and classy without being boring! The craziest thing is that you can get it for around $20. Such a quality metal is hard to find for such a low price, but almost 4,000 other people were satisfied with this wedding band and you might be, too.

      There are many more materials on the market that make up a men’s wedding band, but these are the most popular and most widely available! As for your other options when it comes to metals and materials, men’s wedding bands can also be made up of:

      • Platinum
      • Titanium
      • Stainless steel
      • Wood
      • Ceramic

      If you look on Etsy, you may find more unique rings made out of anything you could possibly dream of!

      mens engraved titanium wedding band

      You can get this Custom Engraved Titanium Ring for $24.99 here

      Stones and Other Accents in a Men’s Wedding Band

      You may have previously thought that diamonds were only a girl’s best friend. That simply isn’t true! For any man that loves a little bling, there are plenty of wedding bands available to make your own. If you are not really a “bling” kind of guy, there are other beautiful accented rings to add a little style to your finger. Be warned, though, that these rings are a little more on the pricey side!


      • Think Engraved has no shortage of unique men’s wedding bands to choose from, and this one with a wood inlay is no exception. The best part is that it beats out almost all competition by costing you only $20! This is perfect for those rugged outdoorsmen who will be tying the knot very soon.


      • Rose gold is always a gorgeous option for any jewelry piece, even for men. For those who don’t mind wearing a little pink, this black ring with rose gold accents may be right for you. Etsy shop YorksJewelryDesign has you covered for $120-$300 depending on sales and what you choose.
      engraved mens stainless steel ring with wire insert
      See our collection of engraved stainless steel mens rings for $19.99 here

        Extra Features (Engravings)

        If you want your wedding band to be extra special and personalized, you can get it engraved! The message you have engraved into it can be part of your vows, a line from a favorite love song or poem, or really anything else you can think of! (If you need ideas, look here.) Sound like something you or the special man in your life may want? Check out some of these wedding bands and see if any may fit your style!

        • This sleek, elegant number made of stainless steel will only set you back around $20. You can engrave the band with up to 20 characters; that is a lot of space for a message, believe it or not! The accent on the band also spins. That could be entertaining if you are bored somewhere, so that is a bonus feature!


        • If you are into the simpler wedding bands, this matte black option may be right for you. It is also made of stainless steel, so it’s sure to be durable. Again, you only have to pay $20, a huge discount compared to everywhere else you could go! Don’t worry; you never have to sacrifice quality just because the price is low, either. These rings are made and inspected with loving care to ensure that you get the best experience possible.


        • Some men prefer to wear their heart on their sleeve (or their finger.) If this is the case, you want a wedding band with an engraved message on the outside where everyone can see it! This ring handcrafted by TheSaltyHut on Etsy could be the perfect fit. You pay double what you would with the above two options, but you can also have up to 50 characters on the inner and outer bands! If you are the wordy type, maybe you should consider getting this wedding band for $40.

        To sum up, the features you choose for your men’s wedding band will determine the overall cost. As you can see, a quality band can cost anywhere from $20 to upwards of $2000! How much you will pay depends on your budget and how you would like for your symbol of eternal love to look. The average price, I’d say, is around $300-$400.

        One thing to remember – there is no reason that a men’s wedding band should cost much more than what you see here. You don’t have to take out a loan to buy your ring! Any of these options would make for a fine choice that will last you for years to come.

        Now you know where to find the perfect wedding band for your special day that tells the whole world how much you love your partner! Get out there and make your wedding day one to remember forever.

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