On Which Finger Should A Man Wear His Promise Ring?

On Which Finger Should A Man Wear His Promise Ring?

Promise rings have been a part of the jewelry fashion industry since the Middle Ages. Historically these rings have been given by men to women, but as times change from a focus on marriage to the realization of life partners, promise rings have become much more popular, especially for men.

So, where does a man wear his promise ring?

Tradition may say a man should wear a promise ring on his left ring (or fourth) finger but wearing it on his right hand or even on a chain around his neck is popular as well.

In the United States in particular, promise rings have historically been given to women and signify a promise of marriage, however, that is no longer all a promise ring means.

A promise ring can symbolize the lifelong commitment to a partner in a couple who does not have the desire to take that walk down the traditional aisle or who does not want the government involved in their relationship. Therefore, more men are turning to promise rings and they want to know where those rings should be worn.

Isn’t it a rule to wear it on the left ring finger?

Is it a rule? No, but wearing a promise ring on the left ring finger is the long-time tradition.

The tradition of wearing a ring of love on the left ring finger actually dates to Ancient Roman times. Ancient Romans believed there was a vein, the Vena Amoris, or the vein of love, which ran from the left ring finger to the heart.

While this vein does not actually exist, the idea has held up through the centuries because it is such a romantic notion. I mean, of course we want to wear the ring that symbolizes our love on the finger that has a vein going directly to our heart.

There is a benefit to a man wearing his promise ring on the left ring finger.

A cultural benefit of a man wearing his promise ring on the left ring finger is the association of being spoken for. In the United States, any ring worn on the left finger is seen as a symbol of lifelong commitment showing others you are not romantically available.

Traditionally, this would still be the finger that a man wears a promise ring on, but today, not everyone wants to abide by centuries old tradition.

Can a man wear his promise ring on a different finger?

Of course! According to the Gemological Institute of America, while the traditional finger for a promise ring is the fourth finger of the left hand, the third finger, or middle finger is also a suitable alternative.

The wearer of the ring should find comfort in whatever finger he chooses to wear it on.

According to Love To Know, the middle finger is not actually associated with any specific ideas, but the middle finger is the longest finger and can “symbolize power and responsibility” (https://jewelry.lovetoknow.com/What_Is_the_Meaning_of_Each_Finger_for_Rings).

A man choosing to wear his promise ring on the middle finger can show that he wants to be responsible for his long term commitment to someone, or even that he simply wants to show off his promise ring on his most prominent finger.

Should a man wear his promise ring on the right hand?

Of course, a man can always choose to wear the promise ring on his right finger foregoing the left hand altogether.

Some cultures actually do use the right hand to display their rings of promise and commitment already so there is no wrong hand for a man to wear a promise ring on.

Again, an added benefit to a man wearing a ring on either ring finger would be the call to others that he is unavailable. If this aspect of wearing a ring is important to the guy or his partner, then the ring finger may be the way to go.

Some jobs do not allow rings to be worn.

There are many careers that would put a man’s hand in physical danger by wearing a ring, so what should you do in that scenario? A great option for the man who works with his hands is to have a chain around his neck where he can display his promise ring.

Wearing a ring on a chain is actually becoming more popular for men today. This is a safe way to display the promise ring while keeping those hard-working hands safe so there are still fingers to even wear rings on!

Does it really matter where a promise ring is worn?

This seems like the overall question to really be answered. Where a promise ring is worn is up to the wearer and the person who gave it to him.

There are some men who will decide that the symbolism of what each finger can represent is important to them. They will want to display the promise ring on the finger that means the most to them and their relationship.

There are also those who want to be traditional and culturally relevant keeping the promise ring on the left finger to signify they are spoken for.

While wearing it on this finger is a cultural sign of unavailability in our country, this is not a concrete rule by any means.

Men can wear their promise ring on the ring finger, or their middle finger. They may be more comfortable with a ring on their middle finger for various reasons.

There is even still the option to wear the ring on the right hand. If a man is left-handed, this may be the most comfortable option depending on the size of the ring.

Wearing a promise ring on a chain around his neck is a great option for the guy who works with his hands. There are many jobs where wearing a ring on any finger could cause injury and this is a great option for those who hold that kind of job.

Overall, it is not where the ring is worn that shows significance, it is that the ring is worn. So, guys, wear the ring. Show your significant other that you really appreciate the thought and care they put into choosing the perfect ring for you and wear it with pride.

The placement of a man’s promise ring really does not matter in the grand scheme of life. Wear it wherever you want, just wear it. No matter where you wear it, the world will see you with your ring and know you are loved.

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