Should Engagement Rings Be Engraved?

Should Engagement Rings Be Engraved?

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Arguably one of the most important gifts that you will give your romantic partner in your life is an engagement ring.

The ring is symbolic of your everlasting love and commitment, so you want it to be special, something that they will cherish until death do you part.

Though the ring will be special on its own, many people wonder whether or not they should engrave the engagement ring with a message.

The answer is , it is up to you. Engraving done right will not damage an engagement ring and can add even more sentiment to a ring. The trend is to engrave wedding bands or engagement rings

In this article, we will go over the pros and cons of engraving an engagement ring so you can make the best decision for your relationship. Stick around and give the love of your life a gift that they will never forget!

Ring Engravings: What are They?

What is an ring engraving?

Engravings are simply messages etched into the surface of metal. In most cases, jewelry is engraved, though other gifts can be as well. Any message that you want to engrave in a ring must fit the limited amount of space on the band, so you will need to keep yours short and sweet.

How does it work?

The process of engraving a ring can be done in three main ways: by hand, by the use of pantograph systems, and by computer. Each has its own benefits and possible downsides. Computer engraving is widely regarded as the most precise method.

Lasers and diamond heads are frequently used for computer engravings because they are precise and sharp enough to make a proper cut more quickly than other methods.

To learn more about engraving methods, read “What is the History of Jewelry Engraving?”

Does the process of engraving damage a ring?

For the most part, engraving a ring does not damage the metal. It depends on the method used, hand engraving being the riskiest unless you only go to a highly experienced master engraver. Even then, perfection is not guaranteed.

There is a smaller risk of error when you have the engagement ring engraved by a machine that is computer operated. Each movement is carefully calculated with both aesthetic and jewelry preservation in mind.

Engagement Ring Engraving: Pros and Cons

Getting your engagement ring engraved is a personal decision; it is crucial that you know all of the potential pros and cons before you take the first step to have that intimate message etched on the ring forever.

  • An engraved message adds a more personal and intimate touch to the ring that you are giving to your sweetheart. Whatever you write is sure to melt their heart and bring tears of joy to their eyes.
  • Engraving is fairly affordable. You don’t have to drain your wallet to add this unique feature to your jewelry.
  • An engraving could help positively identify the engagement ring as yours/your partner’s if it ever gets lost and then found by a well-meaning stranger.
  • Engravings, whether on the inner or outer band, add an aesthetically pleasing element to the ring. Your choice of font is nearly endless, depending on the engraving method used.
  • You can have almost anything engraved as long as it fits within the character limit. Inside jokes, a song lyric, your initials – whatever means the most to you is within the realm of possibility!


  • Whatever you have engraved is permanent. You have to be sure that you entrust the ring to a reputable service, or you risk spelling errors, damaged metal, or an unpleasant font on the band. This requires a bit of searching until you find someone that you can trust.
  • You may not be the best with words, and as a result, might not know what to have engraved on the engagement ring. This can be frustrating; you don’t want to end up with a message that doesn’t reflect how you truly feel about your beloved.

Fortunately, the cons of this list can be remedied! The decision is still yours; however, you likely will not have to worry about the downsides once you see the solutions offered. Let’s talk about that.

Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

You may not be a master wordsmith, and that’s okay. Not everyone can be! Luckily for you, there are many basic ideas and lists to get your creative juices flowing and perhaps help you find the perfect message for the ring that you give to your partner.

Your Initials

Perhaps one of the most classic favorites when it comes to engraving a ring is a couple’s initials. It’s simple but timeless and elegant. This identifies not only who the ring belongs to, but that you belong to each other forever.

Important Dates

The date that you have engraved on the engagement ring can be of significance for several occasions:

  • When you first started dating
  • The date of your first kiss
  • The date of the engagement
  • Your birth dates
  • When you moved in together

These are just a few examples of engraved dates that will make the ring special and unique.


Every couple has pet names that they give to each other (i.e. darling, sweetie, dear, love, pookie, etc.) Whatever your partner’s is, have that engraved alongside the one that they gave to you or a message like, “To my (nickname).”

Special Locations

Like important dates, each couple has certain locations that mean a lot to their relationship. For example:

  • Where you met
  • Where you went on your first date
  • The location of your first kiss
  • The location of your birth

Wherever in the world the two of you fell in love, an engraving is an important reminder.


In some cases, you will have the option to have a symbol etched into your engagement ring. This could be a heart, an infinity symbol, a cross – whichever is easy and special to your relationship. Your love for your partner is eternal, and the ring should reflect that.

Inside Jokes/Funny Sayings

Some couples bond over a mutual sense of humor. Inside jokes bring people closer together! If that sounds like you and your honey, have a message engraved on the inside of the band that will make them smile and laugh every time they read it!

A Promise

When you give someone an engagement ring, you are making a promise to love them and care for them forever. It’s reasonable and romantic to reiterate that promise on the ring itself. For example, you could say:

  • I promise, forever
  • Til death do us part (or just “til death”)
  • Forever and always
  • Forever mine (or “forever yours”)
  • For infinity
  • I promise you always
  • Never to part
  • To have and to hold
  • I pinky promise

Whatever you promise, have it permanently etched into the jewelry that they will be sure to keep forever. You can never go wrong with this idea!

More Examples

Are you still stumped? Don’t worry! There are comprehensive lists that will give you more examples that may just be the perfect fit for your engagement ring.

Check out some of the following articles:

Where to Get an Engagement Ring Engraved

You still need a reputable place to get your ring engraved to avoid any mishaps or potential damage to the jewelry. There are several places to choose from.

Local Jewelers

Your local jeweler may offer an engraving service which will likely be fairly affordable. Make sure that you do some research before you go. Check online reviews and photos. See if the store has prices listed on its website. Call ahead and have any questions answered. If something doesn’t seem right or the reviews are less than stellar, it is always safer to move on to another option.


If you plan to buy the ring online, the place that you order from may also offer an engraving service. Again, always check reviews, photos, and prices before buying. If there are no reviews or too many reviews all with five-star ratings and similar messages, they are not likely a reputable business.

Unfortunately, some online jewelers fake reviews on their site to lure in more customers. Be sure to avoid anything that looks suspicious!

You can trust Think Engraved with all of your engraving needs, and there are many reputable sellers on Etsy who offer engraving services as well.

The Etsy sellers below have a variety of engagement rings for sale with beautiful engraving options:

In summary, the decision to get an engagement ring engraved is solely yours, but there are several good reasons as to why you should have one engraved!

Ring engravings are personal, unique, and beautiful. It adds a special touch that your partner will love and cherish forever. Engravings are a great way to further show the love that you have for them, so why not go ahead and just do it? You won’t regret it. 

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