41 Amazing Men's Wedding Band Ring Engraving Ideas

41 Amazing Men's Wedding Band Ring Engraving Ideas

When you walk down the aisle and say, “I do,” you are committing yourself to that special someone for eternity. While your wedding bands probably won’t last quite that long, they still hold up for decades! In a way, you are committing yourself to that ring for a large portion of your life, too.

That is why it’s so important that you love the wedding band you have! A great way to spruce up yours and your partners’ wedding bands is to have them engraved with a special message that reminds you of your love and your promise to take care of each other as long as you both shall live.

Oftentimes, though, couples get stuck on what that message should be. You don’t want it to sound too corny, but maybe you don’t take yourselves too seriously, either. You could be into the same cool geeky movie and want to honor that with your wedding bands! No matter what you want your rings to say, there is an engraving idea out there for every couple.

Today, you are going to find the perfect way to portray your love in just a few simple words with these wedding band ring engraving ideas no matter who you are or what you are into.

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Here are the different categories we are going to cover for you.

  • General engraving ideas
  • Love Quote engraving ideas
  • Geeky engraving ideas
  • Disney Inspired engraving ideas
  • Funny engraving ideas
  • Song-Based engraving ideas
  • Religious engraving ideas

General Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

Maybe the two of you are a no-frills sort of couple who just want something short and sweet on your wedding bands. That’s no problem! Below are a few things you could have engraved on your rings that will capture your love.

  • The date of your wedding.
This is a great choice for two reasons. On one hand, it’s sweet and to the point! On the other, it helps all of those forgetful partners to remember your anniversary date without causing any arguments.
    • A line from your vows.
    Is there one line of your vows that really stands out to you? Have it engraved on your wedding band so that you can remember your special promise from this day until the end of time (or at the end of the 40 years a ring should last, whichever comes first.)
      • Your initials.
      Couples have been carving their initials into trees, walls, and just about everything else since the beginning of time to commemorate their love. Why not do this on your wedding band so you can carry it around with you always?
        • The coordinates of where you first met.
        Growing is popularity is the trend of having special map coordinates tattooed, engraved, or printed somewhere on your or an item of clothing. It can signify pretty much anything you want it to, but it’s especially appropriate for a couple tying the knot! If you met somewhere mundane like the grocery store, this makes the story just a little bit cuter. As a fun game, have your friends try and look it up at the wedding reception! Whoever wins gets a prize.
          • Another special date.
          Maybe it was the day you first started dating or the date of your frist kiss. Whichever date really stands out as the moment you first fell in love with your special person, have it engraved on your ring!
            • A lyric from your song.

            Every couple has a song they relate to. Many use this song as their first dance choice at their weddings! Whatever yours is, pick a line from it and have it engraved on your bands.

              Short Love Quotes for Wedding Band Engravings

              There are some classic messages you can have engraved into your wedding bands that will stand the test of time as you and your honey grow old and gray together! At least one of these ideas is sure to make your heart melt.

              • “I love you.”
              Everyone needs this reminder every now and then. Now whenever the two of you are far apart or in a situation where you can’t speak at the moment, this message will be a heart-warming reminder of the special bond that you share.
                • “Forever and always.”
                When you get married, you promise your partner that you will be around until death comes and takes you away. Maybe even after, if you believe in that sort of thing! This message lets your loved one know that not even time can lessen how you feel for them.
                  • “To have and to hold.”
                  This is part of a common vow that couples say to each other when they get married! This message engraved on the band will be a reminder that your arms can always be your partner’s home.
                    • “I choose you.”
                    You have to wake up every single day and choose your significant other all over again. You choose to love them when they feel like they’re unloveable. You choose to be patient when they are having a bad day. You chose them to be your partner throughout every moment of your lives. You don’t have to stay, but you do because they are worth it.
                      • “To the moon and back.”
                      A common phrase people use when talking to their loved one is, “I love you to the moon and back.” It means that you love them so much that it can only be measured in such a great distance as this! To you, it could mean that you will love them a great deal and for a long time.
                        • “Apple of my eye.”

                        This classic saying just means that you cherish the person you are giving this ring to more than anyone or anything else in the whole world. It originates partially from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” when the fairy character drops the juice of a flower hit by Cupid’s arrow into a sleeping man’s eyes saying, “Flower of this purple dye/Hit with Cupid’s archery/Sink in apple of his eye.” This is especially a great engraving idea if your honey is a Shakespeare buff!


                          Geeky Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

                          If you and your beloved met through a comic con or you are both into the more “nerdy” or “geeky” hobbies out there, you will be sure to love these engraving ideas!

                          • Ring 1: “I love you” and Ring 2: “I know.”
                          If you are a fan of the “Star Wars” franchise, you know this famous scene! When Han Solo is about to be encased in carbonite, Lea cries out, “I love you!” to which he replies, “I know.” When they are reunited later, Han is the one to wear his heart on his sleeve and Lea replies with the same cool one-liner that was given to her before. If you want a love like these two courageous heroes, this engraving idea could be right for you.
                            • “You are my QT 3.14.”
                            3.14 is commonly known as the beginning of the number “pi.” If you want someeeeone to know that they are your cutie pie, this is the perfect, nerdy way of showing it!
                              • “One ring to bind them.”
                              Fans of J.R.R. Tolkein’s “Lord of the Rings” series will love this wedding band engraving idea! Marriage is essentially a contract that binds you and the ring symbolizes that bond. This is the perfect message to give to your “precious.”
                                • “As you wish.”
                                In the movie “The Princess Bride,” the dashing hero Westley says this phrase as a way to say, “I love you” to his beloved, Buttercup, whenever she asks him to do something for her. It’s both a way to express your love and a promise to honor each others’ wishes!
                                  • Ring 1: “After all this time?” and Ring 2: “Always.”
                                  This is a pretty subtle idea on its own, but members of the “Harry Potter” fan club know what this means. Severus Snape loves Harry’s mother, even long after she is gone. When you get married, let your partner know that no matter how much time passes and no matter what you face, you will always keep them in your heart.
                                    • Ring 1: “Moon of my life” and Ring 2: “My sun and stars.”

                                    The book series turned well-loved show “Game of Thrones” has captured the hearts of millions of people all over the globe. These quotes are famously said by Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo, lovers whose story ended, but whose love will never die until the sun rises in the West and sets in the East.

                                      Disney Inspired Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

                                      For many, Disney has become more than just a movie company and a theme park. Disney is a way of life! People have Disney-themed weddings all the time, and this includes the messages they have engraved on their wedding bands. You might find that one of these is a “bare necessity” to have on your ring.

                                      • “To infinity and beyond!”
                                      Of course, this was never said in a romantic context in “Toy Story,” but you can take this quote from Buzz Lightyear and apply a can-do attitude toward all the unknown adventures you’re going to have with your partner in the future. You could even break it up and have “To infinity…” engraved on one band with the “... and beyond!” engraved on the other.
                                        • “So this is love.”
                                        This is a popular engraving choice for all of the Cinderella fanatics out there! If you have met your Prince Charming, this could be the right engraving choice for your wedding bands.
                                          • "Happily ever after.”
                                          This could apply to any fairy tale, but you get the idea. Your and your prince or princess are going to ride off into the sunset just like Ariel and Eric or Belle and Prince Adam.
                                            • “Be true to your heart.”
                                            This is a quote from the movie “Mulan.” If you’ve found a girl worth fighting for, show her with this engraving!
                                              • “You’re worth melting for.”
                                              In the movie “Frozen,” the adorable little snowman Olaf has a message for Princess Anna. You have to find someone who would be worth giving up everything for. If you’re looking through this article, I’ll bet you have found that special person you can build a snowman with!
                                                • “Once upon a dream.”
                                                Fans of the movie “Sleeping Beauty” will love this engraving idea! When Aurora meets Prince Philip, she swears that she knows him because she walked with him once upon a dream. If you feel like you’ve known your beloved forever, let them know with this quote from a timeless Disney classic.

                                                  Funny Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

                                                  Maybe you and your life partner don’t really take yourselves too seriously. After all, life is short! Your love is forever, though, so you still need a message that will convey it without being too stuffy or uptight. Maybe one of the engraving ideas below will strike your fancy!

                                                  • “Dibs!”
                                                  As a kid, you may have said this a lot when you wanted something first like the window seat in mom’s car or the first turn on a new bike. Whatever it is, you are claiming it as yours. The same concept applies with the human you have chosen to spend the rest of your days and the rest of your bike rides with!
                                                    • “Property of [partner’s name.]”
                                                    This is a cute way to claim your loved one as your own forever! Just like your parents may have written this on all of your underpants or your lunchboxes when you were a child, you are writing it on their ring (and their heart.)
                                                      • An inside joke.
                                                      Couples share many jokes that only they would know based on little funny moments in their lives. Everyone has them! If yours can fit on the band of your wedding ring, why not go for it?
                                                        • “Old and moldy.”
                                                        This one is pretty self-explanatory. This message is a reminder that you will love your spouse even when you are old, wrinkly, and possibly “moldy” as some couples put it.

                                                          Song - Based Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

                                                          There are some very popular love ballads throughout the mid-to-late 1900s and early 2000s that couples commonly choose to be their special song! They’re catchy and entirely quotable, even on a wedding band. If any of these are yours, have a line etched into your partner’s wedding band and give them a special gift to last a lifetime.

                                                          • “Forever yours, faithfully.” The song: “Faithfully” by Journey.
                                                          • “We’ve only just begun.” The song: “We’ve Only Just Begun” by The Carpenters.
                                                          • “Baby, just say yes.” The song: “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.
                                                          • “Baby, I’m-a want you.” The song: “Baby, I’m-A Want You” by Bread.
                                                          • “Groovy kind of love.” The song: “Groovy Kind of Love” by Phil Collins

                                                          Religious Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

                                                          Many couples base their definition of marriage on the teachings of the Bible and Christianity. They want to keep their relationship centered around their worship and love for Jesus Christ! If that sounds like you and your love, maybe one of these engraving ideas is right for you:

                                                          • “Genesis 2:24.”
                                                          This Bible verse reads, “Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”
                                                            • “Let no man separate.”
                                                            This is based on the Bible verse “Mark 10:9” which reads, “Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate.” This quote symbolizes a bond that can’t be broken by anyone or anything.
                                                              • Ring 1: “Love is patient” and Ring 2: “Love is kind.”
                                                              This comes from the Bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:4-5. It says, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” This is an especially good verse to remember when you feel like arguing, and the rings will remind both parts of the couple that love means being patient even when you don’t feel like it.
                                                                • “Do everything in love.”
                                                                This is the direct quote from the Bible verse 1 Corinthians 16:14.
                                                                  • "1 Peter 4:8.”
                                                                  This Bible verse says, “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.”
                                                                    • “Faith, Hope, Love.”
                                                                    This comes from the Bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:13 which says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” If you want, you could just have the verse engraved as well!
                                                                      • “Love each other.”
                                                                      This is part of the Bible verse John 15:12 which says, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

                                                                        No matter what kind of couple you are, you two are bound to find a message that means the world to you that you’ll cherish forever!

                                                                        The best part is that having your wedding jewelry engraved is often free of charge, so it costs absolutely nothing to make that special person’s eyes light up every time they take off that ring before bed or before a shower. It’s the little moments like this that make a marriage last, so why not give them the gift that keeps on giving?

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