Getting A Promise Ring, Everything You need To Know

Getting A Promise Ring, Everything You need To Know

Giving your partner the gift of a promise ring is a significant milestone in your relationship, and that’s why it’s important to put some thought into your choice before making a final decision.

There are several options for customization that will personalize the promise ring and turn it into something beautiful that your sweetheart will cherish for years to come.

Today, we are going to talk about what promise rings signify, what they look like, how you can customize your ring, and some examples to consider because, while you’re here, you may just find the perfect fit.

What is a promise ring?

Promise rings are rings that are typically given to a romantic partner to signify readiness to commit to the relationship.

In most cases, this is the precursor to an engagement ring. You are giving your significant other a physical symbol of that promise to be exclusive and to love them.

Of course, promise rings can be a symbol of any promise you make to your loved one that you intend to keep. That’s why they’re so special! Each ring is unique to the couple.

Can men have promise rings?

Though it’s typically only women that get relationship milestone rings until marriage, there are plenty of men’s promise rings on the market. These rings have soared in popularity in recent years as gender roles have changed.

It is perfectly acceptable for men to wear promise rings; after all, both people in a relationship make promises to each other. Why should only one have a physical reminder of that promise?

How much do promise rings cost?

These rings vary in price just like any other type of jewelry, but you will be happy to know that they cost significantly less than engagement or wedding rings.

Most high-quality promise rings range from $20-$150 in price, though the average is between $50-$65. You don’t have to blow your budget to show your partner how much you love them.

We have a great in-depth article on promise ring prices for you.

How Much Does a Promise Ring Cost?

What do promise rings look like?

Promise rings feature many unique styles that engagement and wedding rings often do not. You would typically see a large diamond with a plain band on an engagement ring – elegant, understated, and subtle.

However, promise rings are often colorful and decorative. There are several things that make promise rings easily identifiable. Let’s talk about that.


Gemstone promise rings are popular choices for couples who want to add a special touch to their promise rings. Gemstones, or birthstones, can symbolize the birthday of your special someone and personalize a ring. Most available gemstone options correspond to a birth month.

  • January: garnet
  • February: amethyst
  • March: aquamarine
  • April: diamond
  • May: emerald
  • June: pearl or alexandrite
  • July: ruby
  • August: peridot
  • September: sapphire
  • October: opal or tourmaline
  • November: topaz or citrine
  • December: turquoise or zircon

Gemstones are a great way to add a colorful accent to a promise ring while still maintaining its elegance.

If you are a spiritual person, there are also specifically assigned meanings to gems that date back centuries. To learn more about gemstones/birthstones and their meanings, please feel free to check out this article!


Engraving a message to your partner on their promise ring is a surefire way to melt their heart. There are so many things that you can have engraved to personalize the ring that the possibilities are nearly limitless!

A general rule, though, is that messages must be kept under 20 characters in length, as there is a finite amount of room on the band.

The inner band of a promise ring is meant for messages, but you can have the outer band engraved with your names as well, depending on the ring that you choose. This memorializes your love for each other forever.

Need inspiration for engravings? Take a look at “What to Engrave on Promise Rings and Wedding Bands: 130 Ideas.”

Promise Ring Band Shapes

Engagement rings and wedding bands are usually limited in style when it comes to the ring band, but promise rings include a wide array of styles to choose from.

Take, for example, this “locked hearts” promise ring. The center of the band features intertwined hearts that symbolize the lifelong bond you share with your partner. This is just one way in which promise rings are unique and distinguishable from others.

How do I measure my finger for ring size?

The most important thing to do before buying a promise ring is to figure out both yours and your partner’s ring size. So much goes into the personalization of the rings that the last thing you want is for the piece to be too tight or so loose that it slips off and gets lost.

Discovering your ring size is simpler than you might think, and there are a couple of ways to do it.

Using String

One simple way to measure your finger for your ring size is to use either a strip of paper or string. The string/paper should be 4 inches long for the most accurate measurement.

  • Wrap the paper or string around your finger at the base.
  • Mark with a pencil or pen where the string overlaps.
  • Check the length that you measured in millimeters; this is the circumference of your finger.
  • Check Overstock’s conversion chart to find your ring size.

Measure an Existing Ring

If you already have a ring that fits, check the size and simply buy a promise ring in the same size.

If you can’t remember the sizing of this ring, measure the diameter of the band in millimeters and check Overstock’s conversion chart to find your size.

Have Your Finger Professionally Sized

If you are still unsure of your ring size, have your finger measured by a jeweler. They will be able to give you the most accurate measurement so you can be sure that your ring will be the perfect fit.

You might still find yourself in a sticky situation if you plan to surprise your partner with this ring, as you can’t measure their finger without arousing suspicion. In that case, you will have to be sneaky in order to be sure that their ring will fit.

Want to successfully surprise them with the perfect promise ring? Check out “How to Successfully Find Out Her Ring Size.” Most of the tips found here work for men as well.

Which promise ring should I get? (examples)

You know what the average promise ring looks like now, but there are so many beautiful and unique options for both men and women that you just have to see them to understand which best reflects your partner’s personality.

  • Promise Rings for Men

Promise rings for men are made of many types of materials and are generally more rugged than women’s rings. There’s a ring out there for every type of man that he’ll want to wear everywhere.

For the Working Man

Men who work manual labor jobs need a promise ring that can endure all manner of activities. Some metals are better suited for this situation than others, and that’s what we’re here to show you.

  • A tungsten promise ring is perfect for those who work with their hands because tungsten is scratch-resistant and hard to break when put under pressure. It will hold its shape instead of warping, keeping your finger safe while on the job. This ring with beveled edges will allow you to wear your ring during work while looking good. For more information on tungsten rings and their properties, take a look at this article.
  • Titanium rings are also great for manual labor because they’re scratch-resistant, resistant to tarnishing, difficult to break, and lightweight. A titanium promise ring with a hammered band will add a unique touch to your look while holding up under pressure. The choice between tungsten and titanium really comes down to personal preference, and you can read more about it at this link.
  • Stainless steel is one more option to seriously consider if you frequently work with your hands. It is a strong metal that is resistant to corrosion and rusting, it’s shiny, and it is a more affordable option than others. This stainless steel promise ring is sleek and subtle with a wire inlay to add contrast to your look. For more information about the properties of stainless steel rings, read the facts here.

For the Outdoorsman

Many men enjoy exploring the outdoors and getting in touch with nature, and they deserve a promise ring that will reflect both your love for them and their interests. Fortunately, you have plenty of options in this category to choose from.

  • Wood inlays in a promise ring add a rugged, yet elegant element that exudes masculinity and style. This rose gold ring with double wood inlay and a silver arrow is perfect for the outdoorsman who hunts. It’s a nod to these activities, and it shows that you care about the things he loves.
  • If your guy is into a more subtle style, a simple black promise ring with wood inlay can be the perfect fit. It’s not flashy, but it’s still a great accent piece for any look. The inner band can be engraved with the message of your choosing.
  • Promise rings with an inlay of deer antler are certainly unique; your partner definitely won’t be confusing his ring with his friends. It stands out, invites interesting conversation, and is just the right amount of masculine.

For the Simple Man

Some men prefer simple promise rings that don’t invite too much attention but are still wearable wherever they go. If that sounds like the special man in your life, take a look at some of the following rings.

  • Engrave a message on the inner band of this steel brushed titanium ring as a reminder of the love and commitment you share. The ring goes with any outfit and is polished, yet understated.
  • A high-grade tungsten promise ring will be both incredibly durable and stylish, and that is exactly what this option provides. A black band with a raised center and beveling on the sides is unique, yet still subtle enough to wear with anything.

Promise Rings for Women

Women have a huge selection of promise rings with delicate band work, gemstones, and unique features to choose from. You are guaranteed to find the perfect ring for your sweetheart no matter what her personal style is.

For the Woman With a Big Heart

If your lovely lady leads with her heart and has so much love to give to the world, get her a promise ring that reflects that amazing quality. Promise rings that feature hearts are popular and beautiful; the woman that you love will only love you more once she sees it.

  • For the couple whose two hearts beat as one, a promise ring featuring two heart-shaped gemstones is the right choice. You choose the gemstones and have your names engraved on the outer band while the inner band displays your personal message to her.
  • Some women enjoy rings that make a statement and grab the attention of others, and this ring will do the job. Inside of a jeweled heart and gem-inlaid band, two gemstones rest to symbolize the two of you. You can have your names engraved outside with a message on the inner band.
  • If your promise to her is that you will love her forever, this two stone infinity hearts ring relays your intentions without having to say anything, though you can have a message etched into the inner band.

For the Woman Who Stands Out

Your partner is truly unique; her style and personality stand out from the rest of the crowd, and her promise ring should fit in even if she doesn’t. These rings are sure to match her special qualities.

  • An Irish Claddaugh promise ring is standard enough, but this has a unique feature – a prominent gemstone heart in the middle. The Irish claddagh represents love, loyalty, and friendship. Every healthy relationship should have all three elements, and this is what you promise to her.
  • If you want to say everything that has been covered all in one ring, this could be the perfect choice for your partner. It features two gemstones, two name engravings, an engraving on the inner band, and an infinity symbol in between those stones. It’s everything she could want with a unique design.

For the Simple Woman

Some women also enjoy a more subtle ring that goes with everything and reminds them of your love without being too flashy. Though these promise rings are often hard to find in the women’s section, they do exist!

  • This one stone promise ring features a silver heart on the thin band that she can wear for any occasion and be reminded of your love. It’s elegant, understated, and beautiful. Though the band is thinner than others, a message can still be engraved inside.
  • If she prefers jewelry to be even more understated than already mentioned, this thin silver band with one gemstone inlaid is more suited to her style. Two names can be engraved beside this stone to symbolize your relationship.
  • Perhaps the most subtle promise ring that you could possibly get is one with a plain rose gold band. If you so choose, you can have a name engraved on the outside, but your message can be engraved on the inner band for a more minimalistic look.

When should I get a promise ring?

There is no definite answer to when you should gift your significant other with a promise ring.

The time is right when you are ready to commit to a long term relationship and you believe that they are, as well.

Remember: every couple is different and every couple celebrates milestones on their own timeline. Just listen to what your heart is telling you and present a promise ring when you feel that you should.

If you still need a more accurate estimate for reassurance, give your partner a promise ring when you decide that you want to marry them, but you aren’t ready for a formal engagement yet.

This should be when you two have had time to think about the future together, and it would be a great time to give a promise ring after you two have lived together for a while.

Just be sure that you go into doing this with solid intentions and that you only give someone a promise ring when you are sure that you want to move forward one day to marriage. When you know, you know.

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