Do Guys Wear Engagement Rings? ( Find Out Here )

Do Guys Wear Engagement Rings? ( Find Out Here )


Centuries of tradition have dictated that women wear engagement rings as a symbol of commitment to their future husbands. Even in the 21st century, it is expected in many cultures that a man proposes and gives his significant other a ring.

However, more and more people are moving away from these traditions as cultural norms change. In our ever-evolving society, people are choosing to make their own paths. The question remains – does a guy get to wear an engagement ring now, too?

Today, let’s talk about that using the history of the engagement tradition and what men choose to do in the modern era.

The History of Engagement Rings

As you know by now, engagement rings were not typically worn by men in the past. They were, however, worn by women all over the world. Why is that? Well, the idea of engagements or “betrothals” and weddings were a bit different in past centuries.

There are a few reasons that people were married long ago that are a pretty big deviation from why people get down on one knee today. Nobles and royals arranged marriages for their children in order to unite kingdoms.

Young girls and women were pledged to men in exchange for money or livestock. Some married to keep their bloodlines “pure,” betrothing cousins to each other to produce children. Kings would often take several wives in order to have many children and for status.

Marriage was more about ownership than it was about emotion, with the exception of some cultures. Engagement rings were a mark of “belonging” to someone else. Some of these practices are still relatively common in parts of the world. Most people now, however, marry for love. Thus the original meaning of the engagement ring has changed.

 Now, it is a symbol of the love and commitment that a person has for their beloved. It’s a promise to tie their heart to another forever.

Why Men Choose Engagement Rings Now

Because the meaning of engagement rings has changed so much, many men now have decided to wear them, too. There are several personal reasons why they choose to do so, but some common explanations are:

  • Women are proposing to men now, too. Traditional gender roles have changed, and now it is seen as a display of love for a woman to propose to a man as well.
  • Some men marry other men. In this case, engagement rings are still given because of the meaning instead of the tradition.
  • Many couples see the original meaning of the engagement ring as regressive, so they both wear rings for solidarity; in a sense, these rings still signify that you are “taken,” and both parties wearing one ensures that equal respect is present in the relationship.

Whether or not you choose to wear an engagement ring is entirely up to you and your beliefs. As long as your spouse-to-be is happy, you should be happy, too! For those men who would like to get on board with the new trend, there are plenty of engagement rings to choose from.

Let’s talk about what you can expect from the average men’s engagement ring and where you can find some.

Men’s Engagement Rings – What You Can Expect

Since the trend of men wearing engagement rings is relatively new, most do not know what to expect one to look like. Women’s rings are usually made of small gems encircling a centerpiece, often a diamond.

They catch the eye of those around them; though some women choose more modest or alternative rings, you still likely picture one type in your mind.

If you decide that a ring like that is okay with you, go for it! Most men, though, prefer something more understated. Subtlety and minimalism are considered most fitting for masculine style, and that is what men’s engagement rings typically go for.

You can generally expect:

  • A plain band made of either metal or another sturdy substance
  • Dark colors (black, blue, dull grey/silver)
  • Wood or colored inlays for style
  • One gem if there are any at all
  • Occasionally an engraving either inside or outside of the band

This is what most men want in an engagement ring. Sound like just what you needed? There are plenty of options out there for you!

Men’s Engagement Rings for Sale

If you are a man in the market for an engagement ring, you should start your search with some of the examples you are about to see. Even if what is shown doesn’t reflect what you want, the rings can give you an idea of where you should look and what you might be looking for.

  • Men who enjoy the outdoors or just want a more natural masculine touch should check out this engagement ring with a wood inlay! It’s minimalistic but still elevated by that small touch. The contrast of colors fits right in with modern style while being understated enough for men of any age. For more pricing information, click on this link.
  • Tungsten is a great metal for the man who needs a ring that can hold up under pressure. It is sturdy and reliable; that is why a black tungsten engagement ring would be a great choice for you. It can withstand all types of manual labor without a scratch, and it looks classy in all situations. For more pricing information, click on this link.
  • For the man who stays grounded but reaches for the stars, a gold engagement ring inlaid with both wood and meteorite is the perfect fit. Every time you look at your finger, you are reminded of both the promise you made to your sweetheart and how wonderful and how awesome our universe can be. For more pricing information, click on this link.
  • Even pro surfers need an engagement ring that puts them in their element. This tungsten ring with abalone shell inlay reflects your love for the ocean and the wonderful life you share with your biggest fan! It’s a wonderful way to add a little color in your wardrobe without being gaudy or standing out much more than you might want to. For more pricing information, click on this link.
  • Some men like a little bit of texture when it comes to their jewelry. A beveled engagement ring is great to incorporate that unique interest in your everyday life. The contrast between the plain black band and the silver hammered piece around it looks elegant yet still masculine. The ring is made from titanium, so even the roughest activities won’t ruin it! For more pricing information, click on this link.

Keep in mind that all of these rings can be engraved with a special message of your choosing as long as it stays at 20 characters or less. For ideas on what you could have engraved on your engagement ring, check out this article!

  • Some engagement rings are incredibly unique just like the man who wants an alternative to traditional styles. This ring is decorated with a mountain landscape on the outer band. It brings that “Lord of the Rings” feel to the forefront, looking rugged and still beautiful. For more pricing information, click on this link.
  • Are you the type of guy who prefers a bolder statement in your jewelry? You have options, too! For example, this vintage Ottoman ring with a lapis lazuli inlay is sure to be noticed and admired by everyone who sees it. For more pricing information, click on this link.
  • Maybe you are more of a simple kind of man. There’s nothing wrong with that; most of these rings just may not be your style. In that case, take a look at this plain silver band with wood from a bourbon barrel on the inside. It’s classy and perfect for a man who just wants a ring without all the bells and whistles. For more pricing information, click on this link.
  • Finally, we come to a ring meant for the man who isn’t afraid of a little bling! This engagement ring inlaid with an emerald gemstone is flashy but not gaudy. It still goes with any outfit, but it adds that touch of shine and color that most masculine rings don’t seem to have. For more pricing information, click on this link.

No matter what type of man you are, there is an engagement ring for you that gives you everything you need.

Women enjoy mutual signs of commitment from their partners; wearing a ring as she does is the perfect way to show her that you care. This extra gesture is sure to sweep her off her feet!

For women looking for the best ring for their sweetheart, any of these are sure to mean the world to him. Romantic gestures are always appreciated, even if the man in your life is a bit more stoic than most.

Remember, rings are just symbols of love and a promise to love and cherish another person “until death do you part.” What you pick does not matter as much as the gesture.

Don’t agonize! Go with what your heart tells you is right. Rings are important, but your love is worth so much more.

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