Is Tungsten a Good Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands?

Is Tungsten a Good Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands?

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Finding the right wedding band for you is about more than just the way it looks. If you want something that will last for a long time, you have to take into consideration the type of metal the band is made of!

Men especially often look for rings that are durable and practical due to the nature of their work.

One of the more popular metals for men’s wedding bands on the market is tungsten. What men want to know is, “Is tungsten going to hold up through work and other activities?”

The short answer? Yes. Today, we are going to talk more in-depth about what makes tungsten a good metal for men’s wedding bands and give you some examples of these bands so you can skip the hassle of scouring the internet for the perfect ring for your lifestyle!

What is Tungsten?

Most people know what gold and silver are, but fewer know exactly what tungsten is. You may be surprised to know that it is, at its base, a chemical element just like the other two! In this form, it is called wolfram. However, that is not exactly what your jewelry will be made of.

Jewelry made of this element is known as tungsten carbide. Instead of being in its pure form, the metal is compounded instead; this means that it is combined with equal amounts of carbon. This makes it easier to work with while still maintaining some of the properties of its pure state. It is usually combined with nickel or another binding metal when being made into a ring.

What Makes Tungsten a Good Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands?

You know that you have been told tungsten is a great metal for men’s wedding bands and other jewelry in general; what you do not know is why. Well, there are a few factors and properties that set this material apart from others like gold or sterling silver.

These factors are:

  • A high tensile strength. Many men who work with their hands all day will reap the benefit of a wedding band make of tungsten because it is incredibly difficult to break. It can withstand a lot of tension and pressure and hold its shape. Other rings may not be so lucky.
  • A high melting point. While this property of tungsten is not entirely important to the ring buying process because few people can get the metal hot enough, it is always good to know that your tungsten wedding band could survive a fire in many circumstances. It can withstand over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit!
  • Resistance to scratching. Tungsten is the most resistant to scratching compared to other metals like titanium or gold. This is great news for people who are particularly clumsy or work without gloves! Tungsten wedding bands will still look shiny and new after a week of hard work; no one likes the look of a dingy, banged up ring. You don’t even have to worry about it when you get a wedding band made of this material.


  • Resistance to corrosion. All things degrade over time, but some do so faster than others. Tungsten rings offer you more time before they start to degrade due to moisture or heavy use. You probably do not have time to fuss over ring repair, so get a wedding band that you can trust without worrying about that!

While these all sound fantastic, there are still some downsides about tungsten jewelry to know before you make your final decision. Let’s discuss that.

The Cons of Buying Tungsten Men’s Wedding Bands

As is true with any other decision in life, you have to carefully weigh the pros and cons before jumping in with both feet. While there are some compelling reasons to get a tungsten wedding band, some other properties of the metal may be enough to change your mind. These are:

  • Being slightly brittle. While tungsten has high tensile strength, too much pressure will break the ring into pieces instead of just bending it as the same pressure applied to other metals would. This makes it harder to repair smoothly. You may very well need to buy another ring altogether if yours breaks.
  • Moderate heat and electrical conductivity. If you are an electrician or you work with hot materials, you may want to stay away from tungsten rings. You can get burned a lot more quickly than you may think if you are not wearing protective gear. While you want your wedding day to be in your heart forever, you certainly do not need the reminder branded on your finger.
  • The styles are limited. Because tungsten jewelry is not very malleable, you end up with rings that are smooth and sleek. Most people like that, but some men want a little texture on their wedding bands. If that sounds like something you want, you are better off picking out another material.
  • Tungsten rings can’t be resized. It happens; when you get married, you may gain a little weight everywhere, and your ring will no longer fit. Instead of being able to just add a little room on the band, you will be stuck with a ring that you can’t even put on.

Tungsten vs. Other Metals

The pros and cons of buying a tungsten ring are great to hear, but it is always better to compare it to other metals for a real sense of what you are dealing with. Here are some side-by-side comparisons based on a couple of the different properties of metal for men’s wedding bands:

Resistance to Scratching

If keeping your wedding band free of marks is important to you, knowing how tungsten holds up against scratches compared with other metals is crucial. According to Larson Jewelers, this is how resistant the different metals for jewelry are against scratches:


Malleability is defined as the ability of a metal to be reshaped by using pressure or beating. Below are some of the metals used in jewelry and how easily they can be reshaped in order from easiest to hardest:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten

As you can see, the malleability of these metals seems to correlate with how difficult they are to mark.

As you already know, tungsten has the highest tensile strength of other metals. In almost every other way, it is the strongest as well. If that is the ultimate deciding factor of whether or not you should buy a tungsten wedding band, the choice becomes easy!

Tungsten Men’s Wedding Bands and Where to Find Them

So, if you have made the choice to buy a tungsten wedding band, you are going to need examples of these high-quality rings and where to find them. Let’s kick off your search with some awesome tungsten rings on the market!

  • If you prefer dark items of clothing and jewelry, you will be sure to love this black tungsten wedding band. It offers a sleek design with a raised center for a little extra touch of style. You can have it engraved with any message you want, provided that it fits within 20 characters. Get it for $49.99.
  • For a more unique men’s wedding band, you should consider a tungsten ring with a wood inlay! This is a smart choice for outdoorsmen, as you get a taste of what you like to do best no matter where you are. For couples who both enjoy the outdoors, this is even more special. Get it for $34.99.
  • Some men like a little bit of bling on their ring. If that is your preferred style, this tungsten wedding band with a simple diamond inlay will dazzle you. The band is rounded for your comfort, too! Depending on sales, you can get it for anywhere between $280-$400.
  • If you are really in a bind when it comes to cash but you do not want to skip out on buying a wedding band, this tungsten ring from Amazon will do in a pinch! You do not have to have a lot of disposable income to show your spouse how proud you are to be theirs forever. Almost 1,500 people have been singing its praises, and the band only costs around $16 before shipping!
  • Another affordable quality tungsten wedding band from Amazon is this choice with a silver finish! Many men prefer silver to any other color because it goes with everything and it is not too flashy or gaudy. You will only be paying about $20 for it before shipping, so what’s not to love?

To sum up, tungsten is an excellent choice of metal for a men’s wedding band. It is durable, scratch-resistant, and elegant without being over-the-top.

If you work with your hands or you just need something that will stand the test of time, a tungsten ring would be the perfect fit for you. Check out some of the rings provided and get the buying over with! After all, you have about a million other things to do before your vows are said.

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