Do Guys Wear Wedding Rings Before Marriage

Do Guys Wear Wedding Rings Before Marriage

As most people know, women traditionally have worn rings to signify their commitment to their significant other far before their wedding actually rolls around.

These are called engagement rings, and a wedding band is added on the finger at the actual ceremony. It has become expected of them because they have done so for ages.

However, it is rare that you see a man sport his ring before he says, “I do.” We know the rules for the opposite sex, but can guys actually wear their wedding rings before marriage, or is it frowned upon?

So can guys wear wedding bands before marriage?

The answer is guys can wear wedding bands before marriage. At that point it is more like an engagement ring or promise ring. If a guy wears a ring before marriage is a personal choice of course and is not traditionally done.

The Traditional Custom for Men’s Wedding Rings

The tradition of wearing wedding rings for men, at least in the United States, really took off during World War II. Married men used their wedding bands to remind them of their beloved spouses even in the heat of battle. Romantic, right?

However, these were only worn after marriage. Most men, up until that point, did not often wear wedding rings at all. Women had been wearing engagement or wedding rings for centuries before that.

This likely stems back to the fact that women were often seen as property, the ring being a symbol of having been taken.

Modern Customs for Men’s Wedding Rings

Now that we have left most of those traditions and symbols in the past, what do men do in the 21st century? Well, they do a wide range of things when it comes to when and how they wear their wedding bands or rings.

  • Most men still opt to wait until after their vows are said to wear their wedding rings. Centuries ago, men adorned themselves with all kinds of jewelry if they were wealthy enough, but modern men tend to keep it simple. Many do not like to attract attention to themselves or wear shiny things like jewelry.
  • Some men are now choosing to get their own engagement/wedding rings or exchange them with their significant other. This is because they want to match the level of commitment that has been shown to them by their sweethearts! Many are proud to be taken by the one that they love and want to show the world just as most women do.
  • Fewer men get promise rings, but it is still a growing trend in the modern era. This is more of a pre-engagement ring that is usually given to women as a promise to “go steady” or be exclusive.
  • Many couples have started a trend of foregoing rings altogether, finding it to be an outdated custom that indicates being owned. In that case, the man would never wear a wedding ring at all and the woman in the partnership would do the same. Some feel that it is equal and a symbol of unconditional trust.

Wedding Rings for Men

Whether you would like to wear your wedding ring before or after your ceremony, there are a few rings that you can choose from as a symbol of love and commitment to your partner. There is a ring out there to match every man’s style and preference, and you may find yours here!

Silver Wedding Rings

Silver wedding bands are classic and timeless. Both men and women find this to be a popular choice of material or color when buying their wedding rings and bands. If that sounds like your style, check these out:

  • If your taste is simple and to the point, this brushed beveled men’s ring would be a good fit for you. While it is actually made of stainless steel, the color is decidedly silver and not too shiny. You can have both the inner and outer band engraved to reflect how you feel about your sweetheart if you wish! It costs $24.99.
  • Color contrast on a wedding ring elevates the level of elegance and class that you exude when you wear it. This silver and black men’s ring is no exception. Both of these colors go well with any outfit if that is something you care about. It can also be engraved and costs $24.99.

Gold Wedding Rings

Gold may be a less popular choice for some, but others can’t seem to get enough! After all, gold is a symbol of wealth and it’s shiny, to boot. However, these golden-colored men’s wedding rings won’t break the bank.

  • Maybe you are a guy that prefers gold to silver but still want to keep your wedding ring simple. That’s no problem! This brushed gold ring is the perfect addition to your finger. It is classic with a thicker band, and it only costs $24.99.
  • Sometimes a man prefers a little bit of both silver and gold on his jewelry, and you can get it without paying an arm and a leg! This ring is a bit shinier than most and it gives off the appearance of high-end brand jewelry while only costing you $24.99.

Non-Traditional Wedding Rings

Plain old wedding bands might not suit just any man. That is why there are more unique ones to get! Everyone is different, and you deserve something that reflects who you are. Take a look at some of these wedding rings for men if you are tired of the traditional and plain market.

  • A wedding band with a wooden inlay is perfect for any outdoorsman who will be tying the knot soon! It is still classy and subtle while adding a unique and personal flavor to your look. The inside of the band can be engraved with whatever you want, whether it is a message of love or the date that you promised to belong to your partner forever. Get it for $24.99.
  • Adding a pattern to a man’s wedding band is not always easy. Women’s rings have all sorts of designs, but their counterparts are plain. One solution to this is hammering the band. It adds texture and style that you won’t see on many other wedding rings. Get it for $34.99.
  • If you are the religious type (Christian specifically), then you might consider getting a wedding band that reflects your commitment not only to your spouse but also to God. In that case, you can get a wedding band adorned with crosses. For the engraving on the inner band, you could put a Bible verse to remind you to keep your marriage centered around faith, worship, and love.

A Permanent Wedding Ring

Perhaps the most unorthodox wedding ring of all is one that can never be removed. In recent years, more and more couples have opted to have their rings inked on. That’s right; a tattoo artist can give you a ring that will last a lifetime! Whether or not you believe it is an intelligent idea, more people are doing it all the time.

It brings a whole new meaning to “engraving,” doesn’t it? You might want to get this done after the vows are said and the license is signed, by the way. You never know what might happen between now and then! 

Engraving Ideas for Men’s Wedding Rings

If you choose to get a men’s wedding ring/band that can be engraved, the next step is to know what to put on it. Here are just a few ideas to get you started for whenever you do decide to wear your wedding ring:

  • “I do.” Short, sweet, and to the point. It can mean anything. For example, “I do promise to love and cherish you” or “I do want you forever.” It is a nice take on the classic wedding vows that many couples know so well.
  • The date of your marriage, first date, or first kiss. Any of these dates are special and intimate to both you and your beloved. Getting your wedding band engraved with these special moments is sure to touch their heart.
  • A part of your wedding vows. Of course, your message can’t be too long because there is only so much space on a wedding band for an engraving, but something to remind you of the promises you made to your honey will make any day sweet.
  • “To have and to hold.” This is another part of sweet and classic wedding vows that many people still include in their promises today. This is particularly relevant if you are a couple that can’t seem to keep your hands off of each other whether you are holding hands, hugging, or just casually touching.

In conclusion, men can wear their wedding rings whenever they choose! You can stick with tradition or shake it up. Whatever this means to you are your partner as a symbol of love and exclusivity, you two are the ones who get to decide when or how you both wear your wedding rings. Don’t let stuffy old customs determine what you do today. Every couple is different, and that is what makes us so special.

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