What is the Average Size For Men’s and Women's Rings

What is the Average Size For Men’s and Women's Rings

When it comes to buying jewelry, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. Your body will not be exactly the same size as the next person’s, so you have to be sure that your ring fits your own finger. What fits someone else may not fit you.

Trying to find the right ring size can be confusing, but fortunately for you, you can use the average ring size of your sex as a starting point! Today, we are going to discuss the average ring size of both sexes and how you can measure your finger to check for your own.

What is the average men’s ring size?

In the United States, the average men’s ring size is a 10, which is about 19.8 millimeters in diameter. However, not all countries use the same sizing system. If you purchase from somewhere like the United Kingdom, you will have to reference a size conversion chart instead.

  • S. ring size 10 to Australia and United Kingdom: T ½. These two countries use letters to measure ring sizes instead of numbers as we do.
  • S. ring size 10 to Germany and Japan: 20. For each ring size in the U.S., German ring sizes increase by 10. For instance, a ring size of 8 is converted to 18. In Japan, this is just a lucky coincidence, but their measuring system follows a different rule. U.S. ring sizes are simply doubled.

Some countries may not carry all of the ring sizes that are available in the United States. This could be due to biological differences in separate regions or difficulty of conversion.

While the average men’s ring size is a 10, the most common ring sizes are 8-12.

What is the average women’s ring size?

As you can imagine, the average woman has smaller fingers than a man does. That being said, the average size of a woman’s ring in the United States is a 7, which translates to 17.2 millimeters in diameter. As is true for men’s ring sizes, separate countries have other ways of measuring their rings. This is true for women’s ring sizes as well.

  • S. ring size 7 to Australia and United Kingdom: O. This lettering system starts with A and actually goes beyond a Z for ring sizes that may not be available in the United States.
  • S. ring size 7 to Germany: 17. Again, the ring size increases by 10. The rule is the same for both sexes.
  • S. ring size 7 to Japan: 14. Japan doubles ring sizes instead of just increasing them by 10 each time.

While the average ring size for a woman is a 7, the most common sizes are 5-8.

What are the factors that affect ring size in men and women?

Several factors can affect the ring size that fits you best. After all, everyone is different and those differences affect how anything fits us.

  • Your height. Height groups tend to have near the same ring sizes. For instance, the women’s average ring size is based on the average height of a woman, which is 5 feet and 4 inches.
  • Your weight. Your fat content and weight will affect the size of your fingers just as it does the size of your stomach, arms, and legs. Thin people tend to have thin fingers, and larger people tend to have thicker fingers. However, this is not always the rule. All bodies are different!
  • The weather. It can be difficult to accurately size a ring sometimes because our fingers change with the humidity and temperature of the climate we are in. When it is cold outside, your fingers tend to shrink and when it’s hot, our fingers swell.
  • The time of day. Throughout the day, our fingers fluctuate in size, though not drastically. Keep this in mind when measuring for ring size. You should measure multiple times throughout the day to get the best average for your needs.

How do you measure for ring size?

While men and women have different average ring sizes, the method for measuring your finger to find yours is the same regardless of sex. For those of you who don’t already know how to do this, take a look at the instructions below for clarity.

  • Wrap a piece of string or paper around the base of your finger. Mark with a pen where the ends meet and measure the string or paper with a ruler (millimeters.) Use a ring size chart to determine which size is closest to what you need.
  • If you already have a ring that fits but you forgot the size, get a ring chart and place your ring over the circles until you find the one that matches. (See link above for sizing chart.)

What are some tips for getting the right ring size?

If measuring your finger still left you confused about the right ring size for you, there are extra measures you can take to ensure that you get the best fit for you.

  • Have your finger sized by a professional jeweler. Once they measure your finger, they can accurately estimate what you will need and give you advice as to which size you should choose.
  • If you are somewhere in between sizes and there are no half sizes, order the next size up. Most rings can be resized to fit you if they are larger, but rings that are too snug are tricky to fix.
  • If a ring is snug, that is okay. Rings should fit tightly enough to not slip off of your finger. However, if the ring feels uncomfortable, it’s probably too tight.
  • Measure your finger several times throughout the day to ensure the most accurate result. Use your averages to choose the ring size.

How do you find the right ring size for someone else?

If you are purchasing a ring for a loved one, finding the right size becomes a bit more difficult. If you are getting it as a surprise (i.e. engagement ring, promise ring, anniversary jewelry) then you have to be a tad sneakier. Here’s how to find the right ring size for that special someone:

  • If the ring isn’t to be a surprise, just ask them. In many cases, your partner or loved one will know their own size. This is just the easiest way to go about it. Make sure you confide in someone that you trust to keep a secret, though! You would not want your surprise ruined by an overexcited mother.
  • If your partner does not know their ring size, measure it with them. This will help you remember what the right size is later and you can help them measure accurately based on what you’ve learned.
  • Grab a ring from their jewelry collection and size it yourself. You can use the ring size chart mentioned earlier or take it to a jeweler for an assessment. Choose one that they like but don’t wear all the time so they do not realize it’s missing.
  • Ask another person close to your loved one what their ring size may be. If your girlfriend or fiance has a best friend, they will likely know what their size is. Ring fantasies are often discussed between women just in case their partner comes for advice. It is worth trying in the case of a man and his friends as well! They may know from other discussions.
  • Estimate based on your partner’s body measurements. This is a riskier and less accurate way of measuring, but it can be used as a last-ditch effort. Don’t worry; most jewelers allow you to exchange a ring within 30 days. Estimate based on weight, height, and the appearance of your partner’s fingers as was discussed earlier. A 5’4” woman of average weight will likely have a ring size of 6 or 7.

What do you do if the ring doesn’t fit?

If you buy your ring and it does not fit you or your partner as well as you’d like, keep wearing it for a few days. You may find that your fingers were just temporarily swollen and your ring fits normally once it subsides. After that, you can usually have it resized or you can return it.

Not all jewelers have the same policies when it comes to returns, so be sure to ask or research them ahead of time. Don’t get stuck with a potentially expensive ring if you aren’t 100% sure that it will fit you.

The average ring sizes of both sexes depend on several factors. Use what you know about these factors and average sizes to estimate what you will need! Always remember to measure and try on rings that you feel should fit before you buy if possible. Remember, there is a world of possibilities in the world of jewelry. Chances are that you will eventually find a ring that fits perfectly. Use these tips and averages; don’t give up.

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