5 Reasons personalized jewelry is a great mother’s day gift

5 Reasons personalized jewelry is a great mother’s day gift

5 Reasons personalized jewelry is a great mother’s day gift

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Mother’s day is quickly approaching and no matter if it is your mom, wife or grandmother, it is important to show her that you understand just how important she is. So, how do you do that? We’ll one of the best ways is to get a personalized gift that says you have put thought and effort into her.  


  1. 1. Sentimental value- How does the saying go? “Don’t mess with a mother bear”? Nothing in this world means more to your wife or mom than her family and birthstones representing the births of those children are sure to be dear to her heart.


  1. 2. Personal – Do you remember looking through those baby name books or commemorating a family member by giving your child their name? Most mothers’ jewelry can have custom engraved names. What is more personal than a name? Names define you and will always be a part of who you are. (Some personalized companies will even let you add an extra inner ring engraving for free. One of those is Thinkengraved.com)  Check out this article – What’s in a person's name



  1. 3. Timeless – What’s the one thing that is tough enough to stand against time but still be as beautiful as when it was made? Most would agree that jewelry being made of metal and gems holds up against time better the other materials made of degradable materials. Jewelry has been passed down in families as far back as written history and probably before. Personalized mothers rings, mothers necklaces etc. make for a physical heirloom of names and memories.


  1. 4. Value – What is the one resource that has been valuable since the dawn of humans? It’s a fact that precious metals such as silver and gold have only become more valuable with time. In today’s market, with so much competition, it is more affordable than ever to get jewelry made with these precious metals. As an added bonus they stay beautiful forever.


  1. 5. Uniqueness – How do you get something unique? Well, add all of the reasons above together and you get a unique gift that was created just for the one you love. The combination of ring style, birth months and engravings means there will probably not be another one just like it.


There you have it, 5 of the top reasons why personalized jewelry is the way to go on mother’s day.  You could probably come up with even more reasons and I would to hear them. You can comment on this post or simply send me an e-mail at admin@thinkengraved.com.


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