Mother’s Ring Engraving Ideas And Inspiration For You

Mother’s Ring Engraving Ideas And Inspiration For You

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Mothers are some of the most important people on the planet! After all, without them, none of us would be here today.

It is vital that we show the mothers in our lives how special they are and how much we appreciate them. That is where mother’s rings come in handy!

The gift of a mother’s ring is already fantastic, but it would brighten her day even more if you did something to make your gift personal and heartfelt.

How do you do that? With a message engraved on the band. These rings come with your choice of words and occasionally some birthstones for added style!

There are plenty of sweet, heartfelt things that you can have engraved on the band of a mother’s ring. If you do not know where to get started, look here for some stellar ideas. No matter what type of mother she is, there is something here that will fit her perfectly.

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General Mother’s Ring Engraving Ideas

Some of the most popular engraved messages on mother’s rings are pretty general and universal. That does not make them any less special, though! Each message still adds that personal touch depending on your circumstances.

  • The birth date(s) of her child or children.
Some of the best days of a mother’s life are the dates her children were born. Your whole world shifts and your heart seems to grow more full than you ever thought it could be. This engraving idea is perfect for reminding the mother in your life of how those days made her a better and happier person.
  • The name(s) of her child/children.
Mothers and fathers painstakingly pore over baby books and search online for the perfect name for their child. Since she went through so much trouble to name her children, it is only appropriate to have their names with her everywhere she goes.
  • The time that her child was born.

The second that your baby comes into the world, life gets a lot crazier but also a lot better. Every time this mama takes off her ring or looks down at her finger, she remembers the moment that she fell in love with her little bundle of joy.

 we love you mom mothers ring

  • “I love you, Mom.”
While this is a very common engraving idea, a mother never gets tired of knowing that her child looks up to her and loves her. It’s simple but effective, and it will surely melt her heart!

Short and Sweet Mother’s Ring Engraving Ideas

You do not have too much room for your message on the mother’s ring you got, but you still want it to be meaningful. No worries! Here are some short ideas that still convey every ounce of the love and appreciation you have for this mom.

  • “I love you as much.”
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this phrase, it comes from a children’s book that mothers often read. Each page is filled with pictures of baby animals with their mothers and sayings like, “I love you as much as the ocean is deep. I love you as much as a mountain is steep.” If your mother read this to you as a child, giving her this memory back is an amazing gift! Find the book here.
  • “To the moon and back.”

The full phrase is, “I love you to the moon and back,” something your mother may have said to you regularly growing up. It just means that she loves you unfathomably much and that her love for you stretches through any distance.

to the moon mothers ring

  • “Best mom ever!”
This gets right to the point and will brighten this mother’s day. Of course, everyone feels like their mom is the best mom, but that does not stop any mother from feeling honored when their child gives them this message.
  • “Thanks for loving me.”
Mothers love their children unconditionally, even when it gets difficult. We may disappoint our moms at times, but they hold onto us and believe in us when no one else will. That deserves a world of gratitude, as a mother’s love can keep all of us going when everything else is falling apart.
  • “You are my rock.”
Mothers are also often our only source of strength when we feel weak. How many times has your own mother held you when you cried and let you know that in the end, everything would turn out okay? Too often in the case of every single child, I think. Let her know that you really appreciated all those times when she weathered the storm for you and stood firm when you were shaky.
  • “Love you forever.”
This is based on the book by the same name. The basic premise is that a little boy grows up hearing his mother say to him, “I’ll love you forever. I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” No matter what he does, she loves him fiercely. One day when the mother gets old and the boy grows up, he says this back to her and takes care of her. If that’s how you feel about the mom in your life, give this tear-jerker of a message to her. Find the book here.

Funny Mother’s Ring Engraving Ideas

Maybe you and your mom like to goof off together. You love each other a lot, but you don’t want to take your message to the more serious side because that just is not how your relationship works! That is perfectly fine because there are funny engraving ideas that will make her laugh and remember the good times you spent together.

  • An inside joke.
Living with someone for at least 18 years of your life, you develop a lot of little inside jokes that make you giggle even when they seem to make absolutely no sense! Whatever sends your mom into hysterics, have it engraved on the ring so she can look back and laugh whenever she is having a not-so-great day.
  • “Your favorite child.”
Sibling rivalry is almost always present in bigger families. There are always jokes about who is secretly adopted and who is the favorite child. This ring will definitely solidify your position in first place!
  • “Even when you’re old.”

If your mother isn’t one to be especially sensitive about her age, this could be a funny little gift for her! It reminds her that even when she is old and wrinkly, you will still love her and take care of her. It’s a really heartfelt message in a hilarious package.

engraved mothers ring

Music Inspired Mother’s Ring Engraving Ideas

If your mother sang lullabies to you before bed as a child, she might love these engraving ideas! Even if she just happens to appreciate music, she will be sure to enjoy any of these messages that you could put on the band of her ring.

  • “Baby mine.”
Anyone who has watched the classic Disney film “Dumbo” knows that heartwrenching scene where the mother sings to her sweet little baby. Many mothers adopted this as a lullaby for their children, and it never fails to remind them how precious her children can be. You can also substitute it for “mother mine” if you so choose.
  • “You are my sunshine.”
Just as you were the bright spot in your mother’s world, she can be the sunshine of your life, too. It comes from the beautiful song that goes, “You are my sunshine/My only sunshine/You make me happy when skies are grey.”
  • “A bushel and a peck.”
This song is originally from the musical “Guys and Dolls” and it goes, “I love you a bushel and a peck/A bushel and a peck/And a hug around the neck.” It translates to, “I love you a whole lot,” and it’s perfect for your mother’s ring!

Religious Mother’s Ring Engraving Ideas

If your mother is a religious woman, she will especially appreciate a message that reflects her love for her god and for you! Here are just a few ideas that come from scriptures about motherhood and love in the Bible:

  • “For this child, I have prayed.”
This comes from the verse 1 Samuel 1:27-28 that says, “For this child, I have prayed and the Lord has granted me what I have asked of him.” This is an important quote for those mothers who have had a long journey trying to get pregnant. It can seem like an absolute miracle when you have tried for so long and finally get what you longed for! If you need to shorten the engraving, you could even just use the name of the verse instead.
  • “Proverbs 23:22-25.”
The quote is a bit too long for most engravings, but it says, “Let your father and mother be glad; let she who bore you rejoice.” Rejoice she did when she held you in her arms for the first time!
  • “Proverbs 31:28-31.”
This Bible scripture says, “Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: ‘Many women have done excellently, but you have surpassed them all.” This is a great way to tell the religious mother in your life that she is the best mom around.
  • “No greater joy.”
This comes from the verse 3 John 1:4. It says, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” If you are also a religious person, this is a great gift to remind your mother that she trained you to do what is right according to your faith.

Where to Get a Mother’s Ring

Now you have a lot of great ideas on what you want the mother’s ring you get to say, but you want to find a ring that is perfect for the mother you are gifting it to. You do not have to agonize over where to go because you have a guide right here on where the best mother’s rings can be found!

Sterling Silver Mother’s Rings

Sterling silver is a tough material, perfect for mothers who work with their hands. It is a durable material, and it goes with every outfit imaginable!

  • This mother’s ring from Think Engraved features the infinity symbol, two birthstones, and an engraving inside the band. This is a great way to tell mom that your love for her lasts until the end of time! The birthstones can be for multiple children or for her and one child. It is priced at $44.99, making it affordable without sacrificing the quality.
  • For mothers with bigger families, this four stone vintage-style ring is a perfect match! It comes with slots for four names, four birthstones, and an engraving inside the band. This mother’s ring is also a wonderful choice for a family with two children. All of the names could be included together! This choice goes for $59.99.
  • If your family is even bigger than that, Think Engraved can accommodate you, too! This mother’s ring has six slots for names and birthstones with the option to leave an engraving inside of the band. Again, this is also perfect for families with four children as well. You can get it for $74.99, not an outrageous price to pay for all that you get!
  • A mother’s ring with a big heart stone in the middle is a surefire way to let mom know that you love her with all of yours. As a double meaning, it could be the way to convey to her that you appreciate the big heart she has and the love she shows to her children every day. It has slots for two names and an engraved message on the inside! It is simple, yet gorgeous. This ring will only cost you $44.99!

14k Gold Mother’s Rings

If your mom isn’t such a fan of silver rings, she might love these 14k gold and rose gold options!

  • Some rings are more unique and stylish than others, and that is the case with this butterfly mother’s ring! It has slots for four names, four birthstones, and an engraved message inside. This mother’s ring will surely make her stand out in a crowd without being gaudy. It is elegant and only costs $64.99.
  • Maybe the mother you are gifting this mother’s ring to is more of a minimalist. That should be no problem! This rose gold ring is sleek and stylish with slots for three names, three birthstones, and an engraving inside. It costs $54.99.
  • For a mother’s ring that is simple yet beautiful, you should check out this gold ring! It has two square birthstones, slots for two names, and an engraving inside. This ring band is thicker than others which some people prefer. It costs $59.99.
  • This elegant “infinite love” mother’s ring has a choice of one birthstone and the band spells out “mom.” There’s no mistaking who she is to you and it lets everyone know how much her children love her! You can have one message engraved on the inside of the band. It costs $44.99.

Mother’s Rings (Names Only)

Some mother’s rings only have slots for engraving the names of a mother’s children. That may be what you prefer to go with, and there are plenty of options out there to choose from!

  • These delicate name rings are sure to put a smile on your mother’s face! They are subtle and are a powerful reminder that her children are her world. This is a wildly popular choice with moms everywhere as this Etsy shop has over 50,000 reviews and is rated 5 stars out of a possible 5! There is no way you could go wrong with these $19.87 rings.
  • These name rings have the option to be inlaid with birthstones as well. This adds just an extra bit of style and flair to your mother’s ring! These are done by the Etsy shop DesignsByKaramarie starting at $44.58.
  • This three-piece set of stackable rings comes with an adorable font to add uniqueness to the mother’s rings! You choose the names and size and LetterbyLinda does the rest. This shop is rated 5 stars with over 1,000 reviews. This ring set will cost you $46.
  • These rustic stacking rings add a bit of old-world charm and ruggedness that you would not get at a big name jewelry store. You can choose the number of stackable bands that you want and JillAllenDesign will get the job done right. This mother’s ring set starts at $54.

No matter what ring and what message you choose, the mother you give this mother’s ring to is sure to love it! She loved the garden weeds that you gave her when you were five, and she will especially love this grown-up, elegant gift made just for her. Remember, show some gratitude to your mom whether it is Mother’s Day or just a regular old Tuesday. She gave you the greatest gift of all – life!

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