How much do mother's rings cost? ( A complete break down )

How much do mother's rings cost? ( A complete break down )

3 stone mothers ring

Searching for the perfect gift for the special mothers in your life. Whether they are yours, your children’s, or even the mother of a friend, you should consider giving them the gift of a mother’s ring. They are personalized and sure to leave a mark on her heart (but not her finger!)

So, how much does a mother’s ring cost?

The average cost of a sterling silver mother's ring is $30 - $90 and a gold mother's ring is $50 - $250. The cost on the low end is for basic engraved rings and the average cost on the high end is for birthstones and engraving but the prices for birthstone and engraved mother's rings average $75 for sterling silver and $160 for gold.

All are still affordable and beautiful, but you need a guide.

Here is a breakdown of the average cost of a mother’s ring.

Sterling Silver Bands Engraved - $20 - $75

14K Gold Bands Engraved - $30 - $200

With synthetic birthstones add $3 - $10 per stone

With natural stones-

Most birthstones are 1/4 carat and 1/2 carat.

Since birthstones can vary per carat and quality, we will give you the price per carat for birthstone quality or lower gems, at the time of this article.

  • January: Garnet (red) - $500 per carat
  • February: Amethyst (purple) - $1 - $5 per carat
  • March: Aquamarine (light blue) -  $5 per carat
  • April: Diamond (clear) -  $900 - $1,300 per carat
  • May: Emerald (deep green) - $40 - $60 per carat
  • June: Alexandrite (light purple) - $500 per carat
  • July: Ruby (deep red) - $50 - $150 per carat
  • August: Peridot (light green) $15 - $30 per carat
  • September: Sapphire (deep blue) - $40 - $80 per carat
  • October: Opal (multicolored) - $10 - $20 per carat
  • November: Topaz (yellow/amber) - $5 to $15 per carat
  • December: Turquoise (opaque blue) - $1 to $5 per carat

Let’s talk about

  • How mother's ring band materials affect the price
  • What features a mother’s ring can have
  • How those features affect the price
  • Where to get a mother’s ring
  • Examples of rings with different features
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    How mother's ring band materials affect the price

    The material used to create the jewelry will be the biggest factor that affects the price of the ring. Each metal has its own properties when it comes to strength, durability, and shine, and that is reflected in dollar signs.

    silver bar

    Sterling Silver

    Most companies use sterling silver to create many of their jewelry pieces. It is the most affordable for customers and the most cost-effective to produce. A sterling silver ring band can usually be found for no more than $40, though most bands by themselves cost around $30.

    Why is this the cheapest option? Because sterling silver is an alloy, not a pure metal. It is made up of mostly silver with lower levels of copper. This changes the properties of it.

    Sterling Silver Properties

    • More durable than pure or “fine” silver
    • Not easy to tarnish depending on when and how the ring is worn
    • Semi-easy to scratch

    gold bar


    When you think about gold, you probably think “expensive.” It makes sense; the price of gold fluctuates, but it has always been seen as a luxury metal sought after by kings and counts. What you are thinking of is gold in its pure state.

    Fine jewelry like mother’s rings is not made of pure gold because it is too soft. Instead, it is made of gold mixed with other metals, most often nickel, copper, or zinc.

    Most 14 karat gold bands typically cost anywhere from $50-$130. That is quite a bit more than sterling silver, but here is why.

    14K Gold Properties

    • Durable and reliable
    • Does not tarnish easily
    • Shinier and more lustrous than other metal alloys
    • Alloys allow gold to come in different colors (yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold)

    Because of these properties, gold is usually more expensive in the world of jewelry than sterling silver is.

    Features of a mother's ring that affect the price.

    There are three main features that a mother’s ring typically has, although some may not give you the option of having all three. Each adds a unique and special touch to let the mom in your life know that she is one-of-a-kind!

    engraved mothers ring

    Find this one on Etsy

    Engravings and stamping

    Engravings are personal messages etched into the surface of the jewelry that you pick out yourself. Each ring, of course, has a character limit, so you should make your message short and sweet! If you are not someone that is good with words, you can pick from a list of ideas as well to tell her how much she means to you with the words of those more poetic than you.

    Some examples of what you could have engraved on the ring are:

    • “Happy Mother’s Day!”
    • “My Mom, My Friend”
    • “Love You Forever”
    • “You give me life”
    • “You are my rock”
    • The names of her children
    • The birthdates of her children
    • A line from a lullaby she sings to her children
    • The title of a book she reads to her children

    These are just a few of the things you could consider putting on a mother’s ring, but that is just a starting point. You can also search for potential engraving ideas on the following sites:


    Natural Gemstones

    One of the more prominently used features in mother’s jewelry is gemstones. These make up a good chunk of the cost of the ring in most cases. They add just a little bit of flair without being too gaudy, making it the right choice for every outfit! Now, you can use each one in a variety of different ways, but it is important to know what your options are and what each one means first.

    Natural Gemstones as Birthstones

    Many people refer to gemstones as “birthstones” because each one has been assigned to a month in the year. The month that you were born in determines the stone that is supposed to symbolize you. Some have more than one, but the commonly accepted are these:

    • January: Garnet (red) - $500 per carat
    • February: Amethyst (purple) - $1 - $5 per carat
    • March: Aquamarine (light blue) -  $5 per carat
    • April: Diamond (clear) -  $900 - $1,300 per carat
    • May: Emerald (deep green) - $40 - $60 per carat
    • June: Alexandrite (light purple) - $500 per carat
    • July: Ruby (deep red) - $50 - $150 per carat
    • August: Peridot (light green) $15 - $30 per carat
    • September: Sapphire (deep blue) - $40 - $80 per carat
    • October: Opal (multicolored) - $10 - $20 per carat
    • November: Topaz (yellow/amber) - $5 to $15 per carat
    • December: Turquoise (opaque blue) - $10 to $20 per carat

    Using the guide, here are some ways in which to embellish your mother’s ring:

    • Choose her birthstone
    • Choose her children’s birthstones
    • Choose her favorite color
    • A combination of any of these

    No matter what direction you choose to go with it, gemstones are a stellar way to accent any mother’s ring.

    Synthetic gemstones

    Synthetic or Cubic Zircona gemstones can significantly reduce the cost of a mother's. The best part is with today's technology; synthetic stones can look even better than some of the natural gemstones used in mother's ring.  Synthetic stones will add between $3 - $ 10 per stone to the cost of a mother's ring.

    claddaugh ring

    Band design and symbols that can affect the price of a mother's ring.

    Many mother’s rings have some sort of symbol or shape to the band that gives it a more intimate meaning. The intricacy of the one you consider purchasing will, of course, affect the price just like any other feature might. Here are some examples of symbols you may see on one of these rings:

    • The Irish Claddagh. This symbol means “love, loyalty, and friendship.” A mother is often times her child’s best friend, most loyal fan, and first love. It is especially fitting if your family actually has Irish heritage!
    • The infinity symbol. Most people are familiar with it -- it looks like the number 8 on its side. What it means is “forever.” On a mother’s ring, it says without words that you will always be there for her, always love her, and always appreciate all that she has done for you.
    • The heart. Obviously, this is the most recognizable symbol of love you could give to a person. It has been used for centuries, so a mom is sure to know exactly what you mean. It is a fitting gift for someone who made your own heart, isn’t it?
    • The butterfly. Maybe the mother you are giving this ring to encourages her children to spread their wings and take in all that life has to offer. Maybe she’s just really fond of these pretty, winged insects. Either way, you can find this symbol on several different mother’s rings on the market.

    Where you buy a mother's ring will affect the price

    Several places online and in stores sell mother’s rings, but the best of the best are few. To get you started on your search for the perfect ring, I will list many different examples for sale based on their features, prices, and which mom they would be best for.

    thinkengraved logo

    ThinkEngraved.Com Examples and Prices

    For some of you terrific kids out there, you would prefer that a mother’s ring focus on a message that will last a lifetime. You want to give mom a gift she can look at every day to remember that song she used to sing to you at bedtime or of how you promise to always take care of her as she did for you.

    Think Engraved definitely has you covered in that respect as well as everything else we talked about earlier! The best part is that all of the jewelry listed is affordable for just about everyone, no matter the budget.

    Best Sellers

    These are the most popular picks on the site, according to the reviews and the number of each ring ordered.

    • 2 Stone Vintage Style Ring. If the mom you are buying for has a timeless style, this vintage ring is the perfect gift! It has two slots for names and two gemstones as well as an engraving option on the inside of the band. The ring is also silver, so it goes with any look you could think of. It has 4.8 out of 5 stars with 13 reviews! You can buy it for $54.99.
    • 3 Stone Ribbon Band Mother’s Ring. For the minimalist mommy with a car full of rascals, you can rest assured that she will absolutely fawn over this ribbon band ring. It is elegant without being flashy, and it still gives you all the space you need to engrave three names and a message inside! This mother’s ring has 4.8 stars out of 5, and it costs $49.99.
    • 2 Stone Love Always Infinity Mother’s Ring. Again we see the symbol of everlasting love, friendship, and memories. If the idea of the symbol appealed to you, but you could not quite bring yourself to picture other designs on mom’s finger, this may be more fitting for her. It does not have spots for engraving names on the outside, but you can still write a secret message to her on the inside of the band. This one is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars as well, and the price is set at $44.99.

    For Big Families

    So far, you may not have seen a single ring that has room for the whole family. Don’t fret; your wait is over! You don’t need to settle for a card or flowers, though they would be a nice addition to the present. You can finally give this mom the gift of everyone all in one place forever.

    • 5 Stone Family Tree Mother’s Ring. This one is minimalistic while still incredibly personal, as the center of each silver flower is a birthstone of your choosing. You do not have the option of an engraving on this particular piece, but the band is so beautiful that it says everything words can’t. It has 5 out of 5 stars, and you can buy it for $64.99.
    • 6 Stone In My Heart Mother’s Ring. Children take up so much room in a mother’s heart, and this is a great way of showing that. Inside the heart at the center of the ring are the birthstones made for six family members. Each space on the band has room for a name, and the inside can be engraved, too. It has 4.6 out of 5 stars, and it sells for $74.99, an extremely affordable choice for such an intricate design.
    • 8 Stone Mother’s Ring. Yeah, we can go there. Even some of the biggest families can show their mom how much she means to them in one neat little package now! The design is simple yet stunning, ready to be worn anywhere at any time. Eight birthstones and eight names can be put on the outside of the band with room left for a message inside! It has 5 out of 5 stars. Buy it for $74.99.


    Zales examples and prices

    Zales is a household name because the company is known for its wonderful craftsmanship at more affordable prices than individual high-end jewelers. You usually associate them with engagement and wedding rings, but you can find beautiful mother’s rings there, too! These will not be listed with reviews because their website is a less popular way of buying rings. Most buy in-store, so do not let the lack of feedback from others keep you from perusing what they have!


    The featured mother’s rings on their site are some of the best-selling options at Zales. Let’s see what others seem to love so much about them and why the mothers in your life might, too!

    • Diamond Accent Mom Ring. This ring is made of 10K gold, so the moms who love that shiny yellow bling will be thrilled. The list so far has been super silver oriented; this is your chance to break away from that and give someone you find more precious than gold the perfect gift. This ring was originally listed at $179, but it is currently on sale for $119 just in time for Mother’s Day!
    • Mother’s Oval Stone Stackable Ring. If mom is the center of your world, consider getting her this beautiful mother’s ring. The outer gemstones cling to the stone in the middle much like children do to their mothers. This one is personalized to your mother’s tastes, and the price fluctuates based on that, so I can only give you the starting price, which is $106.50.
    • Mother’s Heart-Shaped Birthstone Ring. This is another gold option for the moms who go a little bolder with their jewelry styles. You can customize how many gemstones are placed into it, so this is a great option for moms with one to four children. The starting price for this one is $92.
    • Mother’s Birthstone Orbit Ring. This one is for those really big families. I’m talking about families made up of 14 members! If the mom you are honoring with this ring has a whole brood, this is definitely the ring you should consider getting. After all, you may not find another one like it anywhere. At least, not for the quality you get at Zales. The price starts at $216.63.
    • Mother’s Birthstone and Diamond Accent Ring. Minimalist moms get another great option with this ring style. You can choose the metal used and the birthstones that will be set into the ring. This is total control that other rings do not really give you most of the time. The ring starts at $182.33, which is super affordable given that the ring is accented with real diamonds.

      etsy lgo

      Etsy examples and prices

      Etsy is one of the fastest growing sites for personalized gifts including mother's rings. Full disclosure, ThinkEngraved is one of the top sellers of both mother's rings and engraved band rings on Etsy, but since the prices are exactly the same as, we will not show any of those rings in this example.

      Our favorites from Etsy

      • Mothers rustic stacking rings, personalized stamped rings - We love the classic look of this ring design as well as the hand-stamped names. There are no birthstones in this ring, but it still has a timeless feel. The price is right to at $54.
      • Raw stone mother's ring - If you like the look of rough uncut stones, then this ring is right up your alley. There are no engravings, but this ring has a rough design that makes it look like a vintage ring. We love this look, but we know the rough cut may not be for everyone. This ring is available in copper (starting at $50), Silver (starting at $75), and rose gold  (starting at $80)
      • 7 Birthstones 14k Mother's Ring White / Yellow Or Rose Gold - We love the classic look of this ring. Although it isn't engraved, you do get a choice between 14k Silver, yellow or rose gold. This ring is on the high end at $269 - We really like the fact that you can use traditional birthstones
      • MULTI BIRTHSTONE RING - flower - We really like the fact that you can use traditional birthstones or opals birthstones for this ring. Prices run between $62 - $154 depending on how many stones you want and if you select traditional birthstones or opal birthstones.

      By now, you have a pretty good idea of how much a high-quality mother’s ring should really cost. The lowest range is usually $20, with the highest being over $2,000.

      What you give the mother in your life really should not boil down to the price, though. Give her something that you know she’ll cherish. For most moms, that can be anything; even a handful of weeds given by a child can brighten a mother’s day! No matter which mother’s ring you decide to get, we know that she will be bursting at the seams with joy.

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