What to Get Your Wife for Her Birthday

What to Get Your Wife for Her Birthday

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Your wife’s birthday is coming up soon, and you may be going out of your mind with worry or frustration. You’re thinking, “What if I mess up? What if she doesn’t like what I get her?” It is understandable; every woman is different, and you don’t want to disappoint her.

Well, don’t you worry anymore about that! There are a ton of things you can do and give her that will let her know how much you love and appreciate her, how much you want to celebrate her life.

Things to Do Together

A lot of times, couples are apart from each other more than they would like to be. Work, errands, and kids may keep you both busy 24/7. What better way to help her relax than to cast those responsibilities aside and do something together for once?

  • Have a spa day! There are tons of spa packages, and many places have first-time customer discounts. You can get facials, have a couples’ massage session, and get mani/pedis. She will come out of the spa looking and feeling brand new! If you need a starting point to look for those spa deals, get on Groupon and see what might be in your area.
  • If you have children, get a babysitter and book a hotel stay for the weekend. It is always nice to have a change of scenery, and sleeping in a bed that isn’t yours can be exciting! This will also give you a chance to spice things up. Parents often have trouble getting more intimate because little hands come knocking every time you think they have settled down for the night. You will not have to worry about that in a hotel. Leave her a little trail of rose petals leading to the bed. Bring back that romantic spark that makes her feel beautiful and wanted!
  • Go on a real vacation if you can afford some time off. Let her sunbathe and sip on something cold and fruity on a cruise. Reignite her inner child and take her to Disneyworld! Whatever you are planning, take care of the details yourself and let it be a sweet surprise.
  • If you need to do something smaller but still just as meaningful, take a couples’ class. Learn to paint, cook, dance, or play an instrument together! It makes your bond stronger, and it ultimately satisfies your need for time together over a period of weeks. Plus, you can show off your new paintings to your friends next time you have a dinner party. There is nothing better than being able to humble brag.

Doing something together, whatever it may be will make your wife feel like you really take an interest in her and what she enjoys! Being truly interested in each other’s hobbies makes a marriage last.

Who knows? Maybe you will become all-star dancers or master painters using the skills you learned in your classes someday.


I know what you are probably thinking right now. “Jewelry is typical, it is cheesy, and it can’t possibly be that meaningful.” In some cases, you would be correct. However, there are so many ways to make jewelry for your wife beautiful and unique. Adding little elements like engravings and gemstones make the difference between “blah” and “ah!”

Choosing the Right Piece

Let me start by saying that you must know ahead of time what will and will not fit your wife. If you are not careful enough, you’ll have to return the piece later because it will be either too tight or too loose.

  • Rings have numbered sizes. Barring weight gain or loss, just get the size that you got her when you proposed. That is the easiest course. If she has changed sizes over time and you forgot what it is now, you will have to estimate it for yourself. If you plan to surprise her, borrow one of her other rings and take it to a jeweler so that a professional can give you a size estimate. You could also ask friends or family members what size her ring is and see if they know.
  • Get something made of a metal and color she wears frequently. Not every woman loves gold; some prefer silver. It is good to be able to distinguish which style she sticks by.
  • Bracelets are less specific on size, but some are not adjustable. For cuff bracelets, make sure you can gauge what size her wrist is.
  • Customize the piece you get to be as unique as possible. Something extra special will not be mass produced. You can do this easiest by buying from small businesses. We will go over that in a minute.
  • Know what her birthstone is. We have a guide for this, but keep it in mind if you plan to add one.

Remember these tips as we go along and you learn about the ways in which you can customize jewelry to be perfect for your wife. Otherwise, your gift will be ruined! We do not want that, so you are going to get plenty of help.


You have so much freedom when you choose to buy a more personalized piece of jewelry for your wife. You can engrave just about anything as long as it fits!

Engraving Ideas

If you are lost, here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about what you want your message for her to be:

  • Your names together
  • The date of your wedding
  • A lyric from your special song
  • A line of a poem that you think describes her
  • A line from your wedding vows
  • A promise you want to make to her (i.e. “I promise to love you forever”)

There are hundreds of thousands of things you could have engraved upon a piece of jewelry, but these just take the cake. Some of them may just bring a happy tear to her eye. Of course, now you need to know what types of jewelry you can have engraved and where you can get it!

Engraved Rings

No one can ever have too many rings. Even if there are more rings than fingers, they can always be swapped out! Each piece brings some subtle elegance to any outfit. That is why they are the perfect choice for someone as lovely and classy as your wife. There are several different styles to choose from, some being engraved. Here are a few to consider:

  • If she is into pearls, why not get her this one from Think Engraved? You can leave your wife a heartfelt message inside the band, someplace where only she can see. It’s subtle and beautiful! Keep the message brief but powerful. Something like “I do,” is a constant reminder that you will love her every day of forever.
  • This ring adds an extra intimate touch by copying your handwriting for the engraving on the band. It’s simple, but it is sure to stun her. It does not matter if your handwriting isn’t perfect. It’s yours, and she’ll love it just as much.
  • Your wife may be of Irish heritage or maybe she just likes intricate designs on bands. Either way, Think Engraved has a beautiful Irish Claddaugh ring that you can engrave with a heartfelt message.

Engraved Bracelets

It could be that your wife is not really a ring person, so you can opt to give her a personalized message on a bracelet instead! The plus side to this is that you can have a longer message written because you have more space to work with. If the lyric from your song or sonnet is a little more lengthy, you might want to choose one of these instead.

  • Cuff bracelets are sleek, modern, and elegant. They go with nearly anything your wife would wear. This one is made of stainless steel, so it’s sure to be both sturdy and shiny! For someone who prefers a thicker band, this option from Etsy is gorgeous and still minimalist enough to be subtle.
  • She may prefer bracelets with chains for their adjustability instead, and there are quite a few options in that area to consider! This bar bracelet is extremely affordable, yet still of high quality. An adjustable slider is one really cool feature of this bracelet! You can have up to 18 characters engraved on it, so you do not have to worry much about shortening what you want to say.
  • To show her just how special she is to you and how proud you are to call her yours, get matching engraved bracelets! You could both have your love’s name on your wrist, or you could have something simple engraved like a piece of a vow from your wedding.

Engraved Necklaces

You may not be a person of many words; that is okay! Engraved necklaces have just enough space for a name or the date of your wedding. Without saying much, you can still remind your wife how much you care for her.

  • To promise her that you will love her forever, give her a necklace in the shape of an infinity symbol that is personalized with both of your names from Think Engraved.
  • Adding a unique touch to engraving is a necklace inscribed with Roman numerals. This could be the date of any important memory -- your wedding, your first kiss, the day she found out she was pregnant, etc. Get it from Etsy seller “BoBos Design Boutique.”

What you see here is just an example of all the options out there! If none of these inspire you, look around on the sites and dig for something you think is perfect for her. I guarantee that something will strike your fancy sooner or later.

Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones add a touch of flair to any piece of jewelry. They come in an array of marvelous colors, and each one has a different meaning associated with it. Some gemstones are symbolic of someone’s month of birth. Let me give you a quick and handy guide to finding out which gemstone is appropriate for your wife.

  • January: Garnet, red
  • February: Amethyst, purple
  • March: Aquamarine, blue-green
  • April: Diamond, clear
  • May: Emerald, deep green
  • June: Pearl, opaque white
  • July: Ruby, deep red
  • August: Peridot, light green
  • September: Sapphire, deep blue
  • October: Opal, multicolored
  • November: Topaz, amber yellow
  • December: Turquoise, blue and opaque

Once you have picked out a gemstone that suits her based on her birthday or her favorite color, you can move on to buying something embellished with the gem of choice! Here are a few examples:

  • Think Engraved has a number of beautiful pieces that feature gemstones/birthstones. This one can be engraved with two names, embellished with two gemstones, and is in the shape of a heart. It’s the whole package wrapped into one! If that is not really her style, consider getting her a ring with a little pop of color instead. Anything you see here is available for maximum customization when it comes to gems and engravings.
  • Several shops on Etsy have options just as sure to stun and delight your wife. This amethyst lariat necklace is perfect for anyone born in February. If she was born in May, check out this emerald necklace shaped like beautiful little baubles.

Charm Bracelets

A fairly new trend in jewelry is the charm bracelet. These are so popular because they can be customized to whatever she wants to say about herself. In this case, whatever you want to say about her.

The widest selection of charms and bracelets come from Pandora. They have every sort of charm imaginable for any situation or interest. Peruse their site here.

Buying from small businesses when it comes to jewelry ensures that you have a higher quality of care and that all of your specifications are addressed. Pandora has a wonderful reputation and it is always a great choice, but consider also giving your business to people who will pay close attention to what you want instead of giving you the same old mass produced piece. The people at Think Engraved and the various shops on Etsy’s site count on people like you, and you can count on them!

I think that at this point, you are pretty much covered when it comes to jewelry. Let’s move on to some other ideas!

Do the Hard Work

Nobody wants to do chores and handle tedious tasks on their birthday. They want to celebrate and relax! After all, they have made it one more entire trip around the sun. For one day, take care of everything that usually falls on your wife to do. You obviously can’t do her job for her, but you can do any household chores she handles and run errands usually done by her.

Take it a step further than that and clean the whole house, wash the car, and mow the grass! Make your lovely home look brand new. She will highly appreciate being able to kick back and do what she wants. Give her the gift of your hard labor for her happiness.

love letter

Write a Love Letter

Handwritten notes and letters are charming and old fashioned. I have never met a woman that does not cherish being given something so personal from someone she loves. Pour your heart out, seal it in a beautiful envelope with a wax seal! Anything you do to make it fancy and beautiful makes the gift that much more special. I promise that your wife will keep it and read it for years to come. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

You may need help expressing how you feel; that is what prompt books are for! The “Letters to My Love” prompt book by Lea Redmond gives you all the inspiration you need to be a regular Shakespeare. You can find it at a bookstore nearby or online at Amazon.

Take Her on a Shopping Spree

There are likely a lot of things your wife often looks at longingly and wants, but she might not buy them because you have bigger obligations when it comes to bills or gas or whatever is keeping her back. On her birthday, spoil her! Go all out and take her shopping for what she’s been saving up for. This way you can be 100% sure she likes what she gets. It takes the stress and pressure off of both of you!

You might be lost because you have no idea what she wants. Nobody really does except for her unless she’s told you. To give you a guess or refresh your memory, I’ll go into some things that women commonly love. If any of these might pique her interest, you have a direction you can go in first! If they do not, just ask her. This gift does not have to be a complete surprise because she needs to know where to go beforehand.


Women usually like to feel pretty. Makeup and skincare products boost confidence and help her feel ready to take on the world! Stores specializing in these are generally a better place to take her than somewhere like Target. These include:

    • A great place to get brand name cosmetics at great prices is Ebay. One of our favorite stores that sell high in cosmetics is DNR. Click here to see their Ebay store.
      • It is the one stop shop for everything high end and luxurious when it comes to putting your best face forward. They sell both makeup and skincare, and they offer rewards programs to save money over time. Sephora helps everyone find their best shade matches in foundation, and they give makeovers as well. The company has a website, but it is always better to take her there yourself so she can sample everything before buying.
      • This is the slightly more affordable version of Sephora, but they offer more in terms of cosmetics. They have makeup, skincare, bath products, hair tools, and beauty tools in general. The company also has hairstylists on site to pamper your wife, if that is what she desires.
      • This company is for anyone who loves baths and cosmetics. They are eco-conscious with all of their products, every employee is paid a living wage, and they often give money to several charities! LUSH is famous due to its line of bath bombs. You pop them into the bath, and they dissolve in an explosion of color and fragrance. How fun is that? You’ll find bath bombs, body butter, massage bars, makeup, and so much more when you step in. Speaking of, buying a massage bar and using it to give her a nice backrub is a wonderful gift for her birthday.
      • They have been in the business for quite a long time. MAC is the choice for many celebrity stylists, so you can be sure that it is of the highest quality.


      Maybe your wife is in need of some new clothes to spruce up her style. Take her clothes shopping if she wants to revamp her look! There are too many stores to list, so let her tell you what fits her aesthetic best. After she gets all dolled up in her new outfit, take her on a date and really show her off to the world. It is always a nice feeling to know that your partner is proud to be with you.

      spa candles

      Get Makeovers

      If she has been upset with her overall look lately, give her the gift of a whole makeover. Do it with her, too! It will be a great treat for both of you. It is really important that you choose a salon your wife trusts, so do not plan on making this a big surprise. The wrong haircut or makeup application will do nothing but ruin the confidence you are trying to help her build. A total makeover usually includes:

      • Haircut/hair color/style. A new hairdo puts you in an entirely new state of mind. Women tend to cut and color their hair after traumatic events or a period of sadness or boredom in their lives. It is therapeutic on some level.
      • This leaves her skin fresh and glowing, revealing the radiance she emanates from within every day.
      • As mentioned before, beautiful makeup can turn a bad day around quickly. Looking into the mirror and seeing someone fierce staring back is always delightful!
      • Getting a manicure or pedicure and having your nails covered in a fresh coat of paint makes you look and feel polished and put together. It draws attention to the ring your wife wears, making it stand out even more.

      A total makeover can be pricey, but it is worth it for the woman you love. She will emerge from the salon a happier and more confident person! You can’t put a price on a beautiful smile like hers when she sees herself looking great.

      Gifts Pertaining to her Interests

      Some women do not care as much for makeup or massages as others do. In that case, get something for your wife that you know she obsesses over. Don’t know what I mean? I will show you.

      • If she is a bookworm, give her books! I mean, it is an obvious choice. I don’t mean that you should just get her something from the local bookstore. Get her leatherbound copies. Get her the coveted and rare first edition of her favorite story. Nothing is more precious to a reader than fancy books. If your wife is running out of space for her volumes, either get her a bigger bookshelf or a Kindle so she can read several without taking up space. This all depends on whether she is a paper copy only kind of gal or not. Believe me, the distinction is important.
      • Many ladies are into computers, video games, and anything else including the latest technology! Let her indulge by building her dream PC or getting her the game she’s been waiting for. She will be able to use these gifts over and over again, loving them just as much as when she got them.
      • Art supplies. If your wife loves drawing or painting, encourage her to keep on going. Find out what medium she chooses in which to create. She could paint with oils or acrylics. She might use canvases or a certain type of paintbrush to create masterpieces. Get her an easel if she does not have one! Some artists work with the digital instead of the physical now. If this is her, get her a digital drawing pad or a Chromebook with a good art app like Artflow.

      Whatever you choose to give your wife on her birthday, I know that she will love and cherish it. As long as it comes from the heart, it is more priceless than gold. Remember, you can always do more than one of these at once! The effort you put into making her feel like a queen will make something small seem like a grand gesture. Jewelry and makeup can be expensive, but combining them with something free like a letter and a day off from chores (or both) will up the ante without breaking the bank. The possibilities and combinations are endless; do whatever feels right!

      Make your wife’s birthday extraordinary by following this guide, and you are sure to be her hero.

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