When should you give someone a promise ring?

When should you give someone a promise ring?

 promise ring

    Do we really need to demonstrate our sincerity to our loved by symbolically proving it?

Do I need to put a ring on it before she believes that I truly love her?

Do I need to literately cross my fingers before she believes that I truly meant it?

All these questions boil down to the significance and timing of giving someone a promise ring. Promise rings go by different names; commitment ring, purity ring, pre-engagement ring e.t.c. Whichever name you have chosen to call it, it all boils down to showing a bit of responsibility, owning up to your words and prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are very much ready to fulfill those promises.

In a nutshell, promise rings signify a commitment to one’s vow or affirmation to either a loved one or to one’s self.

Just as couples use engagement rings to symbolize their promise to stay true to each other, others like close friends and lovers do the same to concretize their trust for one another. For two people (male and female) sharing a promise ring, it simply means they have gone beyond just friendship. Then again the big question is when is the perfect time to give someone a promise ring is?

When is the perfect time to give someone a promise ring?

  • When both families are aware of your relationship and are looking up to you to pop the big question. If you would like to state that you do not have to rush it if you are not ready to, this would be a perfect time to give someone a promise ring. T
  • When both of you are still young and lack the financial base to start off a family. In the case, a promise ring will stand as an assurance for a committed future and this would be a great time to give a promise ring.
  • When the relationship is a long distance one and you guys are not ready to come close anytime soon. This is a perfect time for a  promise ring that will stand as a symbol of commitment to stay true to each other.
  • When you cannot afford to propose marriage but you have intentions to. This is a good time for a promise ring.

Coming from the 2nd-century Roman idea of a promise ring which over the years has demonstrated a sign of loyalty and fidelity among new bride, this solidifies the relationship by introducing a promise ring which is like a pre-proposal ring for people closely attached to each other.

The 2nd century Romans also believe that promise rings should be worn on one of the fingers on the left hand ’cos of the belief that it has a direct connection to the veins that supply blood to the heart and that the heart is where the true affection lays. This might just be sheer sentiment but the significance surrounding this believe behind the whole idea is paramount.

When does one give out a promise ring to his/her partner?

Since it has now been established that a promise ring answers these following questions will you always love me? Are you serious about this relationship? Will you marry me someday? Will you be my friend always? E.t.c.

For such kind of question to be thrown it invariably means that there is a need to go a bit further. It should be given with the understanding that it will replace the old relationship status, so with this, the perfect moment to give an out a promise ring is when you rely on you need to take a step further.

When you know within yourself that you are ready to lose that particular thing ever again, that moment you need some kind of a symbolism to seal it hence the promise ring.

Promise rings come in different sizes and shapes, some bear the shape of an engagement ring while some are adorned with diamond crested stones on them.

But naturally promise rings usually have a kind of poem neatly embedded on it based on the owner’s prescription, leaving your word glued into the ring itself. In modern times diamonds are popular among people wish to acquire a promise rings maybe to show off their affluence, some still prefer theirs being adorned with clusters of gemstones.

But the diamond is not usually the case, what everyone should be after is mainly the design which looked a bit like an engagement ring. The point exactly is whatever your promise ring symbolizes, a regular look at it gives you a daily reminder of your affirmation towards that particular promise.

It simply means you have passed a stage and you are ready to take another one but this time with bolder intentions. But before that, you have to make sure that both of you are on the same page, share your dreams and aspirations, challenges and try to relate it to the future occurrence.

Important things to note before give out a promise ring

  • Before you step out to give out that promise ring be sure you really want to do this yourself. Be sure you really want to make that commitment.
  • Make sure your partner fully understand that this is a promise ring and there is a need to stay true to it.
  • Make sure your partner does not mistake the promise rings for a marriage proposal ring.
  • Never have you got down on your knees while giving a promise ring to your partner.
  • Do not go around telling people about it as promise rings are personal should be between the partners.

Types, shapes, and sizes of a promise ring

  • Trilogy – this called a trilogy ring, not the poetic kind of trilogy but the three shiny stone that adorns the base of the ring. These stones stand as a symbolism which signifies “the past, the present and the future” of the two lovebirds. This concept originated from the traditional Irish Trinity Knot ring that they use in assuring their partner of their sincere commitment.
  • Gemstone – this is specially designed for those that could not afford a diamond crested promise ring. It is a very nice alternative to the diamond ring but also buyers should be cautious of “soft gemstones “also known as Opel, it has a very soft surface that it can easily be broken or scratched off when it touches the water. Those who intend to go for gemstones are advised to go for either Ruby, blue sapphire, quartz or Emerald.
  • Diamond cluster – of course, this the most expensive of all promise rings, you really have to check and re-check your budget before going for this. It has a diamond cluster that stands on the base of the ring giving it a classic simplicity that really worth the expensive nature.
  • Solitaire – this is the most popular engagement ring among lovers to day but it can be converted by just giving it a little adjustment here and there.

In conclusion, giving someone a promise ring is a big deal, it says a lot even when the mouth could not say enough.

It is therefore important to think and rethink your options before giving someone a promise ring because once you are in there; you are obligated to show some level of commitment.

So, therefore, choosing to give out a promise ring most come with love,  care, and the willpower to actually carry out such responsibility.

Again we must have to rephrase that giving out an engagement ring if you choose to give your partner a promise ring it is adviced that she wear it on the third finger of her left hand, but if it is the person you have no intentions of marring, it is advised she wears it on the right hand not to confuse people around.

Those intending to give someone a promise ring must also consider the way it is done ’cos what is worth doing is worth doing right, it must be done the right way we advise you make it look like a prank.

Girls most of the times anticipate a well-packaged box to be a gift of a sort, so this time you have to disguise it a bit. Repackage it and make look less treasured then head to her place.

After a nice meal, don’t make the mistake of rushing it ; take your time to lead her through what a promise ring is all about, tell her your intentions, at that moment she will be swimming in the ocean of curiosity and that should be the moment you unwrap it.

The unwrapping of the promise ring should come with the promise” “, make your affirmation and yes! You are done. Sit back, relax and hear her response. In as much as making and keeping promises could.

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