What Birthstones Do You Put Into A Mother's Ring?

What Birthstones Do You Put Into A Mother's Ring?

A mother’s ring is the perfect gift to get the mom in your life for any occasion! These rings symbolize the unbreakable bond between a mother and her children; it’s a gift that she will cherish forever.

The sad thing is, mother’s rings are not given the attention that they deserve. Few people know what they are and what they look like. Because of this, they’re often overlooked. Today, we’re going to remedy that.

You are going to learn about what these rings look like and what you can do to personalize a mother’s ring for the mom that you adore! Stick around and you’ll even get some examples of rings that mom will love.

What do mother’s rings look like?

There are typically two main features to a mother’s ring: gemstones and engravings. The engravings on the outer bands are usually the names of this mother’s children, and on the inside, a message of gratitude or love is expressed toward her.

If you would like to peruse some mother’s ring engraving ideas, check out the article linked here!

While engravings are an important component of mother’s rings, we are going to focus on the gemstones in these rings today. They are the most distinguishing feature, and they make each ring unique and special!

Why put gemstones in a mother’s ring?

The gemstones that you choose for a mother’s ring will be the birthstones this mom’s children. Since the entire purpose of the ring is to commemorate her kids, what better way to do it than with beautiful gems? They add style, elegance, and significance to an otherwise plain piece.

What are birthstones?

Birthstones are simply gemstones that are assigned to a certain month of the year. People regard them in the same light that they do zodiac signs.

If you ask a person what their birthstone is, they will likely be able to tell you without thinking about it! Some people just genuinely like how their birthstone looks, and others believe that they have a deeper meaning.

Where did birthstones originate?

Birthstones have been around since the 5th century. Scholars of the time thought that each gemstone has a different value and that wearers of these stones gained certain benefits from keeping them on hand (or neck, or ear.)

What are the birthstones for each month?

Each month of the year is assigned one or more gemstones. We’re going to go over each and what they symbolize.

January Birthstones

  • Birthstone: Garnet
  • Meaning: Protection
  • Color: Dark red
  • Clear/opaque? Clear

Garnets come in a wide variety of colors, but this birthstone is specifically red. The word “garnet” comes from the Latin word “granatus.” It means “seedlike” because the color reminds people of the seeds of a pomegranate.

People from ancient times wore garnet jewelry or carried one of these gems to ward off evil and protect themselves on long journeys. This practice is still followed by some.

February Birthstones

  • Birthstone: Amethyst
  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Color: Deep purple
  • Clear/opaque? Can be either

Amethysts are a variety of quartz, and they are worn by many who admire its deep violet color. These birthstones have been used as jewelry for ages, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt.

The word “amethyst” originates from the Greek word “amethystos.” It translates to “not drunken.” This comes from an ancient Greek tale about Dionysus and a woman turned into a statue! To read more about this fascinating story, click on this link.

March Birthstones

  • Birthstone: Aquamarine
  • Meaning: Serenity
  • Color: Light blue/cyan
  • Clear/opaque? Clear

Aquamarine is a variant of beryl, which can come in many colors. These colors are due to impurities found in the deposits where they grow.

Aquamarine is typically used to bring the wearer peace and serenity. For centuries, people have associated this birthstone with calm waters. Sailors may keep one on their person in the hope of calm seas and peaceful journeys.

The mother that wears this might just get some peace in the midst of the chaos that comes from raising children!

April Birthstones

  • Birthstone: Diamond or quartz
  • Meaning: Strength
  • Color: Clear
  • Clear/opaque? Clear

Both diamonds and quartz crystals are known for being hard and extremely resistant to scratching. This is why this birthstone symbolizes strength. Quartz is generally found inside of geodes when you break them open. Inside of something that seems very ordinary is actually a beautiful gem!

Aside from being the perfect symbol of a child’s birth, it is also a great way to remind mom that she is beautiful and strong, even when she doesn't feel like it.

May Birthstones

  • Birthstone: Emerald
  • Meaning: Hope
  • Color: Deep green
  • Clear/opaque? Clear

The name “emerald” originates from the Latin word “esmeralda,” which translates to “green gem.” While there is nothing really special about the name, many people love emeralds for their gorgeous, deep green color. To some, it symbolizes the coming of spring and new beginnings! Thus, the meaning of this birthstone is often “hope.”

June Birthstones

  • Birthstone: Pearl/moonstone/alexandrite
  • Meaning(s): Purity, love, luck
  • Color(s): White, white, various colors
  • Clear/opaque? Opaque, opaque, clear

June is quite a busy month when it comes to birthstones! There are three associated with this month; which one people claim depends on who you are speaking to.

Pearls are a symbol of purity. Ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the solidified tears of joy from Aphrodite, the goddess of love. (Source) Most people love them because of their pure white, milky sheen. Pearls can come in multiple colors, but the most popular for jewelry is white.

Moonstones are similar to pearls because they are also opaque and white. However, most moonstone gems shift colors with the light. They get their name because they reminded Roman historians of the phases of the moon.

Alexandrite can come in many colors, but one of the most common for birthstones is yellow-green. Another is a deeper blue green color. Alexandrite is meant to bring good fortune, though there are several meanings depending on the color that you choose.

July Birthstones

  • Birthstone: Ruby
  • Meanings: Vitality, protection, courage
  • Color: Deep red
  • Clear/opaque? Clear

Rubies are some of the most popular gems on the market, beloved for their beautiful deep red color. Many people compare the color to blood, which is associated with vitality and health! These gems sparkle like the smile that your mother will be sure to wear when she receives your gift.

August Birthstones

  • Birthstone: Peridot
  • Meanings: Strength, beauty
  • Color: light green
  • Clear/opaque? Clear

Peridot birthstones are revered for their beautiful light green hue that never changes, whether it be dark or bright where you are. Ancient Egyptians associated them with beauty because of their radiance, but other cultures associate it with strength, as they believed peridot gems to be the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele.

September Birthstones

  • Birthstone: Sapphire
  • Meanings: Wisdom, truth, protection
  • Color: Various, commonly deep blue
  • Clear/opaque? Clear

Sapphires have been considered holy gems for centuries, worn by priests and kings. It is believed that these gems would give the wearer the strength and wisdom required for leadership positions.

While sapphires can come in various colors, the most popular for birthstones is a deep blue.

October Birthstones

  • Birthstone: Opal, tourmaline
  • Meanings: Faithfulness, confidence, healing
  • Color: Various
  • Clear/opaque? Opaque, clear

October is known to sport two different birthstones, opal and tourmaline.

The word “opal” comes from the Latin word “opalus,” which means “precious jewel.” It isn’t hard to imagine why! Opals come in several colors, often reflecting every hue of the rainbow. They are gorgeous to behold and are popular in mother’s jewelry as well as engagement and wedding jewelry.

Tourmaline also comes in many colors, so many that you can usually find them in whatever color you like! The one that you actually have an option to embed in a mother’s ring depends on where you get it from.

November Birthstones

  • Birthstone: Topaz, citrine
  • Meanings: Love, affection, joy
  • Colors: Various
  • Clear/opaque? Clear

The birthstones associated with November are topaz and citrine. Both can come in various colors, but the most common for topaz birthstones are dark yellow. Citrine is generally the same, but some jewelers prefer to use reddish yellow colors.

Topaz symbolizes love and affection, and many believe that it gives the wearer strength and intelligence. Your mother is loving, affectionate, smart, and strong, so this is the perfect gemstone for her to wear if you choose to go by meaning rather than birthdays.

Citrine is known for bringing the wearer joy, as it is said to possess the brightness and radiance of the sun. It is one of the most popular choices for quartz jewelry after amethyst.

December Birthstones

  • Birthstone: Turquoise
  • Meanings: Friendship, love, fortune, success
  • Color: turquoise
  • Clear/opaque? Opaque

Turquoise birthstones are highly regarded as love charms and symbols of friendship. It is one of the few gems that has its own color for a name! Many cultures spanning thousands of years in the past have revered it for its powers and color, wearing them in clothing or jewelry.

How can you incorporate birthstones into a mother’s ring?

You can incorporate birthstones into a mother’s ring in one of two ways, both being equally valid and producing beautiful results.

Birthstones for birth months of children

The most common reason that people use birthstones in mother’s jewelry is to symbolize the birth month of the children that this mother has. It’s simple and to the point; it also reminds her that her children are always with her.

Birthstones by meaning

If the mother that you are getting a mother’s ring for is highly knowledgeable on the different meanings of birthstones, then you could also use them based on the message that you want to send to her. Few people actually do know the meanings and wear gems for the benefits, though, so you would really have to know her to see if she would understand.

What are some examples of mother’s rings with birthstones?

If you are sold on the concept of getting the mom in your life a mother’s ring for an upcoming holiday or just to show your gratitude, then you need to know where to look first! Look no further; here, you will find an assortment of mother’s rings for every type of mom out there.

One Birthstone Mother’s Rings

If the mother you are shopping for only has one child, getting a ring with only one birthstone just makes sense. There are plenty of these rings to choose from, so take a look!

  • This one stone mother’s ring is made up of a sterling silver band with a marquis-cut stone in the middle. There are slots for two names, one for the mother and one for the child! The inside of the band can also be engraved with a message of your choosing. For pricing information, click on this link.


  • A mother’s ring adorned with a heart-shaped birthstone will make a beautiful gift for the mother that loved and cared for you when you felt that the world was against you. The heart is surrounded by gems as well, and the sterling silver band is subtle, yet elegant. The inside of the band can be engraved with a message of your choosing. For pricing information, click on this link.

Two Birthstone Mother’s Rings

If this mom’s two kids are her whole heart, then you should reflect that with a two birthstone mother’s ring! As an alternative idea, a mother with an only child could place her birthstone next to her baby’s.

  • A two stone dancing hearts ring is perfect for a mother whose love is never ending! You can choose two birthstones and have two names engraved on the outer band. The inner band can be engraved with a message of your choosing. For pricing information, click on this link.


  • Your mom is the queen of her household, so get a ring that makes her feel like royalty! This crowned queen mother’s ring features a band in the shape of a crown with two heart-shaped birthstones at the base. For pricing information, click on this link.

Three and Four Birthstone Mother’s Rings

A mother with a sizeable clan will enjoy any of these mother’s rings available! Below are just two examples of the many gorgeous mother’s rings available with mothers of three or four kids.

  • If the mom that you’re giving a mother’s ring to likes more unique jewelry, she can get exactly what she wants with this three stone ribbon ring! The band wraps around in three tiers with a slot for birthstones and name engravings on each. For pricing information, click on this link.


  • Moms of adult children might love this beautiful mother’s ring with a butterfly design. She encouraged her kids to spread their wings and fly, but it doesn’t mean that they’re gone forever. Four birthstones are arranged in the shape of a butterfly’s wings, and four names can be engraved on the sterling silver band. For pricing information, click on this link.

Five and Six Birthstone Mother’s Rings

Some people loved being mothers so much that they had a whole clan. If there are many children in your family, don’t worry – there are mother’s rings to accommodate all of you.

  • A mother will love all of her children forever. That’s why this five birthstone infinity mother’s ring is a perfect fit! The band is wrought in the shape of an infinity symbol with the word family incorporated into it. Five birthstones line the top of the symbol. For pricing information, click on this link.


Seven and Eight Birthstone Mother’s Rings

Even the biggest families deserve jewelry that symbolizes the love that they share! These mother’s rings are meant for the matriarchs of their sizeable households.

  • A mom of seven will appreciate this mother’s ring with slots for the names and birthstones of all of her children! Each of you are special, and she can show off all of you in one piece with this ring! For pricing information, click on this link.


  • Eight kids are a lot to handle, and so is this ring! It’s thick, shiny, and meant for only the toughest of mothers. Each slot on the band has room for a birthstone and engraved names. The inside of the band can be engraved with the message of your choosing! For pricing information, click on this link.

Your mother deserves only the best, and that’s why you should gift her with a mother’s ring to let her know how special she is to you. No matter what you pick, she’ll be sure to fall in love with it! After all, she loved the weeds you picked as a child. This will at least be an improvement. 

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