What Finger Do You Wear Your Mother’s Ring On?

What Finger Do You Wear Your Mother’s Ring On?

Adorning your fingers with rings is nothing new – the practice has been around for thousands of years! Because of that, traditions and informal rules have been ingrained in our culture regarding how and when you wear them. For example, wedding rings are usually placed on the fourth finger of the left hand because ancient Egyptians thought that the vein there directly connected to the heart.

That being said, you likely have some questions when it comes to wearing mother’s rings. We know a lot about rules and traditions surrounding the more common rings, but little has been said about these.

Today, we’re going to remedy that by answering your questions and hopefully helping you make mother’s rings more common accessories.

What is a mother’s ring?

A mother’s ring is not a ring of your mother’s that you wear. Quite the contrary, actually! It is a ring usually gifted to a mother from her child or children to express gratitude for all the sacrifices she made to raise them or to commemorate a holiday like Mother’s Day.

Mother’s rings are wonderful, heartfelt ways to show mom that you love and appreciate her.

What do mother’s rings look like?

In general, mother’s rings have a few features in common that make them unique and highlight their purpose. Let’s talk about some of these features so you can identify them in the future!

  • Gemstones

A prominent feature of a mother’s ring is typically the birthstones embedded in the band. Each one symbolizes the month of birth of her child/children. If this mom has only one child and the band has two stones, one could be for her and the other for her kid. Which months correspond to each stone, though? Take a look and find out:

  • January: garnet
  • February: amethyst
  • March: aquamarine
  • April: diamond
  • May: emerald
  • June: pearl
  • July: ruby
  • August: peridot
  • September: sapphire
  • October: opal/tourmaline
  • November: topaz/citrine
  • December: turquoise/zircon/tanzanite

Some months are represented by several different choices of gemstones. What you use depends on what is available and what you believe the mother in your life would like more.

  • Engravings

While all types of rings can be engraved, mother’s rings almost always feature an engraving on the outer band and/or the inner band. Some of the more popular mother’s ring engraving ideas are:

  • The name(s) of the child/children. The entire purpose of a mother’s ring is to symbolize the strong, unique bond between a mother and her children, so it makes sense that she would want the names of her children with her wherever she goes.
  • Dates of birth of the children. The day that a child is born is the best of a mother’s life. Many have described it as a shift between worlds and the realization that true love is so much more than something you share with your partner. Though mom will never forget those days, it’s always an important reminder to keep that perfect love in her heart on the bad days.
  • A message like, “Love you, mom,” on the inside. This is your gift to her; even when you can’t be there to say it yourself, the ring says it for you. Those are the words that mothers cherish more and more every time they come from their children.

For more mother’s ring engraving ideas, check out this article!

  • Multiple Stones

Oftentimes, moms have more than one child to cherish. Every family is different, and some moms are the proud leaders of a clan that runs deep. Mothers rings can have slots for up to 8 children in many cases, making sure that no one is left out! Each child’s birthstone can be featured on the band in some pretty unique ways. For multi-stone rings, look at some of these examples below:

  • The Three Loves engraved mother’s ring perfectly captures the bond that a mom shares with her three children (or two if you want to include her own stone.) This ring features three heart-shaped stones and a beautiful silver band. For more pricing information, click on this link.
  • This unique 4 birthstone mother’s ring arranges stones in the shape of a butterfly. It’s perfect for the mother who encourages her children to spread their wings and fly! Four names can be engraved on the outer band, and you also have the option to leave a message inside. For more pricing information, click on this link.
  • Mothers with 7 or 8 children may be feeling left out because most jewelry stores don’t accommodate families of their size. However, that is not the case with this 8 birthstone ring! The band, much like your family, is on the bigger side. The ring has slots for 8 birthstones and 8 separate names. After all of that, you can still engrave a message on the inside. For more pricing information, click on this link.

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what a mother’s ring should look like, let’s get to the question you came here for, shall we?

Which finger do you wear your mother’s ring on?

Other types of symbolic rings have been worn for millennia or at least for centuries. Mother’s rings are a more recent invention, though. The first mother’s rings were thought to be created in 1959. As a result, there aren’t as many customs surrounding what you should do with one.

Most mothers choose to wear their mother’s rings on the right-hand ring finger. This could be a reflection of the other type of true love they have found. As her life is bound to her partner’s forever with the ring on her left hand, the ring finger on her right finger symbolizes the unbreakable bond she shares with her children.

Really, it all comes down to personal choice. You can wear your mother’s ring on whichever finger you would like! Make your own traditions and rules; after all, you are the boss.

More mother’s rings to consider

Earlier, you saw a few examples of mother’s rings, particularly those for mothers with large families. The rings are not reserved solely for those with many children, though! There’s a ring out there for every mother that reflects any style she prefers. Check out some of the mother’s rings for sale below and consider giving your mom a treat she’ll not soon forget!

  • If the mom you love has only one child and prefers minimalism when it comes to jewelry, this Love United mother’s ring is the perfect fit for her. The band is adorned with one birthstone and has space for two names on the exterior. In this case, you would have the name of the child engraved on one side of the stone and the mom’s name on the other side. An engraved message can be etched on the inner band as well. For more pricing information, click on this link.
  • Moms who promise to love their kids for all time (even when the world ends!) would adore this 2 stone infinity hearts mother’s ring. The band is a simple infinity symbol with hearts near the bottom. The top of the band features two birthstones for two children! While there are no places to engrave names on the outside, the inside has plenty of room for a message. For more pricing information, click on this link.
  • A mom with a moderately sized family still needs a way to express love for all of her kids! A proud parent of five could show off the entire clan with this 5 stone family tree ring. Each birthstone is set in the middle of a flower, connected by branches to symbolize the deep connection that runs through a family. While this ring has no spots for engraving, the design speaks for itself. For more pricing information, click on this link.
  • Mothers of six must have a lot of room in their hearts for every child. This “In My Heart” personalized mother’s ring acknowledges that fact! The band features a large heart where six birthstones are embedded inside. The side of the band has slots for six separate names, and the inner band has room for an engraved message! This ring has it all while still being just as affordable as other mother’s rings. For more pricing information, click on this link.

No matter what kind of mother your mom is, there is a special way to show your gratitude in a mother’s ring! She put up with you all for your entire lives and raised you up into fine members of society. Moms are some of the strongest people on the planet, and they deserve a nice ring to serve as their badge of honor.

For the moms who already received this gift, remember – you can wear it however you want! You earned that right, and no custom can take that away. If you choose to wear it as an equal show of affection to your partner, you can wear it on the fourth finger of your right hand. Really, though, wear it wherever it feels the best. Don’t forget to show it off! Each mother’s ring is beautiful and unique, just like the person who wears it.

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