Everything you need to know about personalized gifts

Everything you need to know about personalized gifts

personalized night light from thinkengraved

A personalized photo collage and initials light from ThinkEngraved

What does personalized or personalization mean?

Personalized means to take any item and add name(s), personal photos, popular sayings, or any kind of change that is specific to you or someone else.

People like to personalize many things but especially things that mark a special occasion such as weddings or holidays. For example, wedding rings and promise rings are very popular items to add dates to.

We have a great article on 41 wedding ring engraving ideas here.

That does not mean that personalization has to be a specific date. You can add a photo that has meaning to something like a watch, or night light.

What’s the difference between personalized and custom

 The difference between personalized and custom is personalized means to take an object that already exists and add something to it to make it personal and customized means to make something completely from scratch to specific specifications.

However, there are time where personalized and custom intersect. For instance on a ring, the ring is an existing item but you can get custom engraving.

While the ring itself is not custom, if the engraving is done to your specifications such as font and wording, then it is custom engraving.

personalized ring

What is a personalized image?

There are two ways to personalize an image.

  1. Adding something to an existing image that is used to target an emotional response such as, words, poems or even advertising.
  2. Taking an existing image and adding it to something personal, like the photo collage initial light at the top of this article or a watch as shown below.

I have have been in the personalized products business for a very long time and in blogging even longer so I can already see it coming. There will be people that message me or comment on this article and will ask "isn't every photo that some takes personalized?"

The answer is no, while every image that someone takes may be personal, it is not personalized. As soon as a photo is taken is is "technically" custom because it is something created from scratch.

Personalization requires an existing photo that is somehow changed to incite an emotional response for someone specific, including yourself.

personalized watch

What are personalized gifts?

 A personalized gift is any item that you plan to give to someone as a present that has had something personal added like photos, names, sayings, anything to make it more useful or meaningful to a specific person(s).

Most people think of jewelry when they think of personalization and while jewelry is one of the most common items to personalize, there are many other items that can and are personalized.

Are personalized gifts better?

 Personalized gifts often create an emotional response and for this reason they are usually better gifts.

For instance, a mother's ring often creates an emotional attachment or response because the stones represent the months their kids were born.

Think of it this way, if you got your dad or boyfriend a wallet as gift, they will most likely be happy. However, if that very same wallet has I love you or you are the best dad engraved on it, this would create more of a personal attachment or emotion, thus making a more memorable or cherished gift.

Another reason personalized gifts are better is the very idea that you put thought into your gift. We all love gift cards but in a way they say I was in a hurry and didn't put much thought into this gift.

On the other hand, if you take the time to select a gift and then take the time to make it more personal, it shows there was much more thought put into the gift.

Why do people like personalized things?

 People like personalized things because they often trigger an emotional response or represent a meaningful event in someone life.

People like to remember a special day or time or just to feel loved. That is the very essence of personalized, making something personal!

What does personalized mean on Etsy?

Personalized on Etsy means taking an existing product or item and adding something personal like a photo, names, saying or anything that causes an emotional response or triggers a memory.

It is natural for people to be drawn to anything that causes an emotional response and that is the whole purpose of personalized gift.

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